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Real identity

Title: Real Identity
Author: argh (@ onho)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 6,847 words
Pairing: TofuHo, slight JongKey
Summary: Jinki is sick of always being called "Onew".
Warnings: un-betaed. Sorry for the terrible grammar and typos? :/ blegh. The plot is kind of strange/weird .__. which is why I never posted this before now. D:
Dedication: for eijifujiryoma I hope you get well soon ._. and you get out of hospital soon! :( Ilu & miss you too^^; ♥♥♥
Also for ryukilla ♥ I originally wrote this for the both of you to make up for the OnKey in "fade out" ^^; ♥ ilu both. XD Sorry it fails so much :/

Real Identity



Jinki sighed and lowered his head down, letting the hot water flow down his neck and back. It felt so good to be relaxing under the hot water. He could be himself in the shower, he sighed again softly feeling frustrated again. Sometimes he hated how no one seemed to remember that he had another name than ‘Onew’. That he was Lee Jinki too, that he was not always SHINee’s ‘Onew’. He just felt like his true self was being eroded away, that no one saw it but him and his parents. It was okay for the others they were all basically using their real names, but he had ‘Onew’.

He disliked how away from the cameras, at home, everyone still called him ’Onew-hyung’ sometimes he wanted to shout and tell them that his name wasn’t Onew, it was Jinki. Sure Onew was his stage name, but it was only that. It wasn’t that he disliked his stage name, but he just didn’t like it when it was used all the time. It hurt when his friends, his band mates continued to call him ’Onew-hyung’ it felt like they were saying he had to be the Onew that the world saw, not the smiling, clumsy Jinki. He sighed again and shifted, lifting his head to let the hot water wet his hair.


Jinki sighed and straightened up as he heard more knocking on the bathroom door, and he peered around the shower curtain, wondering what their problem was. He was in the shower; could he not have a little bit of peace and quiet? It was bad enough that they expected him to discard his true self, and be Onew all the time, and now he could not even shower in peace!

“Hyung… do you mind… if I use the toilet?”

Jinki blinked recognising Minho’s voice, and he shook his head before he realised that the other boy could not see him. “Yeah okay, the door isn’t locked!” He sighed and ran his fingers through his wet hair, and at the sound of the door opening he turned back to the shower. It felt a little awkward how Minho was in the bathroom while he was showering, he sighed and made sure the curtain wouldn’t expose him.


“Yes,” He mumbled softly and then gritted his teeth together, Minho sounded awfully close. He wished that Minho was not in there with him, it made him feel strange uncomfortable. He wished that he had something to hide behind, other than the flimsy curtain, it seemed very thin when Minho’s voice was that close. Nervously he looked around and then felt relieved as he realised his towel should be hanging on the curtain rail, so he could hide behind that if he had to.

“Are you okay?” Minho sounded worried to Jinki’s ears, and he turned in the direction of Minho’s voice. Unaware that Minho could see his silhouette through the shower curtain, “Onew-hyung, is everything okay?” He cringed slightly, hearing that name again. “You’ve been in the shower for half an hour now? Kibum was starting to worry.”

“I’m fine. Tell Kibum not to worry.” He pouted as he turned away, his back towards Minho. I love how he’s Kibum and I’m fucking Onew. Minho, is it that hard to use my name? Is it that hard to remember that under the exterior of SHINee’s Onew, I’m a normal person too? He nodded his head again, and then he turned the shower off, reaching for the towel to dry himself off.

“I will; he’s not the only person worrying.” Minho commented, unable to tear his eyes away from the silhouette of Jinki drying himself. “I was worrying too, I don’t know but something has been bothering you lately hyung, you haven’t seemed yourself.” Jinki choked back a laugh hearing Minho’s words and he wanted to remind the younger that they treated him like he was only the leader of SHINee. Like he was only the shell that the world saw, a persona created by the entertainment world and nothing more, like outside of SHINee he did not exist, he did not have a personality.

“Hmm.” Jinki mumbled as he dried himself furiously, feeling even more awkward, but also slightly surprised that Minho had noticed anything at all. “No… I’m fine.” He mumbled, frowning down at his body as he rubbed the towel over his limbs, and he wished Minho would leave, it was getting more awkward. He sighed softly and then wrapped the towel around his hips, slowly sliding the curtain away, so he could get out of the shower.


Minho was still standing there, and he stared across at Jinki, looking worried. Jinki sighed and just stood there, scratching his head, there was no way he was going to dress with Minho standing there to watch him. It should not feel uncomfortable, they had seen each other naked before, but somehow it was, maybe because normally it was all of them, not just the two of them. He swallowed and tried to tell himself that was the reason it felt awkward. But he figured it was just him, and he reminded himself that he was over his silly little crush.

“Yes.” Jinki tried not to sound irritated, because of what Minho called him and also because of how he wanted to get dressed without Minho standing there watching him. “Yes Minho.” He turned half away, feeling uncomfortable with the way the taller boy kept watching him closely and staring. He was only wearing a towel, and it felt damn awkward, he shifted nervously, his fingers holding the towel up. He felt like asking Minho if it was the first time he had seen someone half naked before, he couldn’t understand why he kept staring at him. He was pretty sure his body wasn’t that hideous or that different from the other band members. “I thought you needed the toilet?” Jinki frowned, he never heard the flush of the toilet, but instead Minho had come and talked to him.

“Well that was an excuse.” Minho shrugged and then sat on the damp edge of the bath, motioning for Jinki to sit beside him. “Because I wanted to talk to you,” He blinked his eyes seriously, and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Hyung, you can’t fool me like you fool the others!” He added a moment later, turning his body towards Jinki. “I know there is something wrong, I know something is troubling you, and hyung, I want to be there for you.”

Jinki chewed on his lip and he just frowned across at Minho, “Minho – I’m the leader. No one is meant to be there for me. I’m the leader, I am meant to be strong and help you guys – not the other way around!” Jinki swallowed and hoped that Minho had not worked out about his stupid crush; he was trying to so hard to get over it. He glanced over at Minho who rolled his eyes and shook his head slowly. “Minho! It’s true!” Jinki sounded exasperated, he was not meant to rely on them for support – they were meant to rely on him for it!

“Hyung.” Minho frowned across at Jinki, looking very stern. “Hyung, but you can’t be strong unless you have someone to support you. Even if it’s silently, or if no one knows. You need someone to help you out, and hyung whether you like it or not. I am going to be that person.” He nodded his head slowly, “Hyung, maybe you don’t like it, but I really think you need someone to talk to. Someone who you can be yourself with, it’s so hard for us all. But I feel like its worse for you, because you always have to be the leader, the responsible one.”

“Minho, that’s my responsibility.” He sighed heavily, “How can I expect to burden you?” He frowned deeply and shook his head, “I-I can’t! I can’t burden you Minho, without feeling guilty. It’s so sweet of you to offer.” He paused shifting slightly to sit more comfortably, “But it’s really unnecessary.” He nodded his head slowly. Minho was the last person he wanted to rely on, because he would never get over his crush properly if Minho was there for him.

“How can we burden you hyung? Don’t you think I feel guilty, telling you my troubles and knowing that you have to deal with everyone else’s too? That makes me feel bad too, so if you won’t let me help you, I’ll not burden you either!” Jinki’s eyes widened in surprise and he just blinked at Minho, wondering why he was being so difficult. It was just the way it had to be how could he be the leader and not support the other members.

“Minho.” Jinki sighed, sounding irritated; he was starting to get cold sitting there in his towel, “Minho. If I need someone to confide in, I have someone. I don’t think its right for it to be in someone in the group.” He gripped the edges of his towel together tightly, and he stood up planning to go over and open the door and ask Minho to leave. But before he had even taken a step Minho’s fingers grasped his wrist, and Jinki just froze in his tracks. His first reaction was to reach out and prise Minho’s fingers away, and he did so without thinking about what he was doing. Jinki reached out, pressing his other hand over top of Minho’s trying to peel his fingers away from his wrist.

Minho’s grip was firm, and Jinki suddenly realised that he was losing his hold on the towel. He yelped and let go out of Minho’s hand, reaching out to grab at his towel but somehow he missed it completely and the white towel began to slide down his hips. Jinki’s eyes widened and he made a last desperate attempt, leaning down to grab a hold of the towel but it slipped from his fingers landing in an undignified mess on the floor.


Jinki squeezed his eyes shut feeling mortified; he wished that shutting his eyes meant that Minho couldn’t see his bare butt. But he knew just because he couldn’t see Minho, it didn’t mean he couldn’t see him. He swallowed and quickly covered his ass with his hands, wondering what he was meant to do now. Standing there completely naked, what if someone else walked in, he only had two hands! He gulped and then tensed when he felt a hand press to his back, and something brushed against his neck, and then his hips. Jinki whimpered slightly, still squeezing his eyes shut, and he just felt so awkward feeling the brush of something strange against his back, and hips and shoulders.

“Hyung, it’s okay.”

Jinki opened one eye, frowning as he felt something around his waist, and he looked down to see that Minho was holding the towel around his body. His cheeks turned red as he looked up to see Minho standing next to him, his hand pressed against the towel, holding it up against his hip. Jinki quickly reached down, and he bit his lip as his fingers brushed against Minho’s, and he gripped the towel so tightly. He had no idea what he was meant to say, but he felt completely embarrassed and he looked down at the floor.

“Sorry… um, I’ll let you get changed.” Minho mumbled, and Jinki risked a glance up, blinking as he saw the taller boy’s cheeks looked slightly flushed and his voice sounded odd. He sounded flustered and Jinki paled, thinking that he must have scarred Minho with that view of his backside. He shuddered and just nodded his head as the older boy practically ran for the door, shutting it behind him firmly.

“Well…” Jinki blinked, “I don’t blame him.” He sighed and shook his head, before he walked over to the door and locked it. He decided then and there that he would lock the door from then on. “Poor Minho, he must be scarred by seeing me naked.” He sighed and then slumped down on the edge of the bath, somehow he felt worse now.


Jinki sighed as he sat down on the couch, trying not to notice how Minho shifted away slightly. He felt slightly annoyed, it was not like he asked Minho to come in the bathroom and talk to him. He frowned slightly, and glowered at the television, feeling some what relieved when Kibum came and squeezed in between the two. He figured that should make Minho feel better; he didn’t have to sit next to him anymore. But Jinki could’ve sworn that Minho kept looking at him, and he could not work it out at all.

“Onew-hyung, are you okay?” Kibum frowned as he poked Jinki in the side, making him wince from both the poke and being called ‘Onew’ again. He sighed and then just nodded his head; he did not feel like talking to anyone at the moment. The embarrassment from the bathroom incident was still fresh in his mind, and he did not want to talk with Minho right there.

“Onew-hyung! Onew-hyung!” Kibum whined, and went to poke Jinki again, but he just stood up and walked off. He did not see the surprised looks that Kibum and Minho shot him. Nor did he saw the shocked way Jonghyun and Taemin stared as he walked into the bedroom and slammed the door shut behind him. He knew he was being ridiculous but he had had enough. It was turning into a terrible day for him, and he just could not deal with being called ‘Onew-hyung’ on top of that embarrassing bathroom incident.

He leaned against the door breathing in deeply, and then feeling angrier when he heard the voices outside of the bedroom. No one understood, and he felt like there was no way he could tell Minho, or anyone else. So he had lied about having someone to confide in, but he knew Minho would not know that. He swallowed and gritted his teeth as he heard louder voices outside the door.

“Kibum what did you do to Onew-hyung?” That was Jonghyun, and then he heard other softer voices, speaking too quietly for him to hear. But he sighed and stepped away from the door, realising he felt weary. Sometimes he just wanted to be himself again, sometimes he just wanted to remember being the person who loved chicken, and loved to learn random facts. Sometimes he just wanted to lie on his bed and read, and pretend the outside world did not exist. Or that he lived in a world where he was just Jinki, and ordinary person. It was not that he disliked being famous, or singing or any of that, because he loved it. But sometimes he just wanted a break from the pressure and the expectations and “Onew”.

He lay on his bed, peacefully for five minutes until he heard a knock on the door. He rolled onto his side and ignored it, but then the knocking got louder. He sighed; he had acted abnormally and out of character for “Onew” so of course now they were all worried. He felt so stupid for over reacting, he should’ve just made some excuse to escape instead of making a scene like that. He sighed and shut his eyes as the knocking grew more persistent.

“Hyung! Onew-hyung, are you okay!”

He gritted his teeth and shook his head, even though they could not see it. Wincing, as he heard more knocking on the door. He was surprised they didn’t just open the door, but then he thought maybe Minho had told them about the earlier incident, and they were scared he was changing or something. He rolled his eyes and just slumped forward on his pillow.

“Onew-hyung, what’s going on? You’re starting to worry us! Onew-hyung, please answer!”

Jinki groaned and then sat up, feeling so pissed off, at how everyone was bugging him. He had had enough, could they not understand that he just wanted some peace and quiet. He sighed and then frowned across at the door, as he heard more knocks. He could hear someone muttering and the knocking stopped for a moment, but then it started up again.

“Onew-hyung, can’t you answer us please?”

“No!” Jinki finally shouted back, “And Onew isn’t my name!” He mumbled just loud enough for them to hear before he rolled onto his side and covered his head with his pillow. He sighed as it went silent finally, and he had the brilliant idea to get his iPod and then if they did come back he could just ignore them. He sighed as put the earphones in and put his pillow back over his head again.


Jinki started when he felt the bed shift and he groggily opened his eyes feeling disorientated and confused as he felt his pillow slide off his face. For a moment he wondered why the pillow was over his head, but then he remembered. He groaned and lifted his head wondering what the time was, and he looked up to see Minho sitting on the bed next to him. He looked down at his bed again, swallowing the lump in his throat; he didn’t expect to see him there.


Jinki didn’t look up he didn’t want to face Minho. He couldn’t face him, not yet anyways. It was too soon after that awful incident and plus he didn’t feel like facing anyone. He felt so angry because they always called Kibum by his real name, but he was always ‘Onew’. He just lay there, looking down at his pillow, wondering if he could hide his head under it again.

“Hyung.” Minho’s voice sounded strange to Jinki’s ears, it sounded strained, as if he was hurting. “Hyung, I know you told me earlier you had someone else to confide in? Well.” He paused and wet his lip with the tip of his tongue, “I don’t care because I know something is troubling you. And you’re going to tell me whether you like it or not.”

“Minho.” Jinki sighed heavily, pressing his face down into his pillow, and he wondered why Minho was being so stubborn about this. Why he was being so damn insistent, it really was not doing any good to Jinki’s head. “Minho… why are you being like this,” He frowned, burying his face in the pillow, tensing his body when he felt a hand touch his back lightly.

“Because.” Minho frowned and pressed his hand down harder against Jinki’s back. “Because I hate seeing you like this, I hate seeing you upset Jinki-hyung.” Jinki swallowed and his eyes opened, his lashes fluttering against the pillow as he heard Minho’s words and he was so shocked. “Jinki-hyung, I hate seeing you like this, so you’re going to talk to me whether you want to or not!”

“Hyung, you’re upset because we keep calling you Onew-hyung right?” Jinki froze and then he raised his head and he nodded it slowly, stunned that Minho had worked it out. Minho kept surprising him, and he wondered how he knew. “I thought so…” He sighed and sounded so sad but Jinki wished he could just hug him right then. “But you know what hyung… do you remember once on a show rehearsal that Taemin called you ‘Jinki-hyung’?” He looked over and Jinki nodded his head, frowning slightly.

“And then I accidentally did the same thing.” He paused again and Jinki nodded his head, not getting where this was going. “Well, right after that you had a meeting, and we got told off. We got told off for calling you Jinki-hyung on a rehearsal. We were basically told that we had to call you Onew-hyung from then on, and never Jinki-hyung.” Minho shifted on the bed, wriggling around a little.

“What,” Jinki leaned on his elbows, his embarrassment of being around Minho temporarily gone. He leaned over towards the taller boy, “Are… you serious!” He swallowed and felt like a complete idiot, and he wondered why no one had ever bothered to tell him. “Oh.” He muttered his cheeks going red as Minho nodded his head. “Well, I’m an idiot.”

“Hyung, don’t say that.”

Jinki gasped when he felt Minho’s arms slide around his torso, and he froze when he felt Minho hugging him, his chin pressing down against his shoulder. Jinki tried to breathe normally, but it was so damn hard with Minho right there, with his body pressed against him. He squeezed his eyes shut and just swallowed; his heart felt like it was going to burst out of his body.

“Don’t say things like that, how could you know,” Minho whispered, “But please, say you’ll let me be there for you, hyung? I want to make sure you’re okay.” He added in a soft voice, and Jinki felt like he was melting, and he shivered slightly, convinced that he must be dreaming. He was sure Minho was grossed out by him and yet there he was, with his arms around him hugging him. He swallowed and started to feel uncomfortable with the situation.

“I-I can’t stand this!” Minho whispered suddenly, and Jinki felt so sad for a second. He knew why Minho said that, he knew that Minho was only trying to be kind. Trying to be kind and caring even though he was so disgusted by Jinki because of what he had seen earlier.

“Minho, why… why are you hugging me?” Jinki gasped out softly, “Let go of me? I know I disgust you, so I don’t get why…” He trailed off, his eyes opening wider when Minho’s grip tightened even more, and he felt his head dip against his shoulder. He could feel Minho’s soft hair brushing on the back of his neck, and he shivered, feeling the desire growing inside his chest, a huge bubble and he was so scared. So scared Minho would find out how he felt and be even more grossed out.

“What?” Minho sounded surprised, “What hyung? Why would you even think you gross me out? Oh god, I really can’t stand this anymore!” He spoke louder, and Jinki could feel him shaking his head and he just felt angry, the bubble of desire bursting inside of him.

“Then let go of me!” He spoke angrily, shutting his eyes and pressing his face against the pillow.

“No, hyung you really don’t get it!” Minho sounded angry too, “You don’t disgust me.” Jinki could hear him gasping, breathing in so deeply it was audible. “I’m sorry hyung; you’re going to hate me, but… but hyung I really like you.” He shuddered slightly, and then spoke softer, so that Jinki had to strain to hear him. “I like you more than I should. I like you more than a friend, hyung, god, it’s so hard. Every time I see your smile, I just wish I could kiss you. I’m so sorry, I know it’s inappropriate, but please just let me help you.” Minho mumbled, sounding so shy and insecure.

Jinki just lay there stunned for a few moments, processing Minho’s words and even after he thought about them over and over. He still could not believe it was true; he shook his head, and just lay there until he felt Minho moving away. Jinki blinked his eyes rapidly, his heart pounding and it was only when he realised he couldn’t feel Minho near him that he looked around.

“Sorry hyung, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable,” Minho whispered and he sounded so hurt, Jinki just stared up at him, surprised, watching as he walked over to the door to leave the room. “I guess… it was unexpected.” He swallowed, “but I promise if you confide in me… I-I’ll be professional. It just hurts to think that you have no one to confide in. I’d just like to be able to help you, at least in some little way.” Minho gripped the doorknob so tight his knuckles went white, “Sorry, I’ll um give you some space because I freaked you out.”

“No, wait Minho,” Jinki turned over and sat up facing Minho, “Don’t go.” Jinki nervously looked up at the door, hoping that Minho would not walk out. “You did… surprise me.” He coughed and looked down shyly at his hands resting stiffly in his lap. “But… not in a bad way, I was just surprised because I thought… I disgusted you or something.”

“I don’t know why,” Minho frowned and just shook his head looking confused, “you’d even think that. Why would I be disgusted,” He blinked and then let go of the door, walking a few steps closer to where Jinki sat on the bed, he stood there staring down at the older boy who was too nervous to meet his glance. “Hyung.”

“Because… because of…” Jinki swallowed and studied the floor as if it was the most interesting thing he had ever see, “Because of earlier in the bathroom! I’m sorry for that…” He gulped and gripped the edge of the blanket, “Do you really like me? Do you really like… me?” He asked a moment later, lifting his face up, and Minho couldn’t help but smile as he saw how shy and shocked Jinki looked. He looked as if he could not believe it and it just made Minho want to hug him until he believed it.

“Yes.” Minho’s grin widened and he stepped over to the bed, dropping to his knees in front of Jinki, “Yeah I do? How do you… feel about me?” Minho asked itching to hug Jinki in his arms, but he just sat there, waiting for some kind of response because he did not want to freak him out. Minho pressed his slightly damp palms down against his thighs, trying to sit still but it was difficult when he just wanted to attack the older boy.

“Oh, are… you sure,” Jinki leaned forward, staring curiously at Minho’s face, and he blinked his eyes rapidly, looking like he was studying him intently. Minho’s eyes widened and he nodded his head quickly, surprised at Jinki’s reaction. “But… you seemed grossed out earlier?” Jinki frowned, “And… just how could you like me, I just don’t see how it’s possible!” He frowned and scrunched up his face, as he continued to ramble softly, “I mean… you’re so gorgeous and perfect. I’m just a clumsy twit, why would someone like you, like me?” He cocked his head to one side and frowned, and Minho wondered if Jinki was even aware that he was talking aloud, because it seemed more like he was talking to himself more than to Minho.

“Hyung,” Minho got up slowly and moved, so that he was sitting next to Jinki on the bed, because it felt awkward kneeling in front of him on the floor. “Hyung, did you mean to say that to me?” He frowned, “And hyung, I’m not perfect, I think you’re more perfect than me.” He smiled, as he saw Jinki’s eyes widen and he started to blush. “You’re not a clumsy twit; I think you’re adorable and gorgeous.”

“Oh shit!” Jinki covered his mouth with his palm, “Did… I really say that aloud?” Minho nodded his head, and then he just couldn’t take it anymore. He just leaned over and wrapped his arm around Jinki’s shoulders, and he pulled him in close. “Minho?” Jinki sort of yelped as Minho’s arms settled around him, and he was pulled against his chest. Jinki swallowed as rested against Minho’s firm chest, and he smelt so good, he shut his eyes and just breathed in deeply.

“Hyung, you never told me if you liked me back,” Minho murmured, his words vibrating against Jinki’s body, and gently Jinki hugged Minho back. “I uh kind of assumed you like me back.” Minho added, smiling as he pressed his chin to the top of Jinki’s head, his fingers stroking his back lightly. Minho hoped that he was right, that Jinki did like him back.


Taemin rolled his eyes as he saw Jonghyun and Kibum sitting outside the bedroom door, he could hear them arguing from here. He sighed and got up, walking soundlessly over to them, and then he poked both of them in the shoulders. Jonghyun frowned up at Taemin, looking annoyed at being disturbed, and Kibum just continued to stare at the door.

“What?” Jonghyun sighed, “What do you want Taemin?”

“Uh… maybe you guys should move,” Taemin frowned as he shifted from one foot to the other, “You’ve been sitting out here for ages. Why don’t you give them some space,” He frowned as he nudged Kibum’s shoulder again, “And they can probably hear you,” He added when Kibum frowned at him, looking as if he had just noticed Taemin was there.

“But!” Jonghyun whined up at Taemin, his lower lip trembling in a pout, “But what are they talking about? What’s going on in there? I just want to know!”

“Hyung.” Taemin crossed his arms in front of his chest, “acting cute will not work for me!” He frowned, “I think… Onew-hyung was pretty upset? I’m sure Minho-hyung was just trying to make him feel better.” He shrugged, “I think we should give them some space.” He nodded his head firmly, and Jonghyun glared up at him and then sighed.

“Taemin.” Kibum touched the dancer’s leg, “But… we want to know what’s going on in there!” He frowned, “The way… Minho told us to piss off, that he had to talk Onew-hyung alone! I don’t know, didn’t it seem like something was going on?” He looked from Taemin to Jonghyun, “The way he said they could not be disturbed.”

“No!” Both Taemin and Jonghyun replied at the same time, looking confused. “What?” Jonghyun murmured a moment later, “I just thought Minho was trying to cheer him up since you probably upset him.” He shrugged his shoulders, wincing a moment later when Kibum hit him in the arm. “What was that for?” He practically shouted, “You’re always hitting me! Where is your respect?”

Kibum rolled his eyes, “Uh that went out the window the first time I saw you in those pink heart boxers.” He smirked, and Taemin just groaned, “I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re cute, but uh yeah I was still surprised you wore such things!” He grinned as Jonghyun stared across at him with surprise.

“What is wrong with them?” Jonghyun practically growled, “at least I don’t have a collection of pink underwear, like you do!” He smirked as he pointed at Kibum, “I only have the one pair of heart boxers, but you, you practically have a whole drawer of them!”

“Uh, forget it?” Taemin swallowed and started to walk away quickly, he didn’t need to hear them talking about their underwear.

“What? But Jjong, you know I bought those because you said you liked me in pink?” Kibum frowned, “So you can’t say that!” He smirked, “You had those pink heart boxers before we even got together, and I only started buying those pink thongs because you said it was sexy!” He frowned, “So basically hyung it just suggests that you like pink.” He grinned triumphantly.

Taemin groaned and slipped out of the front door, he did not need to hear anymore of their discussion. It disturbed him how they would discuss anything and everything in front of him. Sometimes it really was just too much information.


“Hyung.” Minho frowned and pulled back, Jinki still had not answered him. He pouted and stopped hugging Jinki. Jinki was still resting against his chest, and for a moment he thought he had gone to sleep there, because his eyes were shut. Minho sighed softly and then went to move Jinki, planning to lie him down so he could sleep. “Guess you did not hear any of that?” He leaned down and kissed Jinki’s forehead lightly. “You must be tired.”

“Minho, I heard you.” Minho almost fell back when he heard Jinki’s voice, and he swore softly. “I’m sorry… I uh was thinking what to say.” Jinki pouted and he shifted back from Minho, he rubbed at his cheek nervously. “I like you too.” He bit his lip, “I never… thought you’d like me back. I never thought it was possible, are you sure you like me?” He frowned across at Minho, looking like he still did not believe him.

“Yes.” Minho frowned, wondering why Jinki was being so stubborn; it made him want to show him exactly how much he liked him. He grinned as brushed Jinki’s fringe back, “Hyung shut your eyes.” Jinki frowned up at him, looking confused for a moment and then he nodded his head and shut his eyes. Minho smirked, and then he sucked in a deep breath before he leaned in close. Minho smiled as he saw Jinki’s shut eyelashes, and the way he looked so confused, he had no idea of what was going on.

Minho leaned in close and then he just pressed his lips gently to Jinki’s lips, his heart rate increasing rapidly as he kissed him gently. It was just a peck on the lips, and he pulled back and started to cover Jinki’s face with innocent kisses. He reached up and stroked Jinki’s neck, as he kissed the tip of his nose, and when he pulled back, the older boy’s eyes were open, and he looked stunned.

“Hyung.” Minho bit down into his lip, “was that enough, or do I need to show you more?” He asked, keeping his face close to Jinki’s. He couldn’t stop smiling as he saw Jinki’s adorable and shocked expression, and he stroked his thumb across his cheek lightly. Jinki just blinked his eyes slowly, and then he slowly shook his head.

“No.” Jinki sounded startled and surprised, “I think you need to um…” He licked his lips nervously, his eyes darting from Minho’s lips to his eyes and then down to his lips again. “Show me again.” He whispered, tilting his head towards Minho’s, his lips curving up slightly into a smile.

Minho just grinned and nodded his head; he hoped Jinki would respond that way. He slid his thumb down Jinki’s cheek, tilting his head slightly before he leaned in and pressed his lips to the older boys. Minho slowly moved his lips against the other boys, feeling so happy that he was kissing him. He felt Jinki’s arms tighten around his waist, and he clung to him, savouring the way Jinki felt against him, enjoying the way he tasted and felt.

“Mmm hyung.” Minho murmured when he pulled away, and he shut his eyes, smiling happily. He opened his mouth to say something else but then Jinki kissed his cheek lightly. Minho was so surprised he opened his eyes, to see Jinki leaning in close, and he kissed his chin, his other cheek and then his forehead. “Hyung.” Minho couldn’t stop smiling, because affectionate Jinki made him feel insanely happy. “You’re so sweet, hyung.”

“Me?” Jinki frowned as he pressed his head against Minho’s chest, rubbing his face against his t-shirt as Minho’s arms slid around his waist. “I think you’re the sweet one, not me.” He smiled as he clung to Minho, “still can’t believe you like me?” He whispered, “I’m the luckiest person in the world.” He added a moment later hugging Minho tightly.

“No, I’m the luckiest person in the world, because you like me!” Minho corrected, patting Jinki’s back, “And because you’re mine.” He grinned, as he felt Jinki shift against his chest, “You have to confide in me from now on, okay? No hiding anything from me!” Minho smirked, and then he grinned, “Oh and uh that includes everything.”

“Everything,” Jinki tilted his face so he could look up at Minho, “What exactly do you mean by that?”

“Everything.” Minho repeated, and he licked his lips, “I uh… wouldn’t mind seeing what I saw earlier again.” He whispered feeling a little perverted for saying such a thing, and he looked down to see that Jinki still hadn’t worked out what he meant. “Towels are overrated.” Minho added a moment later, and he grinned as Jinki’s mouth formed a circle and then he started to turn very red.

“No um, towels aren’t overrated!” Jinki frowned, “And uh no way, Minho!” He pulled back, sitting up right away, “No… no way!” Minho pouted hearing that and Jinki swallowed and then mumbled, “At… least… not um yet.” Jinki was still as red as a tomato, and Minho grinned triumphantly, “Not uh for a while yet.” He added with a nod of his head and Minho laughed softly.

“Hyung, I meant later, it’s just that I really… enjoyed the view.” He laughed again as he saw Jinki turn and he buried his face against his pillow with embarrassment. “Jinki-hyung, don’t hide.” He pouted and then covered Jinki’s body with his own, stretching over him, “Aww hyung, I love you, you’re so cute.” He murmured pinching his cheeks and then he leaned in and kissed his cheek.

“I’m not cute!” Jinki proceeded to press his face into his pillow further, wriggling when he felt Minho’s fingers stroking his hair softly. He sulked slightly when he felt Minho laugh softly and then he kissed the nape of his neck, “Minho, I’m not cute!” He whined, biting down so he didn’t moan when Minho’s fingers slid across his skin following close by his lips.

“Yes you are!” Minho smirked and kissed Jinki’s shoulder, he lifted his face to kiss his other shoulder, pressing one hand down to grope Jinki’s ass, making him whimper slightly. “Sorry hyung.” Minho smirked, “but you know I’ve wanted to do that for a-“ He cut off when he heard a soft cough, and he turned his head around, freezing as he saw Kibum and Jonghyun peering in the door.

“Ha!” Kibum pointed right at Minho, who was scrambling up from where he had been sprawled across Jinki, and his cheeks turned red. Kibum turned to look at Jonghyun, “See I told you there was something going on!” He smirked as he turned back to see Minho standing there looking nervously, “I was right, Jjong, you owe me!” Jonghyun paled and then nodded his head.

“Um… couldn’t you guys have knocked?” Minho asked as he stood in front of Jinki, as if to shield him. Jinki stiffened and kept his head pressed against his pillow; he finally lifted his head and looked cautiously around Minho, his cheeks turning red too as he saw how amused Kibum looked. Jonghyun winked over Jinki when he saw him looking around.

“Yeah, but then we wouldn’t have caught you.” He laughed and licked his lips softly, “it was much better to catch you groping hyung’s ass.” He added with another louder laugh, and Jinki paled and then groaned, burying his face against the pillow again. “So how long has this been going on for?” He asked a moment later, and Minho just frowned across at him.

“I mean, don’t think I missed all the glances you two have been shooting each other.” Kibum rolled his eyes, “You guys are as subtle as a brick.” He shook his head slowly, waving Jonghyun away when he pressed his hand to Kibum’s arm. “So… how long have you been hiding this for?” He asked again, looking almost angry.

“We haven’t been hiding anything.” Minho spoke calmly, “We just got together, so fuck off Kibum, and let me spend some time with hyung.” He pointed at the door, and Jonghyun tugged on Kibum’s arm lightly, before he started to drag him away. Minho rolled his eyes as he heard Jonghyun muttering about how he was sure they could find something fun to do in the other bedroom.

“Minho,” Jinki lifted his head up again, “Thank you.” He mumbled smiling as Minho came over, and he hugged him. He smiled when Minho pulled back and looked into his eyes, and then he leaned forward capturing Jinki’s lips against his own. It felt so good to be able to just kiss Jinki, to finally be able to do that.

“Mmm…” Minho murmured when they stopped kissing sometime later, “hyung, why are you thanking me?”

“Because Minho,” Jinki snuggled against Minho, “you’re so supportive?” He murmured reaching up to trace Minho’s lips with his fingers. “I won’t hide anything from you.” He added with a slight nod of his head, and Minho grinned feeling happy. He didn’t think it was possible to feel happier, and he wanted to get up and dance around the room to celebrate. But at the same time he was insanely happy with Jinki pressed up against him, his arms around his waist, and his head resting on his shoulder. Minho smiled and patted Jinki’s shoulder, hugging him tighter, leaning down to kiss the top of his head again.


does anyone know where I got the title from? ^^

Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, pairing: tofuho, rating: pg-13
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