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Idol Army, JongHo

Title: Idol Army
Author: argh
Rating: NC-17
Length: 2,287 words
Pairing: Jonghyun/Minho
Summary: Minho caused Jonghyun to have a problem... and he felt embarrassed about it. But Minho makes him see its ok and helps him out? D:
Warnings: unbeta-ed and failed smut :/
Dedicated to: shan_ah_non ♥ sorry for the failsome JongHo? D:

Idol Army?

JongHo? :O


Jonghyun wouldn’t meet Minho’s eyes and he studied the floor instead. Minho sighed heavily and inched closer to Jonghyun on the couch. Every time he moved closer to the older boy, he would move further away from Minho. He put his hand on Jonghyun’s arm lightly, frowning across at the older boy. He felt Jonghyun tense and then he made an attempt to move away but Minho grabbed his arm, effectively stopping him from sliding away from him.

“Hyung!” Minho sounded irritated, and Jonghyun stopped completely sighing, and he pouted, still avoiding the other boys gaze. “Hyung, you’re being ridiculous.” He sighed and squeezed the other boy’s arm, “Why are you over reacting about this? It could happen to anyone of us.” He pouted, “So I don’t get why you’re being all weird with me.” Minho pouted across at Jonghyun looking hurt.

Jonghyun snorted, “Oh, so has that ever happened to you? You’re always so cool or rather flaming.” Jonghyun frowned, finally looking up at Minho. “Wouldn’t you be embarrassed?” He sighed, “Never mind. You don’t get it, nothing like that would ever happen to you, would it? You can probably control yourself.” He frowned and fidgeted with his shirt feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable.

“Hyung.” Minho rolled his eyes and patted Jonghyun’s arm lightly, “You know that’s not true. You just got caught at a bad time, or something?” He patted the older boys arm again, “It’s not like we can help it! We’re growing boys!” He sighed, “we all get boners at awkward times.” He shifted uncomfortably next to Jonghyun. Minho was trying his best to make Jonghyun feel better because he hated the tension between them.

The older boy rolled his eyes and shook his head, “No you mean us mere mortals get boners at awkward times. But… you don’t do you Minho?” He stared curiously at the other boys face, blinking as he saw how irritated and annoyed he looked. “And what does that say about me?” Jonghyun sucked in a deep breath, “I got hard… from that stupid rolling and hugging game with you.” He whispered the last few words, feeling embarrassed.

Minho’s eyes widened, “Oh.” He mumbled sounding weird, “Oh. Oh.” He repeated, blinking his eyes rapidly, “So that’s what this is about?” He shook his head, “Because it was me?” He frowned, “Or because I’m a guy?” Jonghyun tensed next to Minho, he could see the younger boy was looking upset. Minho swallowed deeply, wondering what Jonghyun meant by his words.

“So if it had been someone else, like Kibum-hyung? Or Jinki-hyung, are you saying it would’ve been okay?” Minho looked pissed off and Jonghyun looked nervous and he made an attempt to get away but Minho gripped his arm tighter. “So it’s just me?” Minho sounded down, “You’re just freaking out because it was me?”

“Um no, that’s not what I meant.” Jonghyun sucked in a deep breath suddenly thinking about other things, “God I hope they cut that from the show? What if it’s visible? Shit.” He swore softly under his breath and shook his head, looking at Minho again, “I just felt embarrassed? No one else got hard, and it had to be you.” He sucked in a deep breath, “It had to be you that I played that game with.”

Minho was feeling annoyed and upset, and he just stared across at Jonghyun, not getting what he was trying to say at all. He pulled back, and shifted back the other way so that there was a gap several inches wide between them now. He was frankly feeling hurt by what Jonghyun was implying, he wanted to say something but he kept silent instead sensing that Jonghyun hadn’t finished speaking yet.

“If it had been anyone else… it would’ve been fine.” Jonghyun spoke so softly that Minho found himself leaning closer to hear him. “If it had been anyone else I wouldn’t have got a boner.” He mumbled even lighter, his eyes flicking to the floor and he chewed his lip nervously wondering what Minho would say now. Jonghyun’s heart pounded in his chest faster, he had finally said it. He felt so nervous now and he swallowed as he waited for Minho’s reaction.

Minho’s jaw dropped and he finally understood what Jonghyun was saying. He felt shell shocked and he sat there for a moment processing his words. Minho couldn’t help but grin and then he reached over and pulled Jonghyun into a hug, muttering a breathless sounding, “Hyung!” Jonghyun shut his eyes as he felt Minho hug him, and he realised that Minho sounded happy.

Jonghyun sighed in relief and he hugged Minho back, his heart pounding as he felt Minho nuzzling against his neck. Minho leaned in closer to Jonghyun, his body pressing down hard over the shorter boys. Jonghyun’s eyes widened as he realised that Minho’s body was rubbing against him, and he groaned, tensing as he realised he was starting to have a problem again.

“Minho.” Jonghyun bit down into his lip, shaking the younger boy, and he felt embarrassed again as he realised Minho was making him hard again. “Minho? Get off me?” Jonghyun repeated in a shaky voice as he felt Minho’s hands tighten around his waist. He swallowed as he felt Minho’s mouth press against his neck, his eyes widening as the other boy slid his tongue along his neck. Minho’s tongue stroked so softly along neck sending shivers down Jonghyun’s body. He groaned and lifted his hips, rocking them against the younger boy’s body.

“Hyung…” Minho lifted his head and smirked down at Jonghyun, “Hyung, you don’t really want me to get off you, do you?” He spoke in a low tone, licking his lips when he finished speaking. He lifted his body and shifted so that he was pressing down over the older boy, and he grinned watching his reaction. “See hyung?” Minho practically purred, pushing his face right up close to Jonghyun’s. “See what you’ve done to me?”

Jonghyun gulped as Minho’s erection rubbed along his thigh, he found it hard to breathe with the other boy hovering over him. Jonghyun opened his mouth to speak but then Minho’s lips covered his own. Jonghyun’s eyes slid shut and he tilted his head back, his lips parting letting Minho deepen the kiss. His heart and pulse was racing as he felt Minho’s fingers slip along the waist of his jeans. Feeling Minho’s fingers curling into the muscles of his stomach, made Jonghyun feel even more turned on, and he quickly pressed his fingers against Minho.

He breathed in deeply when Minho pulled his mouth away, his eyes were dark and full of lust only making Jonghyun’s breath hitch even more. He traced his fingers down Minho’s chest, finally resting his hands against his hipbones, and he rubbed at them through his jeans. His fingers moving in circular motions over his hips, and he groaned again as Minho ground his cock down against Jonghyun’s, making the older boy see stars.

“Shit.” Jonghyun bit down into his lip, leaning back into the couch, “Shit, Minho.” He panted his eyes shutting. Minho grinned and he leaned forward tracing the outline of Jonghyun’s lips with his tongue, until the older boy opened his mouth and he kissed him again. Minho’s fingers continued to play at the top of his jeans. Minho shifted so that he was straddling Jonghyun, and kissed him passionately, his fingers starting to unto his jeans.

“Hyung.” Minho grinned as he pulled back, his cheeks flushed and he was breathing heavily. Minho unzipped Jonghyun’s pants, pressing his hand into his jeans immediately, “Let me help you out?” He winked down at Jonghyun, who just whimpered as his erection was pulled out of his boxers. Jonghyun gasped as Minho’s fingers gripped him firmly.

“Ugh.” Jonghyun moaned, and he opened his eyes, breathing heavily as he glanced down at Minho. He swallowed and with slightly shaking hands he started to unbutton Minho’s jeans. He found it hard to concentrate with Minho’s fingers stroking his cock. His index finger sliding around the head, making it hard for Jonghyun to think about anything but that finger, sliding around his cock and making him dizzy.

Minho’s fingers continued to slide up and down Jonghyun’s length, teasing him and making both of his heads ache. He sucked in a deep breath, his hips jerking up as Minho’s fingers pressed down hard on his cock, making tendrils of pleasure coil around his limbs tightly. And he sucked in a deep breath as he finally freed Minho’s cock from his boxers.

Jonghyun groaned and his head hit the back of the couch, as he pressed eager hands to Minho’s dick. Sliding them up and down his shaft, and having a good feel, he groaned loudly as he felt Minho wrap his hand around him, and he slowly began to jerk him off. Jonghyun’s body reacting straight away to Minho’s thrusts, and he found his hips jerking up desperately into the touches. He swallowed feeling his pleasure soar as Minho hovered over him, his breath washing warmly across his face. Jonghyun opened his eyes and looked up at Minho’s face, watching the way his eyes slid shut and he let out a soft moan as he curled his fingers around the base of Minho’s cock.

Minho let out a soft groan, rocking his whole body into the thrusts. The way Jonghyun moved his hand, made his body throb, and he could barely think straight. The way he flicked his wrist, Minho shivered, his whole body shuddering as he leaned his head against Jonghyun’s shoulder. He bit down into his lip, feeling his pleasure building up so much and he thrust his hand faster, feeling Jonghyun shuddering under him.

Jonghyun sucked in a deep breath as he jerked his hips up so desperately, his head lolling to one side of the couch. He groaned as Minho’s hand moved faster and he convulsed against the boy, his hips jerking up so fast. His head was spinning out from the way Minho moved his hand, the way his fingers felt wrapped around his length felt like heaven. Jonghyun shuddered, opening his eyes and he felt like he was disintegrating, breaking into a million fragments. He groaned loudly, and his body jerked forward, and he came. His whole body shaking as his come covered Minho’s stomach and lower body.

“Fuck… fuck Minho…” Jonghyun panted, still feeling dizzy.

Still breathing heavily, he concentrated on bringing Minho over the edge. He groaned as he felt Minho’s fingers slide over his head. He opened his eyes and looked down at Minho, and he pressed his other hand to the taller boy’s balls. He cupped them in his hand and rubbed them, still continuing to thrust his hand up Minho’s length. He smiled as he felt the younger boys mouth work against his shoulder, and he whimpered, biting down into Jonghyun’s shoulder.

Minho shuddered as Jonghyun’s touches sent sparks flying along his body. He shivered into the touches, pressing down so urgently against the older boy. His body was on fire, and as Jonghyun fondled his balls, he felt his body burn up even more. Jonghyun flicked his wrist again, and Minho gasped, biting down hard into Jonghyun’s shoulder, his hips going into overtime as he thrust down hard, and his come spurted out all over Jonghyun.

Minho flopped down beside Jonghyun, panting heavily, not caring that his lower half was covered in come, and that his pants were undone with his cock hanging out. He sucked in deep breaths, leaning back against the couch. He groaned and then opened his eyes to find Jonghyun studying him carefully, and he grinned and then leaned forward, rubbing his nose against the older boys.

“Hyung.” Minho smiled and he pulled back again, “Fuck hyung…” He trailed off and then lowered one of his hands to Jonghyun’s lap. He picked up some of the come and then he raised it, smearing it over Jonghyun’s lips, until he opened his mouth. Jonghyun sucked down on Minho’s fingers, tasting Minho and himself. After a few moments Minho pulled his fingers free and he tasted some himself.

“Minho?” Jonghyun blinked as he watched Minho, and then he found himself leaning forward, curious and he pressed his fingers to the other boy’s groin. He grinned and pushed his fingers into Minho’s mouth, watching the younger boy suck on them. “Fuck, that’s hot.” He groaned, and quickly pulled his fingers free, and Minho grinned slyly at him, slinging his arm around Jonghyun’s shoulders.

“So ah, I need to hug you more often?” He grinned cheekily, and Jonghyun just stared at him, slightly confused. “Because I like the way you react to my hugs.” He smirked and leaned in close to Jonghyun, “We’re so going to play that rolling and hugging game again, but just the two of us.” He grinned, and then whispered, “And uh, without clothes on.” He smirked and Jonghyun just rolled his eyes at him, although he could feel his heart pounding.

“Minho, you’re such a dork.” He patted the younger boys head affectionately, and pulled him in close for a hug. He shook his head at the other boy, laughing and wondering why he couldn’t just say that he wanted to sleep with him.

Minho grinned across at him, leaning his head on Jonghyun’s shoulder, “But you like me anyways right?” He grinned wider as felt Jonghyun nod his head, and he kissed the side of Minho’s head. Minho sighed happily, feeling tired and exhausted, he would never have guessed that Idol Army would lead to this, but he would be lying if he said he wasn’t happy.


*runs* kdfjdklsfjsdkdlfjdsfjdsf honestly it felt so weird writing JongHo smut *weeps* my poor TofuHo D: kdjkfhksd I guess this tells me that uh… TofuHo is the one in my heart? 8D But still it was fun to write something different than the usual TofuHo… but yeah…

comments? D: ♥
I feel bad posting JongHo in onho but that's okay? XD ♥
Tags: !fanfic, !oneshot, author: argh, pairing: jongho, rating: nc-17, status: complete
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