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Don't stop, can't stop

Title: Don't stop, can't stop
Author: argh (@ onho)
Rating: NC-17
Length: 6,369 words
Pairing: TofuHo
Summary: Minho feels guilty about injuring his calf before the come back... and Jinki helps him feel better?
Warnings: unbeta-ed smut :/ I just decided to post this because I couldn't bear to post something with no TofuHo LOL
Dedications: for eijifujiryoma who was not satisfied with just blow/handjobs and wanted full smut. lol. And for ryukilla feel better okay? ♥

Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop



Minho sighed as the manager pushed the wheelchair into the lift, and the doors swiftly shut behind them. He dropped his gaze down, looking at his hands resting in his lap, he felt so terrible. He felt guilty, as they rose up in the lift to the apartment floor. He had not been able to meet any of the fans gazes when he was pushed past them because he felt so bad. Minho breathed in deeply, when the elevator dinged, announcing that they had reached their floor.

The manager pushed him out, he felt so useless, being pushed around like an invalid. He knew he was injured so technically he was an invalid but it still made him feel useless. The apartment was empty when he entered, everyone else was busy with their own schedules, which only made him feel worse. It felt like the others became busier because he was injured, and while he was at home resting they were out working so hard.

Minho slumped on the couch, his cast stretched out in front of him, reminding him of what a failure he was. How he had ruined their comeback completely by injuring himself on Dream Team. Minho was glad no one was home because he was not sure how to face anyone yet. He did not only feeling guilty towards the fans but SHINee too. Especially Jinki, he swallowed and wondered how he should act with him. He felt so bad for his boyfriend, he knew Jinki had been working so hard, but he had ruined the comeback. But worse was how he knew that Jinki had been berated by the manager, even if it was not Jinki’s fault.

He watched television for half an hour, bored out of his mind by the day time rubbish, and then he heard the sound of the door. The click of a key turning in the lock, and Minho swallowed and nervously stared over at the door, his crutches resting by his sides. He wondered for a second if he had time to grab them and hobble to his room, but as soon as he heard the door being opened he knew he had no chance. He pouted when he saw Jinki bounce in happily, he almost tripped over the step. Minho felt his stomach leap into his throat when he saw how Jinki’s face lit up when he saw him. Minho felt all this guilt bubbling up inside him, as he wondered how Jinki could still smile at him like that after he injured himself.

“Minho,” Jinki called out loudly, sounding so happy that Minho felt all his doubts and insecurities fade away. He couldn’t help but smile as he saw Jinki waving his arms happily as he flew across the room, and climbed onto the couch next to him, throwing his arms around the taller boy. “Minho...” Jinki whined softly, “I missed you!” He added as he wrapped his arms around Minho’s torso, and then he asked, “Minho, are you okay?” He looked up, and Minho met his gaze which was full of care and worry. He squeezed Minho’s waist, understanding that the older boy didn’t mean his question in relation to his injury. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about that, but he knew Minho would feel bad about the delayed comeback.

“I’m okay.” Minho replied softly, not mentioning how he only felt better because Jinki was there with him now. He shut his eyes as he felt Jinki’s hands stroke his back lightly, his palms moving in a circular motion down his back. “I do feel guilty and bad; the fans must be so disappointed. They’ve been waiting for so long, and then I go and injure myself.” He frowned and pressed his head against Jinki’s shoulder, sighing as he felt the older boy kiss the side of his neck.

“Minho, I know it’s hard but you shouldn’t feel guilty.” Jinki patted his back gently, “You hurt yourself. I’m sure the fans are more worried about you and your injury. No one wants us to have a comeback with you injured.” Jinki smiled and kissed Minho’s neck again, “I had a look at some fan sites today, and Minho everyone just wants you to get better. They’re worried about your injury, and several fans hoped you would have time to heal and recover.”

“But still Jinki-hyung, I feel careless I should’ve been more careful.” He sighed, “I still ruined our comeback. I know the managers are angry about that and I am sure some fans are too!” He lifted his face as he felt Jinki shifting against him as he met his worried gaze. Minho felt guilty for making Jinki worry, he knew that Jinki had freaked out when he heard about the injury. He chewed on his lower lip, “I’m sorry hyung, for worrying you.” He also felt guilty for making Jinki get in trouble with the manager, “And I’m sorry hyung, the manager yelled at you right?” He gulped and looked down, “I’m really sorry.”

“Minho,” Jinki reached for Minho’s hand which he squeezed it, trying to give the younger strength. “Don’t stress Minho, it’s really okay! You’ve been working so hard, it’s no wonder you injured yourself! And I’m going to make sure that you get plenty of rest.” He nodded his head and leaned in to kiss Minho’s cheek lightly. “And I always make you worry about me, so it’s fine for me to be worrying about you.” He smiled so sweetly up at Minho, that he realised he felt a lot better than he had when he first came home.

“You should be in bed resting.” Jinki smirked and Minho couldn’t help but frown it sounded so boring. “Not up and about. Shall I help you get to bed?” Jinki added a moment later and Minho sighed loudly, the last thing he wanted to do was lie in his bed. He thought he would probably die of boredom, but with the way Jinki eyed him expectantly he gritted his teeth and nodded his head. He felt it would be wrong, after the way Jinki was still being sweet to him, even though he had caused all these problems.


Minho was grateful for Jinki’s help, the way he let Minho lean on him for support, as they made their way slowly to his bedroom. Minho’s eyes widened in surprise when he saw Jinki’s chicken blanket and matching pillow on Jonghyun’s bed, he frowned as he saw Jinki’s clothes spread over the chair, and his alarm clock sitting on the bedside table. The bedroom didn’t look like their room anymore, he could see Jinki’s stuff everywhere and for a moment it seemed as if they had gone into the wrong room. Minho felt disorientated but when he saw his bed, he knew it was the right room, but he wondered if the painkillers were making him crazy.

“Hyung,” Minho frowned as he stood there, Jinki’s arm still around his waist, “Why is your stuff here?” Surely it was there, he wasn’t seeing things. He had no idea what he would do if Jinki said his stuff wasn’t. Surely the painkillers weren’t that strong that they were making him see things that were not really there.

“Ohh,” Jinki smiled shyly across at Minho, “I guess you were already at the hospital when Jonghyun and I decided to swap beds for a while.” Minho just stared in disbelief at Jinki, not understanding why. “We thought with your cast you’d need a hand to do things.” Jinki shrugged, “and I felt like it should be my responsibility.”

“Oh?” Minho’s eyes widened in surprise, “I’ll be fine. I don’t need help hyung.” Minho crossed his arms in front of his chest, “I don’t want to inconvenience you.” He shook his head firmly, he was sure he could manage just fine. The last thing he wanted was Jinki getting annoyed with having to help him out, he didn’t want to do that to him. Especially on top of everything else, he was sure he would be fine without help.

“Okay.” Jinki shrugged, “But I was kind of happy to share a room with you, so is it okay if I stay here for a while.” He looked hopefully across at Minho, who he grinned suddenly thinking about how good it would be to have Jinki right there. Minho swallowed and then nodded his head, he leaned on his crutches and grabbed his pyjamas to change. He still did not feel like going to bed, but he figured Jinki was probably right, he should be resting.

“Hyung, don’t misunderstand of course I want you to sleep here.” He grinned and then started to tug his shirt off. Minho was aware of Jinki’s eyes on his body, grinning as he slid his shirt off. His six pack was relatively new he knew that Jinki could not stop staring at it. He grinned as he looked across to see that Jinki was still staring, looking dazed and mesmerised by his body. Minho felt proud of his body, and glad that he had spent all the time at the gym, it was worth it if it made Jinki stare at him like that.

“See something you like, hyung?” Minho smirked, flexing his muscles and Jinki looked up blushing, as he met Minho’s smirk. He laughed softly and then started to undo his pants, hearing Jinki’s audible gulp, it made him feel so much better knowing that he was driving Jinki insane and Minho swallowed realising that he was starting to get turned on. The fact that no one else was home, and that Jinki was now sharing a room with him only made his desire grow even more, his fingers shook as he rested them against the fly. Minho laughed again, but then he began to frown as he struggled to undress. His frown deepened as he struggled to get his trousers off, suddenly he remembered what Jinki had said about him needing a hand.

“Minho,” Jinki stepped forward gripping Minho’s wrist, helping him to balance. “Do you need a hand?” Minho sighed and then nodded his head, feeling pathetic that he needed a hand to undress. He figured that would stop him from thinking dirty thoughts, it was so embarrassing that he could not even manage to undress himself. He pouted and looked down, his heart starting to race as Jinki’s fingers skipped across his stomach, and Minho swallowed as he realised that that minute touch was making him feel even more turned on, he could feel the feathery swirl of desire starting to surround him.

Just from the way his fingers brushed across his skin, the lightest touches there was making his skin tingle slightly. He sucked in a breath as Jinki unzipped his pants, his hands slowly resting near his hips as he began to take down Minho’s trousers, his hands brushing his thighs on the way down. He figured it was unintentional, but Minho couldn’t help but feel each brush of Jinki’s hand, and his skin suddenly felt so incredibly sensitive. He gulped and tried to think about something disgusting, so he did not get turned on. Minho suddenly found it hard to breathe as Jinki’s eyes glanced warmly up at him.

For a moment Minho wished it was something else, something more than Jinki helping him to get ready for bed. He groaned when he was standing there in his boxers, feeling more and more embarrassed by the fact that he was obviously getting hard. Minho half turned away, feeling mortified and then he slowly sat on his bed, lifting his leg with the cast onto his bed. He hated his stupid body for always making him get turned on at inappropriate times which made him feel awful because he was going to have lie there alone and hard. He sighed and then was surprised to look up and see that Jinki was taking his clothes off too, and Minho found that his breath caught in his throat as he watched Jinki’s arms flex, the muscles working as he slid his tight jeans off his slender legs.

“Hyung, why are you changing?” Minho managed to get out, still watching Jinki’s biceps; he couldn’t help but think his arms were so sexy. He had been working out too, and Minho swallowed as he stared at Jinki’s body and his arms, he had such a weakness for his arms. Jinki grinned as he stood up in his boxers, unconsciously Minho licked his lips as he stared at his lover. His eyes sliding down his torso, following the faint muscle lines, Minho wanted to curse his cast. He was feeling turned on but how could they do anything with his leg in a cast?

“I thought... it was obvious.” Jinki frowned, “Are you sure you’re okay.” Jinki asked in a worried tone, and Minho’s eyes widened as Jinki climbed onto his bed. He knelt next to him, his eyes dark and full of worry and something else that Minho could not identify. Minho sucked in a deep breath and nodded his head as Jinki shifted next to him in the bed. Minho was anything but okay, with Jinki lying there in his boxers, looking so damn sexy.

“I thought it would be boring for you to lie here alone.” Jinki grinned as he rolled onto his side, “So I thought I’d keep you company.” He shrugged and pressed one hand against Minho’s chest, watching it heave as he slid his fingers lightly down the muscles. Minho tried to control himself as Jinki stroked his chest so lightly, and it felt so teasing. “That’s okay, right? If you want I can go.” He slid his fingers away and moved as if he was going to leave, but Minho grabbed his hand quickly, clutching it desperately.

“No!” Minho gasped, “Please stay.” He nodded his head, and smiled as he saw how happy Jinki looked hearing that. “This fucking cast is going to drive me nuts.” He sighed and shut his eyes for a second, wondering if he could tell Jinki what was on his mind. How all he could think about was Jinki, and how much he wanted him. When he opened his eyes Jinki trailed a hand down his stomach, closing the gap between them, their lips colliding gently.

Minho squeezed his eyes shut, his arms sliding around Jinki’s body, pulling him in close, groaning as he felt a growing bulge in his pants. He felt slightly dizzy and high when they pulled away, whining when he felt Jinki’s hand rub along his jutting hipbones. “Hyung,” Minho warned Jinki, “You’re getting me all worked up.” He admitted feeling ashamed.

“And,” Jinki inquired, grinning as he tilted his head to the side, “Is that a problem?” He asked as he ghosted his hand over Minho’s half hard erection. Minho moaned, arching his head forward, biting down into his lip, Jinki was still teasing him. Jinki was working him up into a state, the way he slid his fingers over his erection, was driving him insane. He roughly grabbed Jinki’s hand, whimpering as he pressed it harder against his cock. It still wasn’t enough, but it was better than nothing, he moaned as he jerked his hips forward against Jinki’s fingers.

“But... but ... but!” Minho gasped, he found it hard to think straight with Jinki’s fingers wrapped around him, gripping him so tightly. Jinki’s fingers slid down his length, so that pleasure flexed down his spine in soft sinful waves, making him pant heavily from the caresses. “But... we can’t have sex,” He whinged, hoping that Jinki knew what he meant. He thought it would be awkward to have sex with the damn cast, and that thought just frustrated him so much.

“But we can do other things.” Jinki whispered pressing kisses to Minho’s face, licking a sensual path down his neck, twisting his fingers hard around Minho’s cock. Making his head spin with an intense cocktail of pleasure which made him moan throatily, shaking as Jinki’s hand slipped into his boxers, grasping his cock directly. It felt even better, with Jinki’s warm fingers stroking his length, and Minho couldn’t help but whimper. Jinki’s fingers running over his head, collecting his pre come, and then sliding around his length before he started to thrust his hand up and down, with painfully slow but intense motions.

“Hyung,” Minho whined, squeezing his eyes shut, it felt so good, he couldn’t help but roll his hips forward into the touch. He wanted more, he needed more, groaning as Jinki leaned against him so that Minho could feel his warmth and smell that sweet Jinki smell. He shuddered feeling even more turned on as Jinki started to kiss him passionately, their lips and tongues sliding together hotly. Jinki continued to wrap his fingers tightly around Minho’s length.

Minho felt so lost in his rapture when Jinki’s lips slipped away again, making him whimper slightly. Until he felt Jinki’s hand tugging on his boxers, he lifted his hips, rolling onto his back with some difficulty, and then he helped Jinki tug his boxers down. He mewled when he looked down to see Jinki’s hand still wrapped around him, and his eyes widened as he saw how low Jinki was lying now, his eyes widening in realisation.

“Hyung,” He sucked in a deep breath, as Jinki just smiled across at him before he shushed him, rocking his hand slowly down his length. “You... don’t have to?” He whispered, his voice coming out all rough and lust filled, he just groaned as he watched Jinki’s head drop down to his crotch. “Hyung,” He panted louder, his sliding shut as Jinki’s mouth closed over his erection.

Minho shuddered violently as Jinki’s warmth enveloped his cock; he found it hard to breathe. He found it hard to think, hard to do anything but roll his hips up into that welcoming mouth. He whimpered his head spinning as Jinki’s tongue swirled around his head, electric shocks of ecstasy skating down his cock, and sliding up his body.

His body felt as if it was melting, as Jinki jerked his hand up and down his length, and his mouth, his glorious, amazing, talented mouth sucked down on his head. Minho moaned, threading his fingers through Jinki’s hair gently, it was almost unbearable; he could feel the rush of emotions and euphoria filling his system. The way Jinki’s mouth sucked down on him, it felt heavenly, shuddering as Jinki’s tongue lapped against him again and again. Minho’s hips jerking up, he tugged on Jinki’s hair harder his screams growing as he let go. His rapture took over his whole body, so that he felt as if he floated on a magic web of light and so much pleasure. He whimpered feeling his body overflow with ardour and his hips jerked up as he came.

“Oh god Jinki,” Minho breathed heavily, his head spinning as he lay there, shaking slightly as he felt Jinki’s hands stroking his trembling body. “Jinki-hyung, hyung, oh hyung, oh my Jinki-hyung,” He whispered repeatedly, the words slurring together slightly as Jinki kissed his cock, and slowly moved up. His lips tenderly kissing Minho’s body, tracing the lines of his six pack with his lips and tongue.

“Jinki-hyung,” Minho finally opened his eyes when he felt Jinki’s tongue glide against his Adam’s apple, feeling guilty as he looked down and saw Jinki’s bulge. “Oh god sorry hyung,” He apologised, reaching down to grasp Jinki’s erection. He watched, still feeling high himself as he cupped his lovers cock. He watched the way his eyes rolled back and his lips curved up into this sweet smile.

Minho somehow felt humbled, as he watched the way Jinki reacted to his touches. He watched Jinki shudder as he curled his fingers around his cock and slid them up and down so slowly, the way his hips jerked erratically against him. It was breathtaking and beautiful, and Minho sucked in a deep breath as twisted his wrist differently, and in seconds Jinki was gasping and heaving next to him. His cheeks glowing and his eyes squeezed shut, his lips trembling as he glanced across at the taller boy.

“Don’t,” Jinki breathed heavily, his eyes half shut as he reached out to grasp Minho’s wrist. Jinki laboured to breathe as he licked his lips slowly trying to get his brain to function, “Don’t, I don’t want to come yet.” He finally got the words out slowly, pushing Minho’s hand away, smiling up at the other boy who just looked confused.

“Huh, but that’s not fair.” Minho chewed on his lip, “hyung I just don’t get why-” He trailed off when Jinki leaned over and stroked his waist, curling his arm around Minho’s body. Minho blinked and held back a moan as Jinki curled his body against him, his body rubbing deliciously against Minho’s. He could feel Jinki’s cock sliding against his jutting hipbone; he just clenched his teeth together, trying not to get turned on again. He had just come but it did not take much to get him hard again.

“Minho,” Jinki breathed in heavily, “please I want you.” He mumbled, and with slightly trembling hands he clung to the taller boy. Minho frowned across at him, his brain trying to process what Jinki meant, he knew what it sounded like, but he wondered if he was mistaken. Surely Jinki was not meaning that, he batted his eyes slowly and reached for Jinki’s body, stroking his hands down his sweaty arms. Minho smiled softly as he touched his lover’s arms; he traced the limbs down to Jinki’s elbows. He loved how smooth and soft Jinki’s skin was under his fingertips, he leaned over to kiss Jinki across the lips figuring he was mistaken, there was no way Jinki meant he wanted sex.

Jinki sighed and tilted his head back to kiss Minho again, his brain was fuzzy with desire, and it was all he could think about. He swiped his hands down across Minho’s hips, stroking the skin gently and just sliding his fingertips across the skin lightly. Jinki loved touching Minho’s body, he could never get enough of his flesh and he loved to just caress his hips, loving the way Minho would twitch against him and moan so sweetly. His own cock was throbbing almost painfully, as he rolled his hips against the side of Minho’s body, breathing in heavily as he slowly brought his hand back down to grasp Minho’s cock.

“Hyung,” Minho sounded breathless and confused as Jinki’s fingers gripped him determinedly, he pulled his head back from Jinki’s so he could look at him better. Minho let out a strangled whimper as Jinki’s fingers coiled around his length tightly, he shuddered slightly as Jinki’s fingers touched him harder making his brain melt with growing bliss. He sucked in a deep breath and tried so hard to ignore Jinki’s fingers caressing him, but it was impossible. He whined softly as Jinki’s hips continued to thrust against his side, and his hands stroked him, he could feel the motions through his whole body, as if the nerves were transmitting all the sensual touches to every cell of his body making his body pulse with building need.

“I need you.” Jinki whimpered, his eyes shimmering with pure lust, as he gazed across at the other boy. “We can make this work, I know we can.” He mumbled softer, biting into his lip as he spoke, and his body shook slightly as Minho hugged him tightly. Minho buried his face against Jinki’s chest, and began to press tender kisses across the top of torso, his lips gently moving across Jinki’s heated flesh. He sighed happily and pressed one hand to Jinki’s back lightly, sliding it down lower until he cupped his butt.

Jinki breathed out raggedly, his hands still grasping Minho’s erection tightly, making his thoughts cloud over until he could not think of anything but the euphoria ravaging his body. He swallowed thickly as he patted Jinki’s butt and then he pulled away, groaning as he realised they need lube. Jinki whined against him, pleading up at Minho desperately.

“Lube,” Minho sighed heavily, “can you reach it?” He asked blinking, as he kept his arms tight around Jinki’s body, he didn’t want him to move. Jinki nodded his head as he swiped his fingers across the head of Minho’s cock before he tugged his hand away. Minho sucked in a deep breath from the loss of contact as the older boy rolled over. Minho could not help but press Jinki harder against his body, his hands stroking Jinki’s flat stomach lightly as he squirmed against him, struggling to reach for the lube.

“Hmmm…” Jinki leaned back against Minho’s side pressing the lube into his hand, sighing, as he realised they would have to move again soon. Jinki swallowed as he felt Minho’s hands moving across the plane of his stomach, he lay back and mewled softly from the touches. His eyes gliding shut as Minho stroked his stomach gently, before he lifted his hands away and Jinki heard the pop as the lube was opened. Jinki squeezed his eyes shut, feeling every beat of his heart intensely, swallowing deeply as Minho’s moistened fingers pressed against his backside. He tensed slightly, and arched his head back against Minho’s chest, trying to relax his body, as he breathed in deeply, still feeling so needy and desperate.

He shut his eyes as he felt Minho’s index finger rub against his ass, he let out a soft hiss as the finger slowly pressed into him. Jinki opened his eyes, trying to breathe normally as Minho began to slide his finger into him, he could feel the bliss slowly igniting in his nerves and every part of his body. It was such an intense sensation and he shuddered and moaned as Minho added a second finger. Every thrust filled him with so much joy; Jinki shook slightly letting the emotions and euphoria wash over him. He could hear Minho breathing audibly, and the way he rasped loudly excited him further.

“Ugh Jinki,” Minho whispered, “Jinki, I want you.” The older boy arched his head back further, whimpering slightly as Minho sped up the motions of his fingers, until Jinki’s voice filled the room, throaty whimpers and moans floating through the air thickly. He could not control himself and he shuddered because Minho’s fingers were making him float, and his whole body buzzed with pleasure.

“I need you, Minho!” Jinki rasped, his whole body jerking like a puppet controlled by the quick motions of Minho’s fingers. He couldn’t help but whine when Minho’s fingers stilled abruptly causing the euphoria to fade away; he shivered it felt as if he had been cut off from oxygen. He needed to feel that rush of sensations and emotions; he needed to feel that ecstasy. He felt like a drug addict coming down, he whined, even though he knew Minho had to stop sometime.

“Hyung,” Minho purred softly, “Hyung, shhh, I need you too.” He stroked Jinki’s back lightly, “How… are we going to do this?” He added a moment later, his hands resting on Jinki’s waist, as he helped the older boy roll over. Jinki’s eyes were glazed over with burning desire and his skin, glistened with sweat making him look all the more desirable to Minho. Minho shivered wishing this wasn’t so difficult, he wanted to push Jinki down into the sheets and just take him, but his injury made things complicated.

“You-you need to…” Jinki licked his lips slowly, his tongue sliding across his lower lip, and Minho groaned, watching his chest heave. “Sit up.” He added with one last lick of his tongue, and Minho greedily leaned in and kissed him, sliding their lips together passionately. Jinki whimpering as Minho’s hand grasped his cock; he thrust his hand up and down his length, still kissing him tenderly. Jinki squeezed his eyes shut as he clung to Minho firmly as his pleasure began to sky rocket again.

After a few moments Jinki pushed Minho away, pouting as he stopped kissing him, but he was going to come, if he didn’t stop the other boy. He kissed Minho’s lips lightly and then forced himself to sit up, he felt almost dizzy from all the feelings and sensations racing through his body, he helped the taller boy sit up. Jinki swallowed as Minho sat with his back against the wall, his eyes watching him intently. He could not look away for anything, Minho was so gorgeous and Jinki stared mesmerised by the way his chest rose and fell as he breathed, and the way his eyes glinted so dark and beautiful.

It felt like it took forever for them to get into position – Jinki was careful to avoid Minho’s cast as he moved to straddle his lap. He sucked in a deep breath, and wrapped his arms around Minho’s torso, shaking with excitement as he lifted his body up before he slowly lowered himself down onto Minho. Each moment felt excruciating because it was so slow and teasing but Jinki savoured the slow build of pleasure, he savoured the way Minho looked at him lovingly. Jinki breathed in deeply, as Minho’s fingers clung to his hips helping to guide him down, over top of his body, his heart racing up and he trembled violently because he wanted it so badly.

Jinki’s eyes rolled back, he whimpered as he felt Minho’s cock rub against his ass, making him tense as he dropped his hips lower, letting Minho’s cock inch slowly into him. It was slow and Jinki could barely breathe, his brain turning to mush as Minho filled him. He could feel Minho trembling against him as he took him into his tightness. Both boys moaning loudly as Jinki settled in his lap, his hands clinging to Minho’s torso, he could feel the other boy stroking his back gently, trying to soothe and relax him.

Jinki smiled down at his lover, and gripping him tightly he lifted his hips up, trying not to whimper as his cock slipped out of him, and then he thrust his body down again, shaking as Minho’s hips rolled up to meet him. He groaned loudly, feeling the buzz of rapture coasting through his body rapidly. The way Minho thrust up into him made him feel weak and limp from the overflowing bliss claiming his body.

Minho grunted just managing to keep his eyes open as he felt the intense cocktail of desire filling him to the brim. He stroked Jinki’s back with his fingers, gasping loudly for oxygen as their bodies moved together and apart in this intoxicating rhythm that just made his head spin. It just felt so amazing he never wanted this moment to end, he never wanted it to be apart from Jinki. He groaned and thrust up harder, smiling as he heard the scream Jinki let out, he knew he had hit that spot making Jinki melt against him. Jinki’s limbs going into spasms as he felt sparks explode inside his body.

Jinki’s limbs trembled as he felt tremors of rapture shaking through his body like a series of earthquakes rocking and rolling the earth under him, except it was Minho making the earth move for him. The way Minho felt in him, made everything pulse with so much burning passion and fervour, it was almost unbearable, almost too much. He panted loudly and let his head jerk back, completely controlled by the ecstasy running through his veins like quicksilver. He couldn’t help but moan as he rolled his hips down harder, relishing the way Minho’s thrust up at him. It was almost like they were competing – fighting to rock their hips together more forcefully against the other, letting the desire build intensely around their limbs and bodies.

“Jinki-hyung,” Minho whimpered softly, his arms wrapping tightly around his lovers body as he rocked his hips upwards, feeling each motion of Jinki’s body through his entire system flooding him with intense ecstasy. He shut his eyes concentrating on the way Jinki felt around him, the way his skin felt against his fingertips, and the delicious way he rolled his hips down against him. He was so warm and tight around Minho, filling his body to the brim with pleasure. Minho licked his lips, leaning up to kiss the curve of Jinki’s arched neck, his lips pressing heated kisses to his skin. He felt so buzzed and high, realising that it would not take much more to set him off.

Minho licked Jinki’s neck, and then started to suck on the pale flesh, relishing how his lover keened against him, his cries filtering through the air which only seemed to make him feel even higher. He groaned as he felt Jinki’s hips undulating against him in a steady rhythm which filled him with shocks of rapture. He slowly lowered his hand between their bodies, stroking Jinki’s sensitive skin with one hand. Jinki whimpered against him, his lashes fluttering as he continued to arch down in near perfect motions.

“Oh god,” Jinki screamed out as Minho’s cock thrust up against that spot at the exact moment his fingers wrapped tightly around his cock. Jinki’s body felt as if it was exploding, bubbles rising quickly in his bloodstream. He moaned continually as Minho’s thrusts became faster, and each caress caused his desire to swell in ever growing waves. Jinki groaned, feeling light headed and dizzy as they continued to weave tighter knots of pleasure, until he was sure he was going to snap into a million fragments of joy.

Minho shuddered he knew he was so close, the way Jinki rocked his hips down, just made his head spin in dizzy circles. He swallowed and stroked his hand up and down Jinki’s cock harder, struggling to breathe as the pleasure invaded and took over his body. He groaned and arched his head back, letting it hit the solid wall behind him as his euphoria overflowed and took over. He moaned and leaned forward pressing his lips against Jinki’s throat feeling his body spasm and with one loud cry he felt himself lose all sense of everything as he came.

Jinki shook violently; his whole body felt like it was falling apart, as if the burning desire flowing through his body had destroyed him completely. He slumped forward, feeling explosions triggering down his body, and moaning he felt Minho come in him. He breathed in deeply, shaking as he felt his own bliss rupturing down his body like a fault line causing him to moan sensually as he came, his hips surging up desperately as he rode out his orgasm.

Minho clung to Jinki, hugging the older boy tightly minutes after they came. He could hear their breaths, loud in the room, he felt so incredible he never wanted to move. He stroked his fingers through Jinki’s slightly damp hair, touching him tenderly. He never imagined they would or could do that with his leg in a cast, but it had been so amazing he still felt high. Jinki’s eyes stayed squeezed shut as Minho continued to stroke his body, his fingers moving with tenderness across his skin. Jinki never wanted to move, he did not want anything else, because he felt as if nothing could ever come close to that.


“Minho,” Jinki panted smiling sweetly as he finally opened his eyes, curling in against Minho’s naked body. Jinki’s hands reached for Minho’s waist as he hugged him loosely, careful not to injure his leg. Minho grinned as he kissed the top of Jinki’s head, pulling him in closer, their chests pressing together and their hips resting lightly against each other.

“Hyung,” Minho echoed, “god thank you hyung, you’re amazing.” He trembled as he cupped Jinki’s face, his thumbs stroking his cheeks lightly. “Jinki-hyung, I love you.” He added as he continued to tenderly touch his cheeks, relishing the way Jinki blushed and smiled sweetly up at him. “You always make me feel better. And I had no idea, you dirty hyung, that when you said bed you were thinking of such activities!” He grinned as he saw the innocent expression Jinki shot him.

“What?” Jinki blinked his eyes innocently, nuzzling into Minho’s caresses, “I uh... was being innocent.” He batted his eyelids, grinning as Minho laughed at him. “Well I was initially, but then you were taking your clothes off.” He pouted, and Minho raised one eyebrow, “Okay, okay, I confess!” Jinki sighed heavily,
“I am a horny bastard!” He sighed and then looked sadly across at Minho, his lower lip trembling trying to look as if he was about to cry.

“No worse than me.” Minho grinned as he kissed Jinki’s lips tenderly, pulling back to whisper, “Hey I wasn’t complaining! I was just thinking it’s going to be great sharing a room with you.” He grinned and cuddled Jinki, sighing happily as the older boy continued to rub and nuzzle against him, like he was an affectionate cat.

“Well I think so too.” Jinki grinned, “But you have to rest Minho, and let your calf heal.” He added smiling, “And uh yeah, I’ll help you um relax.” He grinned as Minho raised his eyebrows and licked his lips. “I just hope you don’t feel guilty anymore?” He frowned, and squeezed Minho’s hand, “the fans, Minho, the fans just want you to rest and get better. So don’t feel guilty.”

Minho smiled and nodded his head, “Alright Jinki-hyung.” He kissed Jinki’s forehead lightly, “I won’t as long as you promise to share my bed every night.” He smiled as Jinki immediately nodded his head.

“Good, good.” Minho whispered, hugging Jinki tighter, “I love you Jinki-hyung.”

“I love you too.” Jinki dazzled Minho with his smile, “I love you so much, Minho.” He rubbed his back gently, and pressed his head against Minho’s chest, and they both felt enveloped in warmth. Minho sighed happily, squeezing his eyes shut; he didn’t think he could be happier.


sorry for the fail smut :/ (I wrote most of this smut ugh after a disaster... lol which explains earthquake mentions and such. So I apologise in advance for the slightly weird smut I was tired and in slightly in shock. XD But I still had to write^^;;)

Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, pairing: tofuho, rating: nc-17
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