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Title: intoxication
Author: argh (@ onho)
Rating: NC-17
Length: 6,318 words
Pairing: TofuHo
Summary: uhhhh Jinki perves and then Minho & Jinki have sex? 8D It's pretty much a PWP... it's kind of weird... this is a fic idea that JC and I talked about months ago? And it sat on my harddrive (rotting) for months^^;
Warnings: General weirdness? D: Crossdressing? XDD terrible smut D: I think of this as the worst smut I've written in a while ._.
Dedications: for eijifujiryoma because together we came up with the idea ^^ and it seemed like a good time to post it while you're stuck in hospital :/! Also for ryukilla who has been craving smut :/ sorry if this doesn't live up to your expectations .__. coz the smut kind of sucks >.<

And thanks to olebade ♥ for beta-ing this for me! :D


TofuHo (with slight HyunMin?! 8D)


Jinki coughed slightly as he sorted the stack of papers on his desk; shuffling them neatly and then placing them down on the desk. He was trying to keep himself occupied until the new nurse showed up, and he glanced up at the clock often. He pretended to be engrossed in studying his schedule as the time ticked by slowly and he felt himself getting more and more impatient (but also excited). He sighed and was about to phone through to Gwiboon to ask her if the new nurse was there yet when he heard a knock on the door.

Jinki swallowed and leapt up immediately. He almost tripped as he ran to the door, his body revealing his eagerness to meet the new nurse. He wiped his sweaty palms together nervously; trying to ignore the laughter he could hear from the other room. He reached forward to grip the doorknob, but the door swung open, narrowly missing his face, and he looked up nervously. His jaw dropped as he stared at the ‘nurse’ that stood there. He blinked his eyes rapidly before he dropped his gaze lower.

“Um, hi. You must be the new nurse? I’m Doctor Lee.” he managed to stutter out nervously. The words sounded stiff, fake, and just weird to his ears. The whole situation started to seem slightly ridiculous to Jinki, and he wondered how on earth he had agreed to it. He couldn’t help but wonder why he was doing this – why they were doing this – but the longer he stood there, he found that his thoughts were slowly being pulled away from wondering how he got himself into this mess and instead finding himself drawn to the nurse.

He struggled to keep his gaze on the nurse’s handsome face and keep his hands to himself. He also struggled to keep his gaze away from the incredibly short, tight dress the nurse was wearing. Jinki coughed, suddenly feeling hot and sweaty. He was sure it was not the same outfit that Gwiboon was wearing, and he tried not to study the long, slender, gorgeous legs that were accentuated by the fishnet stockings and garters. He sucked in a deep breath and lifted his gaze up, missing the way the tall nurse smirked down at him.

“Hi,” The nurse smiled and winked down at Jinki, twirling her long curly hair around her finger. “I’m Min Ji.” She trailed off, shifting slightly, and Jinki stared after hearing the name. “So where do you want me?” she asked with another wink and a smirk that made Jinki start choking and coughing. Jinki cleared his throat, deciding that he was going to kill Gwiboon. How was he meant to do anything with this gorgeous, giant, hot nurse? He sucked in a deep breath and told himself to be calm.

“Um, I think,” Jinki fidgeted with his shirt, “You should talk to Gwiboon-ssi about the, um, length of your dress.” Jinki mumbled, his cheeks turning bright red. He could hear more laughter coming through the open door. He turned back to see Min Ji eyeing the length of her dress and pouting. Jinki shuddered slightly before he forced himself to look away, his heart pounding so fast he knew he had to get out of his situation quickly.

“You didn’t say where you wanted me.” Min Ji mumbled softly, her deep voice sounded all husky and rough, and it sent shivers down Jinki’s spine. He coughed and tried not to think about how that sounded, and he tried to stop thinking too hard. He opened his mouth to speak when Gwiboon appeared in the doorway, her eyes narrowed down in annoyance as she stared in at Jinki and the new nurse. She tapped her manicured nails against the door to get the doctor’s attention.

“Doctor Lee, your next patient is here! Shall I send her in?” she snapped, sounding grumpy as she adjusted her dress. It was, thankfully, slightly longer than Min Ji’s, but Jinki still choked slightly as he stared in disbelief. Gwiboon’s eyes narrowed down in anger and Jinki quickly nodded his head, groaning softly as she left to call the patient.

“So, Doctor?” He turned to see Min Ji was standing close and smiling down at him, still twirling a finger around her hair and posing as if she were a model and not a nurse. Jinki’s eyes were immediately drawn to the long legs and the calf muscles. He gulped and wondered if those legs were as smooth as they looked. He wondered how it would feel to touch those legs. He shuddered and tried to look away. “You don’t like the length of my dress?” She blinked innocently and then pouted, looking hurt and upset. Jinki opened and shut his mouth, wanting to explain that it wasn’t that he disliked it, but rather it was too distracting. But he found his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth, and as Min Ji continued to stare at him, – those large doe brown eyes staring woefully at him – he found his face turning flaming red.

A cough made Jinki turn. His eyes widened as he saw a young girl with reddish curls in a school uniform standing there. Jinki grinned, realising this was his first patient for the day. He couldn’t help but think the patient was adorable, and he resisted the urge to pinch her cheeks. He held out his hand, indicating for the girl to sit down on the examination bed and Min Ji pouted slightly as Jinki’s attention was taken away from her.

“Hi, I’m Taeyoon.” She smiled as she sat down on the examination bed. “I think I have a broken arm.” she pouted slightly and thrust out her arm. Jinki leaned in close and touched her skinny arm carefully. Jinki saw a movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned, still holding Taeyoon’s arm, his eyes widening in shock as he saw Min Ji bend down, giving him a perfect view of her ass and firm slender thighs. Jinki gulped nervously, his fingers unconsciously gripped Taeyoon’s arm tighter and twisted it out at an awkward angle. Taeyoon hissed and tried to pull her arm back, but Jinki blinked and just kept staring as Min Ji bent down to reach for a bandage. The dress barely covered her ass, and Jinki could see almost all of the muscular thighs. He shivered as he stared, feeling desire pool in his lower belly.


Jinki blinked as he saw Min Ji staring at him in surprise. “You’re hurting Taeyoon-ssi! And stop perving at me!” Min Ji snapped, making Jinki’s eyes widen in shock. He paled immediately, turning to face the patient and almost falling flat on his face in the process. He felt all sweaty and light headed and he was sure he was turning bright red now. He struggled to focus. He quickly let go of Taeyoon’s arm, noticing that she was laughing at him.

“Sorry, Taeyoon-ssi.” Jinki mumbled shyly and looked down, trying to avoid looking at Min Ji. He grabbed the bandages and started to wrap them around Taeyoon’s arm. “Um, it’s not broken, it’s just a sprain.” he mumbled, saying the first thing he could think of. He was so distracted he ended up wrapping Taeyoon’s entire arm up in the bandage, coughing as he did so. His fingers trembled as he tried to focus on the bandage and not on how damn hot the nurse was.

“It’s okay.” Taeyoon replied softly, staring down in surprise as Jinki covered her arm in a messily wrapped bandage. She smoothed down her school uniform skirt with one hand, watching the doctor intently and grinning up at the tall nurse, who smirked back at her. “Thank you, Doctor.” Taeyoon grinned as she got up quickly, and before Jinki could protest, she left the room, shutting the door firmly behind her. Jinki was finding it hard to breathe, and he felt incredibly flustered and nervous. He could not understand why he felt so strange, but he did.

“Doc, are you okay?” Min Ji asked softly, blinking her eyes carefully down at Jinki. He gulped nervously trying not to look at her. He could not risk looking at her because it was just too sexy. He had laughed when they had talked about it because he hadn’t realised how sexy it would be. He stepped backward, seeing how the nurse was slowly advancing towards him. “I think you need to sit down.” she said softly. She stepped closer and smiled sweetly down at the nervous doctor, who was sweating and going red again.

“Uh… no, I’m fine!” Jinki whimpered. “Gwiboon!” he called out loudly, stepping back against the examination bed. “Gwiboon please send in my next patient! Please?” he begged groaning softly as Min Ji leaned over him, pressing him back against the edge of the bed. Jinki tried to keep his hands at his sides, but as Min Ji leaned in closer, he reached forward grabbing at her hips. His fingers shook as he rubbed them against slender hips.

“Ugh.” Jinki panted softly, pressing his hands lower. “I can’t stand it anymore… I can’t stand this anymore…” he mumbled softly, shutting his eyes as he felt Min Ji’s breath waft across his neck. He slid his fingers up slender, smooth thighs, cupping the tight ass, and slowly brought one hand forward to cup the growing arousal restrained by the lace panties. “God, Minho.” Jinki groaned as the taller boy gripped his body and lifted him onto the bed. Jinki stroked Minho’s legs again, shivering as he rubbed his fingertips against the satiny smooth skin. He was amazed at how good they felt with no hair.

“Yes, Doctor?” Minho grinned as he spread Jinki’s legs, stepping between them. “You want me don’t you?” Minho purred softly as he pushed Jinki’s knees further apart, pulling him forward so that their crotches brushed. Jinki hissed and arched his head back as their growing erections pressed together. He could feel bliss building up inside his groin, liquid fire filling his insides hotly. He groaned and wrapped his legs loosely around Minho’s waist, edging forward slightly so he could feel Minho’s cock rub against his again. Each touch made his head swim and it was hard not to jerk forward and just moan and beg for more.

“You can’t resist me, can you?” Minho smirked as he leaned in and nipped on Jinki’s ear lobe, his teeth sinking into the flesh. Jinki groaned as Minho’s tongue slid hotly down his ear. He felt as if he was going to explode. The way Minho lapped at his ear with that hot, warm, moist tongue turned Jinki’s limbs to jelly, and he could just imagine that feather soft caress lower, that tongue lapping further south. He shuddered and yelped as Minho’s fingers trailed down the zipper of his trousers, making him sweat and squirm under his touches.

“No… Minho… fuck no… we can’t!” Jinki panted, his chest heaving as Minho unzipped his pants, his lips still sucking and biting his ear. He shivered and tilted his head back, arching into the touches. His eyes slid shut as the ecstasy knotted around his limbs, trapping him in this exquisite web of euphoria. He felt so turned on. He never imagined that Minho, in stockings and a nurse’s tight dress, would be so damn hot.

“I need you!” He groaned and half sat up, touching the satiny material of Minho’s smock. He tugged it up, sliding it up Minho’s torso and sliding it off. Minho smirked and pulled back, sighing in relief as he took the tight lace panties and stockings down. He was going to get Kibum back for this outfit, but first he was going to fuck Jinki’s brains out. He felt so much better now that he was naked, and now all he could think about was undressing Jinki and ravaging him completely.

He climbed onto the bed, kneeling while he wrestled with Jinki’s trousers and underwear, and smirking when he dumped them unceremoniously on the floor. Jinki was slumped on his back, his eyes half shut and his shirt covered his torso, but Minho still enjoyed the view. He licked his lips as he stared at Jinki’s firm thighs and the way the end of his shirt was held up by his erection, half hiding him from Minho’s eyes, but at the same time, teasing him by offering a sneak peek of what was under the shirt.

Minho thought it was a beautiful sight, and he groaned as Jinki let out a soft moan, his eye lashes fluttering as he looked down at him. He looked so needy and desperate, and that turned Minho on even more. His cock felt so heavy, and he swallowed, wanting Jinki badly. The way Jinki’s dark eyes were full of desire, and the way he gasped so loudly, his chest heaving with the effort, sent waves of desire running straight though Minho’s limbs to his cock. Each time Jinki breathed, it seemed to fan his desire even more.

Minho slipped forward and spread Jinki’s legs, lifting his hips and he pulled the singer’s body forward so that he was raised over his lap. Minho licked his lips as he glanced down at Jinki’s body, liking the way his legs were spread on either side of his hips and the way his cock was thrust up so beautifully with his shirt barely managing to cover it. Minho couldn’t take his eyes away from the sight of Jinki in front of him. He kept tracing his body with his eyes, his fingers itching to touch Jinki everywhere. After a few seconds, he gulped and smiled as he looked down at the older boy, his fingers digging into his thighs desperately, making Jinki tremble as he was hoisted on him.

Minho pressed his hands firmly down Jinki’s thighs, sliding them down his inner thighs, his touches so light and teasing that Jinki shook slightly. His eyes widening as he moaned across at Minho. He slowly stroked his hands across the milky skin, biting down into his lip as Jinki’s lips parted and he let out low, deep moans that seemed to vibrate right through Minho’s thighs and headed straight for his core. Minho couldn’t help but groan, his fingers digging into Jinki’s body as he pulled him higher, settling him over top of his cock. He shuddered slightly as Jinki’s butt pressed against the head of his cock, making his head reel slightly, and he sucked in a deep breath, feeling the zing of adrenaline and ecstasy filling his bloodstream.

Jinki groaned as Minho’s cock rubbed against his ass, making his head spin from friction. He wanted more, he needed more, he thought as he reached for the taller boy’s body. Jinki need to touch Minho, he needed to stroke those soft, smooth, freshly waxed legs. He felt so turned on as Minho dug his nails into his hips. It hurt, but it felt so insanely good. He moaned softly as the taller boy continued to rub his cock against his ass. The friction made his head spin and he gasped out, finding it hard to breathe as Minho’s cock continued to rub against him. Each thrust made his body shake with building, teasing elation. He was aware of nothing but the delicious feel of Minho’s cock thrusting against his ass.

“Mmm…” Minho groaned as he thrust his cock against Jinki’s ass slower, concentrating on rolling his hips in slow even motions designed to unravel the older boy. He shuddered as he felt Jinki’s firm ass rubbing against his cock, arching his head back as Jinki moaned again. Each sound made his whole body throb with desire. He cupped Jinki’s ass with his fingers, rocking him harder against him and shuddering as Jinki moaned louder, his body shuddering as Minho thrust their bodies together firmly. It felt so good the way they collided together, the way their bodies fit together. Jinki’s moans went straight to his cock, making his cock throb so badly he knew he couldn’t last much longer.

Jinki lay there, his head jerking from side to side, his eyes half lidded and his lips parted, and the sheen of sweat making his skin glisten. Minho breathed in deeply, noticing how flushed with pleasure Jinki’s face was, and the way he licked his lips with his tongue, sliding it slowly along the edge of his lips in such careful motions. Minho found himself mimicking Jinki’s motions, slowly tracing the outside of his own lips with his tongue, his fingers creeping inwards on Jinki’s hips. He sucked in a deep breath and tugged Jinki’s shirt up, revealing his erection standing proud, pre come beaded across the top.

Minho felt his mouth water as he took in the sight. He lifted the shirt further, revealing the smooth, lightly defined muscles of his stomach. His fingers slid along the faint lines of muscle, making Jinki whimper, his brown eyes stared up so desperately at Minho. He sucked in a deep breath, digging his other hand into Jinki’s hip. His brain felt as if it was breaking down. He rocked his hips up hard, his erection thrusting hard against Jinki’s body. He wanted him so badly, he couldn’t help but think, Screw the others, or rather, I’m going to screw Jinki and pretend the others… well, they can go to hell or something.

Minho licked his lips and pushed Jinki away from him, ignoring the whimpers the other boy let out as he flipped him over onto his stomach. Jinki blinked in surprise as he was suddenly flipped over. He attempted to roll back, but Minho’s hands pushed down on his lower back, effectively holding him in place. Jinki moaned as his erection was rubbed against the bed heavily, his anticipation growing as Minho spread his legs further apart. It hurt the way Minho pushed him down, his erection rubbing painfully against the bed, and the way he forced his legs apart so roughly. Jinki felt a sick sense of excitement building and he blinked, gasping heavily, as he felt Minho moving behind him. He swallowed and sucked in deep breaths, feeling so turned on and so damn desperate.

Jinki shuddered as he felt Minho’s hands trailing up his thighs, his legs twitching from the contact and he rolled his body up, desperate to feel Minho against him. Jinki squeezed his eyes shut and bit back a moan as the taller boy pressed his hips down on top of him. His body all sweaty and heavy as Minho’s body curled against him, his chest pressed against Jinki’s shirt. He sucked in a deep breath as Minho’s erection pressed in firmly against his ass. Jinki shuddered, feeling so weak with need. He groaned softly, twitching as he felt Minho’s body so teasingly close to his. He groaned loudly, arching his back up and jerking his hips back against Minho, he needed him now. He shuddered again as Minho’s fingers inched down his body. His brain felt like it was going to explode if Minho didn’t hurry and take him.

Minho grinned and pressed a chain of kisses down Jinki’s neck. He slipped one hand against his ass and forced it into the older boy. Jinki hissed, groaning as Minho pressed his finger into him. The dry finger hurt, and he shivered as Minho bit the back of his neck, as if to say, “I might have been wearing a sexy nurse outfit moments ago, but I still top you, hyung.” Jinki pressed his sweaty palms to the sheets, rolling his hips up as Minho’s finger pressed deeper. It hurt. It hurt so badly, but Jinki liked the pain. He liked how Minho could make him hurt so much and then, in an instant, turn that searing pain into flickers of ecstasy. His body was filled with tearing pain, and then in one roll of his hips, he flipped the pain into this amazing euphoric high.

Jinki squeezed his eyes shut, feeling tears form in his eyes as Minho pressed two fingers into him, thrusting them hard and deep into him. It burned so much, but he could not stop himself from rocking up into the touch. It hurt so much, it hurt so deeply, but he wanted more, he needed more pain, more rapture, more Minho. He could never get enough Minho. He whined as Minho continued to thrust his fingers into him causing pain and minute flickers of ecstasy to scissor along his insides.

He whimpered slightly as Minho bit down hard into his shoulder, eliciting a whine from Jinki as his teeth tugged on his flesh, his shirt being shoved out of the way. He bit his shoulder again, before he pressed his mouth down and sucking hard on the red bitten skin. Minho sucked softer on the spot before he started to suck gently on another spot on Jinki’s shoulder. His lips and mouth moved eagerly across his flushed skin, and he smiled as he eyed the red bitten flesh. He lowered his mouth and began to suck again, his eyes shutting as Jinki moaned. His moans sounded like music to Minho’s ears. Jinki whimpered as Minho’s mouth and fingers continued to send jolts of pain across his body. He curled his fingers harder into the sheets, rocking his hips down painfully into the mattress.

He felt relieved as Minho pulled his fingers out, the pain retreating away for a moment. His head felt heavy and he felt adrenaline and euphoria slide through his limbs in an intoxicating mix. He bit down into his lip, shuddering slightly as he felt the head of Minho’s cock sliding against his entrance. Minho’s body flush against his own, the heat of his skin rubbing against Jinki’s body, making his head swim in a heady haze of growing elation.

He groaned loudly, unable to stop himself from jerking up and panting heavily as Minho began to push into him. He knew he was sick. He knew it was wrong to want it so much, but Minho drove him crazy. The way he fucked him, so hard and rough, it just felt so good. He knew it meant nothing to Minho, but Jinki could not stop himself from letting the younger boy do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Never mind that sometimes he could barely walk days after. Never mind that Minho was always so rough with him. It didn’t stop him from wanting Minho in some sick way it made him want Minho even more.

He was sweating and gasping heavily by the time Minho had filled him completely. It hurt so much, but at the same time, his heart was pounding with so much need. The pain and the pleasure twisting inside him felt so good. He groaned and arched his back, shuddering as he felt Minho push himself in that little bit deeper so that it seemed as if they really were one. He groaned and slumped forward, his heart pumping like crazy because he loved it when Minho pushed in that far. He loved it when it was hard to tell where he started and where he ended, when it felt like Minho was a part of him.

“Ha! Even though Minho was wearing the dress…” Jinki tried to tune out the loud voices coming from the other room. “We all know he’s probably fucking Jinki’s brains out right now. Horny fuckers can’t keep their hands off each other!” He could hear Jonghyun joking, and Jinki had the feeling that hearing such words should dampen his desires, but somehow, he could feel it raging throughout his body in strong gusts.

He whimpered again as he felt Minho’s teeth dig into his shoulder and his hands gripped his hips tightly. Jinki sucked in a deep breath as he felt Minho pull back, feeling his cock slide out of him almost completely. He buried his face into the sheet, his heart pounding faster and faster. Jinki moaned loudly, shuddering as he felt Minho holding his hips up awkwardly before the taller boy slammed into him. His cock thrusting deeply into him, Jinki groaned, feeling this intense bundle of pain and pleasure shuddering into him. He shivered and gasped repeatedly, his hips feeling like they would give way if they weren’t being held in place.

Minho shuddered as he thrust into Jinki, the friction and his tightness felt so amazing. He groaned as he thrust into him again. Jinki made him go crazy and lose control completely. Occasionally, he felt guilty, but usually the high was too intense for him to feel any guilt. The way Jinki always moaned so loudly and jerked up spasmodically against him only urged him on more. The way Jinki’s body felt against his, and the way he moved against him, it felt heavenly.

He groaned as Jinki’s whimpers filled his ears. He gripped his hips harder, snapping his hips forward to slam into the other boy. It felt so damn good; Minho didn’t think he would ever be sick of this, it felt almost addictive. Jinki’s tight heat, wrapped in a vice around his cock, he didn’t think anything could feel better; nothing could top this. He shuddered as he continued to thrust hard into Jinki, his rapture flooding him as Jinki continued to writhe under him. His hips rolled up to meet each of Minho’s thrusts, and Minho bit down into Jinki’s shoulder again before he slid his tongue across the tender skin, loving how Jinki twisted his shoulders up, resting on his arms to get closer to Minho’s mouth.

Jinki shuddered, giving into the agony as Minho continued to thrust hard into him. His motions were slow and controlled but sent shocks of hurt filled desire coursing through Jinki’s fevered body. Minho’s hips moved in slow, drawn out thrusts that made Jinki sweat as pain and ecstasy pulsated through his skin in a sweaty, heady mix, making him feel completely high. He gasped, arching his torso up as Minho continued to thrust deeply into him, going so slowly it felt like pure torture. Each thrust was long and painfully slow, making Jinki hurt, but at the last second there was a twinge of building bliss.

Each thrust made the twinge of euphoria increase until Jinki’s whole body felt heavy and flooded with intoxicating rapture. He shuddered as Minho’s cock thrust even slower, angled to brush against that spot, and he moved so slow that Jinki’s body grew taut, his pleasure being tugged and drawn in a tight line. The way Minho’s cock moved so slow inside him, it just intensified the sensations, fuelling Jinki’s body, and he shuddered violently. It felt so intense that Jinki’s vision seemed to flicker and he felt his body tensing, the hiss of bliss sliding hotly though his limbs and body.

Minho shuddered and continued his slow motions; he liked to hear Jinki whimper and moan beneath him. The noises he made intensified Minho’s euphoria, and he loved the way Jinki’s voice sounded when he moaned under him, his head spun with desire and so much need. He liked to draw it out slowly, inch along at a torturous pace, and make Jinki whine and whimper beneath him. He loved to draw the moans out of Jinki, play him slowly, and watch him lose complete control, his body so highly strung with ecstasy.

He knew it wouldn’t take him long to reach the top of that cliff, to reach the height of heaven. He could feel the desire, slick and intense, filling every fibre of his being. He sucked in a deep breath, each thrust making bliss slide across his skin, a hot intense wind ghosting across his skin. The way Jinki moved under him made his head ache, the euphoria wrapping him so tightly that he felt as if he was losing all control of himself, his animal instincts taking over completely.

Minho knew he was getting close, the rapture knotted tightly inside him. He angled his thrust differently. He felt proud that he knew Jinki’s body so well, that it was easy to make him shudder and scream with need. He groaned and gripped Jinki’s hips harder, each thrust sending crippling euphoria through out their bodies. Jinki groaned and arched up, feeling the pain rip into shreds of ecstasy as Minho thrust against his prostate harder. His pleasure grew quickly as Minho thrust so brutally fast into him. His cock thrust against that spot that he didn’t have time to recover from before, and the bliss was bursting over him again in multiple waves. He felt as if he were being drowned with euphoria.

Minho groaned and jerked his head forward, biting down into Jinki’s shoulder, but this time to muffle his moans as he came. He groaned loudly and bit down into Jinki’s flesh as he felt the older boy shuddering under him. Jinki moaned loudly as he came too. Minho started to suck on Jinki’s shoulders again, sinking his teeth into Jinki’s smooth skin and then licking and sucking the bite marks repeatedly. His head was spinning as he continued to lap, suck, and bite into Jinki’s flesh. Minho felt heady and like he was floating when he pulled out, his fingers stroking Jinki’s ass lightly, staring down at his trembling body.

He leaned over the other boy, smiling as he saw how his eyes fluttered slightly. His cheeks were slightly damp, wet droplets clinging to his lashes. Minho inhaled and felt slightly guilty. Sighing as he stroked Jinki’s back lightly, Minho figured the older boy had gone to sleep. He pouted and leaned down to kiss Jinki’s shoulder where the skin was all red from his biting and sucking. The skin looked mottled and bruised, and Minho felt pleased with his handiwork.

“Hm, do you have to be so rough?”

Minho jumped and turned, surprised to see Kibum standing there, still dressed in his slutty nurse’s outfit. He raised one eyebrow and sighed heavily. He walked over and covered Jinki with his white doctor’s coat, stroking the older boy’s back lightly.

“Don’t hurt hyung so much, just be honest with him.” Kibum continued drawing his fingers down Jinki’s back lightly. “You know how much he likes you.” He added with a nod of his head, “I know you feel the same way, so just stop fucking hiding it.” Kibum hissed as he frowned across at Minho. “Don’t be such a coward. Just come clean about it and stop using Jinki.” He sighed and looked down sadly at the sleeping boy.

“Kibum!” Minho pouted, feeling angry and wanting to deny it. He shifted, feeling slightly uncomfortable being completely naked in front of the other boy. It was as if his clothes provided him with confidence or something. “Alright, fine, I’ll tell him. I’m just scared… What if things go wrong? What if it messes up our band dynamics or something?” Minho gulped nervously and shook his head slowly.

Kibum rolled his eyes at him. “Such a fucking coward.” he hissed, hiding a grin as he saw Minho tense completely, fists balled up. He could see that he was getting all worked up and angry, which was what Kibum wanted. “You wore that nurse’s outfit without batting an eyelid,” He rolled his eyes. “And yet you can’t even be honest about your own feelings!”

“Kibum! I said I would tell Jinki, so stop fucking hassling me.”

“Hm? Tell me what?” Jinki asked softly as he sat up slowly, wincing slightly. “How ridiculous I look in a doctor’s coat?” he asked with a grin as he pulled the white coat around his body again. Minho tensed beside him, wondering if Jinki had been awake the whole time. As he studied the boy’s expression, he figured Jinki had not heard anything because he looked so clueless and out of it.

“No… not that.” Minho coughed softly, looking around the room for something to wear. He sighed realising there was nothing but the nurse dress, so he put it back on again, groaning as he tugged it over his head. It really was insanely short. It felt so uncomfortable and tight since he was all sweaty, and he regretted putting it back on again.

“Oh!” Jinki’s eyes widened. “I still have to treat Jjong, don’t I?” He blinked. “Ah, thank you for reminding me!” He smiled and went to pull on his trousers, his smile faltered when he winced as he moved. “Do we have to keep playing? I feel kinda sore.” He paled, looking down and missing Kibum rolling his eyes at Minho, mouthing, “you better tell him!”

“No, it’s fine hyung, but Minho needs to talk to you.” Kibum added smoothly, “And since we’re finished with this stupid game, I’m going to go and change.” Kibum glared at Minho and then swept out of the room, rolling his eyes as he saw Jonghyun and Taemin making out on the couch. Kibum just groaned and made his way to the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. He suddenly wished that he had invited Mir over. If everyone else was going to be fooling around, then he wished his boyfriend was there too.

Minho coughed to clear his throat, Jinki just stared up at him in surprise, his fingers shaking slightly as he attempted to dress again. But Minho’s hands unbuttoned the coat, tugging it open quickly so that Jinki was once again almost naked, except for the shirt that was up around his shoulders.

“Minho?” Jinki sucked in a deep breath, panicking and feeling so embarrassed, sitting there naked in front of Minho. “What’s going on?” He frowned slightly as Minho pressed two fingers to his chest. He sucked in a deep breath, feeling so confused and weird.

“I think… Doctor Lee is hurting, and you need Nurse Min Ji to check you over.” Minho grinned and nodded his head quickly as Jinki stared up at him with surprise. Minho slowly trailed his fingers down his chest, “Let’s see, we’ve done the, um, most intrusive part of the check up, now we just need to check other parts of you.” His fingers slid down Jinki’s torso quickly, the older boy’s eyes widened as Minho curled his fingers around his cock.

“Minho, why did you pick Min Ji for your name?” Jinki whispered, his breaths coming out fast as Minho’s fingers measured his length and trailed up his cock. He sucked in a deep breath, trying to calm himself down as Minho’s fingers stroked him, but despite his best efforts, he felt himself hardening again. Jinki tensed and felt embarrassed from the way Minho was touching him so tenderly and gently and the way his eyes roved across his body as if he was studying him. He shifted, wincing and feeling uncomfortable from the way Minho was staring so intently at him and the way his fingers stroked his cock. It made Jinki’s head hurt. Minho stared at him as if he had never seen him naked before, when he had countless times.

“Because,” Minho murmured softly, biting his lip as he slipped his hand down and cupped Jinki’s balls, feeling the other boy hiss softly. “Because it’s a combination of both of our names. Why? Did it seem weird?” He nodded his head quickly, dropping his head to avoid Jinki’s gaze completely. Minho concentrated on the come covering Jinki’s cock instead. He concentrated on how slender and sexy Jinki’s thighs looked. He looked at anything but Jinki’s face, unable to look him in the eye.

“Oh.” Jinki frowned up at him. “Okay, what are you doing now?” he mumbled moments later as he saw Minho lean down over him and kiss his belly button, making Jinki hiss again, softer. He felt all fluttery and strange. “Minho? You’re starting to worry me.” He bit his lip as the taller boy lifted his head and smiled down at him. Jinki sucked in a deep breath, feeling so strange, so happy and content.

“Really? I am?” He laughed softly. “Sorry for hurting you. Sorry for always being so rough with you. You want more than sex, don’t you?” he mumbled a moment later, his tone and face going so serious that Jinki stared up with surprise at him. “Don’t you? Don’t lie to me.” Minho raised one eyebrow and Jinki trembled. He slowly nodded his head, panicking because he was sure Minho was going to call him an idiot.

“Okay.” Minho sucked in a deep breath and pressed his hand to Jinki’s, curling his fingers against the other boy’s hand. “We’ll give it a go.” He squeezed Jinki’s hand lightly, then released his hand immediately, looking embarrassed. “Um, yeah, because I do too.” He nodded his head quickly, looking down at the floor. “We should play nurses and doctors again, hyung. But next time, just the two of us.” He nodded his head slowly, glancing up to catch the smile across Jinki’s face as he nodded his head eagerly.

“Good.” Minho murmured with a faint smile. “You can call me an idiot or a coward for hiding my feelings,” He shrugged slightly. “but I hope you know why I acted the way I did, and yeah...” He trailed off, feeling like an idiot, but he thought it was worth it as he saw the happiness shining in Jinki’s eyes. He didn’t move his hand away as he felt Jinki’s fingers press against his palm firmly. Minho felt relieved as he gripped Jinki’s hand, feeling insanely happy. He swallowed before he leaned in to kiss the side of Jinki’s mouth. His eyes squeezed shut as he felt Jinki’s hands press lightly against his sides. Happiness flooded through him as he hugged Jinki tightly.




♥ :/
Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, pairing: tofuho, rating: nc-17
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