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you're ever so inviting 1/2

Title: you're ever so inviting 1/2
Author: argh (@ onho)
Rating: R
Length: 3,957 words
Pairing: JongHo + Jinki
Summary: hmmm Jinki walks in on Jonghyun and Minho.... (next part is OT3 smut...)
Warnings: fail smut? Not _real_ smut just handjobs?
Dedications: for crazyoverbishie I am so sorry for taking so long with this! :( I feel so bad because I started it and then I forgot to finish it! D: I'm posting it in two parts - because it's long? XD
And thanks to olebade ♥ for beta-ing this for me! :D

You’re ever so inviting – Part one

JongHo but later JongHoNew


Jonghyun hummed softly to himself as he picked up his music sheets and a pen. He fiddled with the pen as he got up from his bed slowly, preparing to go through to the living room. He knew Jinki was trying to write some song lyrics; he had seen him muttering away to himself about it earlier. He thought Jinki would probably appreciate some help, but as he started to walk away from the bed, a pair of hands latched onto his waist. Jonghyun found himself being propelled backwards onto the bed, arms wrapping firmly around his waist.

“Hyung, where do you think you’re going?” Minho asked, sliding in close to Jonghyun. The older boy sat between his legs, his back pressed to his stomach. Minho sighed as he hugged Jonghyun firmly. The older boy tried to push Minho off him. He felt guilty for Jinki and wanted to help him, but the way Minho sat behind him was a total distraction and he felt his resolve weakening. “Hyung,” Minho whined slightly as he rubbed himself against the other boy’s back.

“I was going to help Jinki write song lyrics. It’ll be faster if I help him.” He smiled, turning back slightly to look at Minho. “Don’t you feel bad?” He raised one eyebrow and Minho pouted before he slowly nodded his head. “Exactly, so I’ll go and help hyung and then I’ll be back, you horny bastard.” He shook his head slowly, pulling Minho’s arms away from him. He had to move quickly and get out of the room fast before he changed his mind. Minho was completely irresistible.

“Oh. Okay.” Minho nodded his head slowly. “Fine, you go then.” he added as he moved away from Jonghyun, sounding hurt. He turned away from Jonghyun and lay back on the bed, looking at the wall. “Since you won’t help me, I’ll just do it myself.” He ignored Jonghyun who was now standing up and about to leave the room. Minho sighed deeply, wriggling his fingers for a second before he lowered them down against his body. He didn’t want Jonghyun to leave the room, and he was good at getting what he wanted.

Jonghyun turned back after hearing Minho’s sigh. His eyes widened as he saw Minho tug his shirt off and then press one hand down into his boxers. Minho had his eyes half shut, and he shifted his head so he could gaze across at Jonghyun. He licked his lips slowly, gazing lustfully at the older boy as he curled his hand around his half hard erection. He let a soft moan out of his lips as he wrapped his fingers firmly around his cock. His other hand he pressed against his chest. He slid his hand down the smooth muscled plane of his body, his hips rolling in a slow downward motion. Jonghyun swallowed, his feet frozen in place. Then he remembered Jinki’s sad expression and he forced himself to look away. He forced himself to turn his back on Minho and walked over to the door.

It was so hard ignoring Minho. So hard knowing that he was touching himself, his hand wrapped around his cock. Jonghyun gulped as he heard a soft moan fill the room. He found his feet frozen again, his hand reaching out to grasp the door knob. He knew he had a problem when he grasped the doorknob and thought of how Minho’s cock would feel in his hand. His brain automatically replaced the hard wooden knob with the firm, sexy image of Minho’s knob. Minho moaned again softer, and Jonghyun found himself turning back. His eyes roamed across Minho’s body as he watched him continue to touch himself. He swallowed thickly and then dumped the papers down on the bookcase before running back to the bed.

“Um, Jinki-hyung can wait, I guess?” Jonghyun sucked in a deep breath as he started to tug his own shirt off. Minho smiled as he slid his hand out of his boxers and he slid over, helping Jonghyun undress. “Damn it, Minho, you’re such a horny bastard!” Jonghyun murmured, sounding angry as he felt Minho pushing him down to lie flat on his back. He groaned softly as he felt Minho’s fingers swipe across his chest, moving down across his skin quickly. He could feel himself getting hard from that alone.

“Hm, guess I am.” Minho shrugged casually as he started to undo Jonghyun’s jeans. “You’re not really complaining are you, hyung?” Minho asked, smiling sweetly as he palmed Jonghyun’s crotch, feeling his half hard erection. The older boy let out a groan and shut his eyes as Minho continued to stroke him through his underwear. It felt so damn good that he couldn’t help but rock his hips up into that amazing touch. The image of Jinki’s sad face faded away completely as Minho continued to touch him, the pleasure overriding everything else.


Jinki stabbed his pen against his paper, feeling slightly frustrated. It was late, and he had been basically told to stay out of the bedroom because Kibum was helping Taemin do his “homework”. Apparently he was a distraction. Jinki snorted and then glowered down at his music sheets. He did not know why they said that when it was obvious they were not doing homework. Last time, he walked in to grab a book and found Kibum pressing Taemin down into the mattress of his bed, Kibum’s hands touching Taemin everywhere, and both completely naked. Jinki fumed quietly. They always seemed to use his bed too. As if they wanted to rub it in even more.

“Oh, sorry, hyung, I’ll change your sheets for you. We didn’t mean to get… come on them. I just like your bed because it’s so clean and pure.”

He could still remembering Kibum’s mocking tone and the way he had looked at him, implying that his bed only had come on it when they fooled around on it. That Jinki would never experience such things on his own bed. That angered him slightly, and he felt annoyed because he had sexual urges too. It wasn’t his fault that the people he felt attracted to were already taken. He stabbed the pen down violently, sighing heavily and feeling frustrated that he was always missing out.

He sighed and looked up at the other closed bedroom door, fidgeting and feeling more left out. He was the oldest member, the leader, and it felt slightly depressing that his younger band mates were all having sex on a frighteningly regular basis and he was not. Jinki sighed and turned back to his music sheets, trying so hard to concentrate, but his mind kept wandering. It’s no wonder that photos of me with a large bulge keep turning up. But I can’t help it if I’m sexually deprived. Jinki sighed and pouted, wondering sadly if he was going to always be left out by his band mates. He snorted and then thought, Cue the damn violins and some mournful song, I’m being way too depressing and “woe is me”. Stupid. I need to write this song.

Jinki found himself looking at Jonghyun and Minho’s door again and wondering if he could possibly disturb them. He grinned as he realised that he hadn’t been told not to disturb them. The night before, Jonghyun and Minho told him to stay away, and sure enough he could hear the bed banging against the wall with jarring regularity. That was almost worse than Taemin and Kibum because it just made him think of Minho and Jonghyun together.

That made him feel slightly awkward, because both boys were so hot, and the thought of Jonghyun kissing and touching Minho always managed to make him feel both turned on and jealous. He had always had this thing for Minho. But he couldn’t blame him for being with Jonghyun, because he was very attractive too. He felt slightly relieved that he didn’t share a room with them, because it would be more than unbearable seeing them all over each other.

He stared at their room, thinking that he couldn’t hear any noises from it. Neither boy had said anything to him about staying away tonight, and it seemed quiet. So surely that meant they weren’t all over each other; that it would be okay for him to disturb them? He bit on his lip and thought about it for a few minutes and then decided to just go because he really wanted Jonghyun’s help. Jonghyun could write such amazing lyrics and Jinki found he felt more inspired just having him there, smiling and looked drop dead gorgeous. Maybe he found it easier because he wanted to impress Jonghyun, or at least be noticed by him.

He found himself standing outside their bedroom door, and with a sigh he twisted the doorknob, one hand holding up his music sheets as he opened the door. He hummed the tune and studied the sheets carefully, feeling annoyed because he felt like the right phrase was just on the tip of his tongue, but he could not think of the right way to word it. He walked into the room, frowning down at the sheets as he continued to hum and not look around. He almost tripped on the book case.

“Jjong!” Jinki started to speak, still rereading his own music sheets. “Jjong, can we work on this song together? It’s always so much easier with you.” Jinki smiled brightly and waited for a reply. After a moment when there was none, he slowly lifted his gaze up. Jinki peered over the top of his papers and felt the colour drain from his face as he saw Minho and Jonghyun, half naked on the bed. Minho was lying on top of Jonghyun in his boxers. He swallowed as he saw Jonghyun’s hands gripping Minho’s back tightly and the taller boy’s ass rocking up and down in a tantalising way that made Jinki struggle to breathe.

“Jinki-hyung,” Minho sounded breathless and slightly annoyed as he lifted his head from Jonghyun’s face and buried it against the older boy’s chest as if he was embarrassed that Jinki walked in on them. Jinki swallowed. He really wanted to move, but his feet seemed to be glued in place and his eyes felt drawn to Minho’s back and Jonghyun’s legs. He gulped as he slowly drew his eyes up and down, drinking in the gorgeous sight of the two almost naked and very hot boys.

“Oh.” Jinki gulped, feeling like his heart was in his throat. “Right. Sorry. You’re busy.” He tried to smile, but he found it incredibly difficult. Swallowing, he nervously backed away from the bed. He stumbled against the door and almost tripped , cheeks flaming as he saw Minho lift his head, turning back to look at the clumsy leader. Jonghyun was staring at him, too, with an unreadable expression. “Sorry.” Jinki called out in a strained voice as he backed out the door quickly. His pants suddenly felt unbearably tight and he found himself panting heavily, unable to get the images of the two hot boys kissing and touching out of his head.

Jinki pouted, leaning against the door heavily. He sucked in a deep breath and then, with slightly shaking hands, made his way back over to the table. He sighed and pulled out his earphones, knowing that he would soon hear that jarring banging again. Jinki slumped forward, pressing his head against the slightly cool surface of the table, and wondered why it had felt ten times more awkward walking in on them than Kibum and Taemin. He swallowed deeply and hoped that Minho and Jonghyun hadn’t noticed anything strange, like the growing bulge tenting the front of his pants. Jinki groaned softly, knowing he would soon be forced to have another cold shower.


Minho blinked as he watched the door shut behind their blushing leader. He turned back to look at Jonghyun, feeling his arms tightening around his waist. Minho frowned as he looked down at Jonghyun’s face and pressed his face down against Jonghyun’s collarbones. Shutting his eyes as he kissed along the bone softly, he felt strangely awkward after being interrupted, but the way Jonghyun’s arms pressed against his back made him focus on that and not Jinki or the fact that he had spotted a strange bulge in the leaders jeans.

“Mmm… Minho,” Jonghyun whispered as one hand cupped his chin and swiftly pulled his face up so he could kiss him again. “Shall,” Jonghyun paused to kiss Minho’s lips, “we continue?” He pressed small kisses down his cheeks, shifting one hand lower between their tangled bodies. Despite the interruption, Minho still felt as horny as ever. He squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the soft lips curve against his own. He moaned in reply, rocking his hips down into Jonghyun’s hand again, letting the growing pleasure wash over him tightly.

Minho groaned as the older boy palmed his erection through his boxers, his hips surging forward as the buzz of pleasure seemed to grow deep inside him. He shuddered as he felt Jonghyun’s finger press against his tip, tapping it gently. Each tap seemed to make his body grow heavier and more engorged with pleasure. He shuddered and pressed his thigh down against Jonghyun’s erection, letting him thrust against his thigh. It felt so good the way Jonghyun moved under him, it made his head spin with need.

Jonghyun pressed his lips to Minho’s, flicking his tongue against his lips and grabbing onto his hips. He groaned into Minho’s mouth, thrusting their hips together. When their erections thrust together, Jonghyun gasped from the pleasure. His head whirled as he felt Minho’s hips thrust down again, each motion making him feel like he was exploding or melting. He groaned again, louder, panting as he felt Minho’s head dip and his tongue was soft along his shoulder. He shivered and gasped as Minho thrust down harder against him and lost it completely.

The waves washed over him completely, and he felt boneless as he jerked his body up uncontrollably, needing to feel Minho’s hips and cock thrusting against him. He groaned louder as he rolled his body up, the motions making his body taut with pleasure. Minho swallowed and snapped his hips down harder, moaning louder as Jonghyun’s hips rocked up to meet his thrust, their erections rubbing together hotly. It felt so hot, Minho felt as if he was burning up from all the heated pleasure.

“Fuck!” Jonghyun whimpered, rolling his hips up desperately, feeling the pleasure tightening around him like a vice as Minho’s lips skated across his skin, leaving drops of pleasure in their wake. He groaned as he felt Minho’s tongue soft and damp against his skin, making him shudder. Jonghyun arched his back, groaning as he thrust up faster, his cock sliding so hotly against the fabric of Minho’s boxers and his cock. It became too much for him to handle. With a strangled cry, he arched up desperately, his fingers digging into Minho’s back as he came, his hips rolling up a few last times.

Minho lapped at Jonghyun’s collarbones, smiling faintly as he felt the other boy come against him. He moaned and bit down into his collarbone, shuddering as he felt himself slipping into an abyss of pleasure and came too, groaning as he thrust his hips down hard against the other boy. His body trembling with the effort and he slumped on top of Jonghyun, breathing heavily. His body felt sensitive and heavy, throbbing with pleasure, and he lay there immersed in the feeling.

“Oh god,” Minho gasped out after a few minutes. “That… was awkward.”

Jonghyun frowned and bit his lip. “Um, thanks? I thought it was pretty awesome.” He pouted and looked offended. He pushed Minho off him and then rolled onto his side, facing away from him. He shut his eyes as he felt Minho spoon him, his arms sliding across Jonghyun’s stomach. He felt him press his hands against the sticky mess covering his stomach. Jonghyun sulked slightly, knowing it was crazy to feel hurt. It was not like Minho was his boyfriend; it was just getting off after all. It was just a casual thing that they had going on, but it still hurt if Minho said it was awkward.

“No, no!” Minho smirked. “I meant… Jinki-hyung.” he pouted. “It was awkward when he walked in on us.” He swallowed and curved his lips against Jonghyun’s shoulder. “I feel a bit sorry for him.” he admitted moments later, shutting his eyes as he felt Jonghyun turn so that he was now facing him. One hand rested lightly on Minho’s hip.

“Me too,” Jonghyun sighed. “He looked… upset. Almost hurt, didn’t he?” Minho nodded his head, quickly agreeing with the other boy. “And was it me, or did he seem kinda turned on?” Jonghyun bit his lip and then shook his head. “Nah, I must’ve imagined that. He can’t have been turned on!” Jonghyun laughed softly, feeling like a complete idiot for even thinking that Jinki could have been turned on by seeing them together.

“Well, it must be hard sharing a room with Taemin and Kibum-hyung.” Minho frowned. “They’re even worse than us. They keep kicking him out of the bedroom at night, I think. The other night, I went to the toilet and he was curled up, asleep, on the couch.” Minho sighed. “Poor hyung, he must feel left out.” He bit down into his lip and then smirked. “Oh, and I think he was turned on. I swear he had a bulge, but maybe it was just the lighting? I don’t know… but yeah, poor Jinki-hyung, he’s always left out.”

“Yeah, I think we should do something about it.” Jonghyun frowned and Minho laughed softly, reaching a hand up to trace across his cheekbones. Jonghyun always had that serious frown across his face when he was thinking hard, and Minho found it adorable. He smiled and kissed Jonghyun’s chest, watching the older boy think hard.

“Mmm, we should, but not tonight. I am totally worn out now, too tired to think of anything but sleep.” Minho grinned as he curled into Jonghyun’s side, shutting his eyes to sleep. Jonghyun smiled across at him before he tugged the sheet up to cover them. He curled into the rapper’s side and shut his eyes so he could fall asleep too. Jinki weighed on both Minho’s and Jonghyun’s thoughts as they fell asleep.


The next night, Jinki felt smaller and more insignificant as he watched Kibum slip out of the room, followed moments later by Taemin. Both of them offered strange excuses before they bolted, leaving Jinki uncomfortably alone with Minho and Jonghyun. He sighed and focussed on the television as he felt the couch shift beside him and Jonghyun muttered something about needing to shower before vanishing.

Jinki counted down in his head, getting to three before Minho stood up and left him alone with the television for company. He tried to concentrate on his book but looked up when he realised that Jonghyun and Minho hadn’t actually left the room. He could see their legs over the top of his book. He looked up and winced as he saw them eyeing him cautiously. Jinki breathed in heavily.

Jinki had been avoiding them for most of the day. Somehow, seeing the two of them virtually naked and all over each other like a rash had made his feelings for Minho resurface again. Feelings he had tried so hard to repress, and now he just felt confused and awkward around them. It couldn’t be normal to like your band mate, or to feel turned on seeing Minho and Jonghyun together. Every time he looked at either of them, he saw them half naked, hot, and all over each other. He found it hard to concentrate if he looked at them, and regretted walking in on them so much. He had been avoiding them all day so he wouldn’t go completely insane. He swallowed, realising they were still there. Then he understood why they were standing there.

“Um, I-I, um, won’t disturb you guys tonight. Sorry.” Jinki mumbled, not lifting his eyes from his book. He could see both Minho and Jonghyun standing in front of him, but he wanted to avoid their eyes. He didn’t need to see that hot image replayed in his head again. “So, um, don’t worry.” he added and tried to smile softly. He hoped that it wasn’t obvious that it was forced. He felt relieved when he saw them move away. When he looked up from his book, he was once again alone with the blaring television.

He swallowed a lump of hurt as he glanced around the empty room and threw his book down beside him. He got up and flicked the television off, making his way over to the table again where he had a bag propped against the table leg. It was his bag of emergency supplies, containing his laptop, two iPods, several books, and a blanket. He left it there all the time now, because sadly, he found himself unable to enter the bedroom most nights. Well, that was a slight exaggeration, but he did find it convenient to have his things right there in case he had to leave the room in a hurry.

Jinki had just started listening to music and trying to read when he felt a hand touch his shoulder. Surprised and confused, he looked up to see a shirtless Minho saying something to him. Jinki frowned and tried to stop his heart from pounding as he pulled out his earphones. Minho had stopped talking by this point, and instead he smiled down at Jinki, making his stomach do somersaults. For a moment, Jinki wondered if he had fallen asleep and was now having a dream. It was strange because he felt like he was awake, but it seemed too good to be true.


Jinki turned to the other side to see Jonghyun, also shirtless, smiling down at him. He blinked, wondering what they wanted. He swallowed and opened his mouth to speak, looking down at the table because he felt intimidated by the two shirtless boys. It was hard not to stare at their gorgeous chests, so hard not to stare at them both, and he felt ashamed because he wanted to reach out and touch them. He stopped his iPod and shut the book, wondering if he just ignored them, then they might leave him alone again.

“Jinki-hyung, we want to show you something.” Minho mumbled a moment later, still smiling when Jinki risked a look at him.

Jinki felt his heart race, and he shivered slightly as he felt Minho’s hand stroke his head softly, gentle fingers sifting through his hair. He was starting to wonder if he was dreaming, because it felt incredibly surreal. He felt Jonghyun step closer to him, his hand touching Jinki’s shoulder carefully. Jinki was starting to believe he had fallen asleep and was having some awesome dream about them both.

“We need you to shut your eyes.” Jonghyun added, grinning as he saw Jinki’s shocked and surprised expression. He winked across at Minho as the older boy shut his eyes immediately, looking completely nervous and innocent. Minho smirked and he pulled his hand from behind his back, revealing the strip of black cloth. He placed it over Jinki’s eyes, tying it securely in the back. Jinki whimpered slightly, reaching up to touch the cloth with shaking hands, his brain going furiously as he wondered what the hell was going on.


To be continued… *runs*

Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, pairing: jongho + jinki, rating: r
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