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you're ever so inviting 2/2

Title: you're ever so inviting 2/2
Author: argh (@ onho)
Rating: NC-17
Length: 7,002 words
Pairing: Jonghyun/Jinki/Minho
Summary: Jonghyun and Minho... involve Jinki in their fun? 8D Idk?
Warnings: strange OT3 smut? Yes. This is pretty much just porn/PWP XDD!!
Dedications: for crazyoverbishie I am so sorry for taking so long with this! :( I feel so bad because I started it and then I forgot to finish it! D: I'm posting it in two parts - because it's long? XD
Thanks to olebade ♥ for beta-ing this for me! :D And a massive, huge thank you to sacryde for helping me fix up the smut in this part! ♥ You helped me out so much ;_;~ thank you so much, bb! ^^; ♥

Previous part: ( first part~ )

you're ever so inviting – part two

JongHoNew *makes up a name for the 3some* XDD


Jinki’s brain was whirling as he tried to make sense of what on earth was happening. He went through the sequence of events, trying to understand everything. First, Jonghyun and Minho had appeared next to him, shirtless. Second, they had asked him to shut his eyes. Third, they had blindfolded him. He gulped slowly, his fingers touching the cloth wrapped around his head, clearly feeling that this was not normal. It was most definitely not normal for them to be standing there shirtless and looking so goddamn sexy. He licked his lips slowly, thinking it was most definitely not normal for them to blindfold him either.

“Minho?” Jinki whined quietly, feeling off balance, confused, and curious. “What’s going on? Why are my eyes covered?” It was a stupid thing to say, – it was obviously so he could not see – but he still wanted to hear them confirm it.

“Hyung, it’s just to stop you from peeking.” Minho reassured him by patting his head again. “Can you stand up?” Jinki just sputtered at him. He blinked his eyes rapidly, feeling even more nervous and annoyed that they expected him to stand up and move without seeing. He was clumsy even when he could see, and now they wanted him to get up without being able to see anything in front of him. He felt disorientated and slightly dizzy, but he blamed their muscular torsos for that. He thought it should be a crime for the both of them to be that sizzling hot. It was really not fair that he felt so inadequate next to them. Because he could see nothing else, he found himself focusing on the memory of their bare chests, on the contours of their bodies, and the toned muscles of their arms.

“Minho? Jjong? Do you expect me…?” Jinki paused as he leaned against the table, the words dying in his mouth as he felt Jonghyun’s hand press against his palm. Jonghyun’s hand was warm and slightly rough against his fingertips, and he gulped as Jonghyun gripped his hand tighter. It felt so weird not to be able to see, and because of it, his sense of touch felt heightened. He noticed the way Jonghyun’s callused fingers felt against his palm. Jinki sucked in a deep breath, inhaling an intoxicating mix of pine tree and musk as an arm slid around his back. He assumed it was Minho’s arm. He breathed in deeply, letting the pine scent waft over him, and felt both boys slowly coaxing him away from the table.

“We’re right here.” Jonghyun whispered right into Jinki’s ear, making him jump slightly. Jinki didn’t expect him to be that close to him. “Don’t worry.” Jonghyun added, sounding like he was grinning. “We’ll guide you.” Jinki felt his nervousness returning as Minho reached for his other hand, holding onto it firmly. He could feel his pulse increasing as Minho’s warm fingers stroked the palm of his hand. He felt his throat go dry at the way Minho’s rough fingertips touched his skin in a sensual way, and it made Jinki start to think about how those fingers would feel touching elsewhere. He was acutely aware of each motion of his fingers, soft despite the roughness of his hands, as they continued to stroke down his palm repeatedly. He tried to breathe normally, feeling his heart palpitate as the two boys lead him slowly away from the table to somewhere unknown.

Jinki had no sense or concept of where he was going. He could only focus on the way their warm hands felt against his. The way Minho’s larger hand fit around his, and the way he moved his fingers against his skin as if he was trying to soothe him and make him relax. Jinki bit down into his lip, trying to concentrate on walking and not tripping. He held back a whine when Jonghyun and Minho’s hands stopped holding his, and his hands felt cold and lonely.

“Can… can I look yet?” Jinki asked after they stopped walking. Jinki could hear the other two whispering. Curiously, he reached out and felt something hard. He frowned as he felt it with his hands. He realised it felt like a bed post or the wooden frame of a door. Jinki bit his lip and hoped they wouldn’t be too much longer, because he was aware that he was starting to feel excited, and the last thing he wanted was to be embarrassed by his body’s reaction.

“No, not yet.” Minho murmured with a grin, one hand reaching around to pat the leader’s butt. Minho grinned as Jinki yelped softly at the contact, his body jerking away as if he had been burned. “Have you worked out what’s going on yet?” he whispered, leaning in close so that Jinki could feel his breath sliding softly across his neck. Jinki shivered and shook his head slowly, his mind working furiously as he wondered what was going on. Negatively, he thought maybe it was some practical joke they wanted to play on him, turn him on and then embarrass him. Or, he dared to hope, maybe this was going to be something sensual or sexual, but he felt like that was being too hopeful. He blinked and tried to think of other explanations, but his brain kept tossing up those two possibilities, and he found it hard to concentrate as he smelled pine and musk strongly again, making his brain feel addled.

Jonghyun stepped close to Jinki. The older boy could feel warmth close by, and he turned towards it. As he turned, Jonghyun leaned in close, kissing him, pressing his lips softly against the older boy’s. Jinki gasped with surprise, freezing at the contact, but as Jonghyun’s soft lips pressed firmly against his, Jinki found himself responding. His knees trembled as he felt hands cup his chin. They left hot spots across his face.

Jinki’s mouth felt as if it was pressed against a raging furnace full of desire. As Jonghyun sucked on his lower lip, it took all of Jinki’s efforts not to press his mouth harder against the other boy’s. He concentrated on the sensations, on the sizzling warmth Jonghyun’s hands and mouth seared into his skin. He could feel desire pooling in his stomach as the other boy’s tongue stroked his lip. It was a gentle touch, but to Jinki, there was a sense of urgency and need in the motions, making his knees go weak with need, making him shake as he stood there.

Jinki shuddered, opening his mouth slightly, feeling surprised when he felt Jonghyun deepen the kiss. He swooned into the kiss, his eyes opening wide under his blindfold as he felt hands cupping his butt again. The hand slid up the curve of his jeans, and each touch seemed to be charged with electricity. Jinki found it hard to concentrate, and he was aware of every caress, each stroke against his butt, making his body tremble with growing euphoria.

Jinki blinked, feeling frustrated that he couldn’t see a damn thing. But he enjoyed how strongly everything felt and tasted, it made him feel dizzy and overloaded with sensations. He arched his back slightly, concentrating on the smooth feel of Jonghyun’s lips and tongue dancing against his own. Jonghyun’s musky, spicy taste flooded his mouth, making him crave more as he swayed slightly with anticipation as they kissed. Jinki sighed happily, his head spinning, and he realised exactly what he had been missing out on. This was so much better than anything he could have dreamt up.

He shivered as he felt a hand slip under his shirt, warm fingers gliding up his back. He never thought that a hand caressing his back would make him tingle so much, and he quivered slightly, rolling back on his feet as the fingertips continued to press against his skin. Jinki gasped as Jonghyun stopped kissing him. He tilted his head back, missing the way those amazing lips had felt and tasted against his mouth. Jinki licked his lips carefully, feeling like his face was still on fire as he wondered if this was some kind of trick. Jinki stepped back, almost tripping until he felt arms moving around his waist, followed by a bare chest rubbing against his back. Jinki lifted his arms to take the blindfold off, but hands stopped him and held his fingers down.

“Please, hyung?” Minho pleaded from behind. Jinki shivered as he felt a tongue trace down his ear. Lips then attached themselves to the lobe of his ear, sucking lightly on the flesh. Jinki let out a soft whimper, feeling ashamed as he realised he was getting hard. He shut his eyes and nodded his head slowly, trying to hold back a whine as he felt, what he assumed to be, Minho’s mouth attach itself to his neck. He couldn’t stop himself from arching back against Minho as he felt him suck on his neck. Jinki shook as Minho’s tongue flicked against his neck, covering his skin with patches of melting desire.

Jinki sucked in a deep breath, struggling to concentrate on what was going on around him as he felt his shirt being tugged up. He lowered his head and let out a soft whimper as Minho pulled his mouth away from his neck, whining as he felt the two boys tug his shirt off. He curled his arms around his now bare chest, unable to stop quavering as he felt hands touching him everywhere. Fingers pressed against his erect nipples, and then another hand stroking his lower stomach softly, making Jinki gasp as the fingers pressed lower. Jinki’s skin felt incredibly sensitive, every touch sending shockwaves radiating deep into his core. He swallowed deeply, enjoying the sensations that swept through his body. He never wanted it to stop.

“Minho? Jjong?” Jinki gasped out nervously, unsure of who was doing what, but it all made desire spiral up inside his body. He felt someone take hold of his hands carefully, fingers inching along the length of his palm so that it he could only focus on that; on the way the fingers caressed his palm. He found it impossible to concentrate on working out whose hands they were because he felt all rational thoughts being replaced with surging gusts of rapture as his heart beat so wildly he felt like it might burst. He quavered, rocking his chest forward as he felt the soft swipe of a tongue travelling straight down the centre of his chest. His skin felt ignited by the brush of that tongue. He shuddered, completely distracted by the touch.

It took Jinki a few moments to realise that something cold had been clamped around his wrists because his brain was turning to mush from the way that tongue slid down his skin. He shivered and tried to press closer against the tongue, barely noticing that his arms were being lifted. He groaned as the tongue slipped away, leaving him breathing heavily as he went to move his hands, only to find that he was now restrained. Jinki blinked and wriggled his arms again, a gasp leaving his lips as he realised that he was handcuffed to something.

“Relax.” Jonghyun murmured from behind him now, his arms suddenly resting on Jinki’s hips. Jinki swallowed, trying to think of something to say, to understand how he had ended up in this situation. It was almost too good to be true but a little strange. He only knew it was real because of how intensely he felt everything. His dreams never had that raging, burning desire that was consuming him.

He opened his mouth to say something, but instead he felt lips curl against his own. A hand pulled his hips closer so that his half hard erection was pressing against something firm, possibly a hip. He groaned as he felt lips claim his, sucking lightly on his upper lip. It was different from the previous kiss, but it felt just as amazing, and he guessed it was Minho this time. His thoughts flickered away as he felt the tongue brush along his upper lip lightly. He found himself losing control of himself, his body reacting and pushing him forward, his heart hammering faster and faster.

“Relax.” Minho murmured moments later, sounding breathless, his voice close to Jinki’s mouth. Jinki found himself nodding his head slowly. He shivered as he felt hands stroking his arms lightly before he felt them shift to his jeans. He opened his mouth to let out a protest, but as Minho slid his jeans down his legs, he found himself moaning instead; moaning loudly from both excitement and the desire welling up thickly inside his body. He felt so desperately turned on, and he hoped like crazy that this would not end soon. That they would not just walk away and leave him with a raging boner.

“Mmm… you want this, don’t you hyung?” Jonghyun snaked his arms around Jinki’s body, leaning in to kiss along his collarbones. “You want us, don’t you?” he whispered against his bones, flicking his tongue out delicately with each word. Jinki wanted to deny it, but he found himself nodding his head firmly as he sucked in a lungful of air. He heard a soft laugh in response. Minho smiled and leaned forward, capturing Jonghyun’s lips against his own, as he roughly began to kiss the older boy.

“Oh god,” Jinki whimpered as he felt hands resting on his hips and realised he could hear the two boys kissing. He could hear them gasping and moaning, and he trembled, feeling left out. He wriggled his arms, wishing he could reach over and touch one of the other boys. “But… why?” he finally mumbled. “Why… are you doing this?”

He bit down into his lip, holding back a whine as he felt a hand cup his erection. It was as if the air had been sucked from his lungs and replaced with pure oxygen. The way the hand clutched his erection, he could feel the pleasure from the base of his cock, rippling outwards and radiating across his body. He gasped desperately, finding it so hard to breathe; the sensations making his head spin as he felt fingers stroking him through his underwear. He wanted to beg for more, he wanted to scream for more, no matter how sad it was. His mouth went dry and he felt light headed and dizzy; it felt as if all the blood in his body was heading down south.


Jinki whimpered as he felt lips press against his nipple, a mouth sucking down hard on it. His body went rigid as he tried to deal with all the sensations that seemed to be overriding his body. He wished his hands were free so he could push the mouth harder against his nipple. Jinki groaned as he felt the hand touching his cock move and he whined at the loss of contact, shamelessly rolling his hips forward to push against that palm. He mewled with displeasure and surged his hips forward again, whimpering as he felt a hand slip into his underwear. His whole body shuddered as he felt the warm fingers rubbing against his sensitive muscles. It just felt so damn good that he could not help but rock his hips firmly forward into that touch. He panted softly as the lips lapping at his nipple pulled away, making him whine softly in protest.

“Because hyung, you shouldn’t miss out,” Minho whispered seductively, his hand grasping Jinki’s erection firmly. He thrust his hand along Jinki’s length, making him whimper and thrust forward desperately. “And how could we neglect you?” Minho purred softly as he leaned in and attached his lips to Jinki’s shoulder, biting down hard enough to make the older boy yelp. The pain only seemed to intensify the pleasure filling him so deeply. If his mind had not been so addled and dazed, he would have begged to be bitten again and again.

Jinki was trembling, his whole body was strung out with ecstasy, and he didn’t think it could get any better. He whimpered softly as Minho’s lips continued to press kisses across his skin, but he noticed that he only had one hand touching him. Greedy as it was, he missed the contact of other hands. Jinki bit down into his lip, feeling the swirl of desire so intensely. He wasn’t sure if that was because he was blindfolded or because it was Jonghyun and Minho.

Jonghyun licked his lips as he knelt down on the floor, one hand pressed to his own erection, stroking himself and moaning softly. He found it incredibly hot watching Jinki, tied up and blindfolded, being touched by Minho. He mewled and leaned forward, pressing his lips to the tip of Jinki’s erection. He kissed it softly, pulling back slightly as the leader thrust forward, his hips straining forward, desperate for more, panting loudly. Jonghyun grinned and leaned forward, kissing the tip again and sliding his tongue wetly across the top.

“Oh fuck!” Jinki practically screamed as he felt lips and the soft swipe of a wet tongue against his cock. It was such a tease the way the tongue stroked down his length, pressing softly against his underwear. The warmth and wetness soaked through to his cock, making his limbs feel heavy and weak with need. He panted loudly, feeling his heart beating so loudly that he was sure everyone could hear it. He groaned as he felt hands pulling his underwear down, freeing his erection, and he breathed in deeply, needing to feel that tongue against his cock now. Jinki mewled as he felt hands and lips everywhere; against his jutting hipbones, kissing along his thigh, and stroking the soft sensitive skin of his thighs, stomach and hips, making his head whirl.

“Hyung, you’re so big.” Jonghyun grinned as he kissed Jinki’s kneecap, his fingers touching his thighs lightly. “Damn, you’re so hot,” he purred as he pushed the older boy’s legs apart and reached up to touch his bare ass. Jonghyun turned to look at Minho who was now kneeling too. “Damn it, why didn’t we do this sooner, Minho?”

“I don’t know.” Minho shrugged as he flexed his fingers around Jinki’s cock, leaning across to kiss Jonghyun deeply while moving his fingers along the older boy’s length. Jinki whined as he heard them kiss again, but the fingers wrapped around his cock made him feel so good. He swallowed, arching his head back and pushing his hips forward, trying to get the hand to thrust around him faster.

“Ugh, hyung!” Minho panted softly as Jonghyun reached across and stroked his neglected cock. He was so turned on, and yet no one had been touching him. Minho swallowed, smiling as he looked across at Jonghyun with surprise and the older boy nodded his head. He whimpered as Jonghyun pulled his hand away and, breathing deeply, he fisted Jinki’s erection, pumping his hand along his length faster. He watched Jinki’s body slump forward, jolting with the ecstasy he was inflicting on him. Jinki’s lips trembled with the effort to not whine too loudly even though he wanted to. His body was on fire, being burned up by Minho and Jonghyun’s hot hands and bodies.

Minho grinned as he heard the moans flying out of Jinki’s mouth, watching the way his hips rolled forward continuously. He sucked in a deep breath and leaned in close to Jinki’s erection, swiping his tongue along his length to collect his pre come. Jinki’s eyes snapped open, and even though he was blindfolded, he felt as if colours were exploding in front of his eyes because of the soft stroke of the tongue against his skin. Jinki felt his whole body tremble from the feather light contact. It felt so intense, so euphoric.

Jonghyun grinned and reached up, his hands squeezing Jinki’s butt softly as he caressed him lightly. His hands shifted over his ass carefully, enjoying the noises that Jinki was letting out. Moving so that he was comfortable, he cupped Jinki’s ass and slowly spread his cheeks. He breathed in deeply and lifted his face, bringing it up close as he felt the older boy tense.

“What?” Jinki gasped, his chest heaving as he tried to talk, finding it hard to with Minho’s tongue lapping at his cock. “Oh, god,” he groaned, sweating from all the bliss and the effort of trying to talk. “What… are you doing?” he finally managed to get out, panting heavily as Minho’s tongue swirled around his length, making him shudder violently.

“Just relax, hyung. You’ll like it.” Jonghyun murmured, squeezing the other boy’s ass with his hand. “Just trust me.” he added when he realised that his body was completely tense and he heard Jinki gasp. “Hyung, relax,” Jonghyun instructed the older male, but Jinki could not relax.

“No! Y-you can’t do this,” Jinki said as he struggled against the handcuffs, thinking how unfair it would be if he was blindfolded and had no choice and was unable to do anything. He struggled as he felt Jonghyun’s hands spread his cheeks again, and he howled to get him to stop. “Jjong! Minho!” he called out desperately, wriggling his arms, tensing even more as he felt something press against his entrance.

“Oh, fuck!”

Jinki’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help but shudder as he felt Minho’s mouth close over his cock at the same time that Jonghyun’s tongue stroked against his ass, making him shudder from the dual sensations, making trickles of ecstasy stream in his body. He felt completely overwhelmed from the way Minho’s tongue lapped against his head and Jonghyun’s tongue lazily stroked at his entrance, the touch delicate and slow, but it made Jinki’s skin burn. It made his body ache, and he didn’t think anything could make him feel higher or hotter. He shuddered and slumped down, only being held up by the handcuffs. His body felt so weak from the influx of bliss buzzing around his body. He mewled as he felt Minho’s mouth suck down hard on his cock, and seconds later he felt Jonghyun’s tongue push into him.

Jinki shuddered and gasped. He felt so light headed that he thought he was going to pass out. He didn’t know whether to rock his hips forwards into Minho’s hot mouth or backwards against the amazing tongue thrusting into him. He shuddered, feeling the ecstasy glide down his skin like a layer of sweat. He shifted, trying to control himself, but when Jonghyun’s tongue brushed against the small bundle of nerves, he found himself jerking back desperately. It was almost too much to bear, and he panted loudly, feeling his desire and euphoria override his system so that he was floating completely on adrenaline and pure pleasure.

Minho started to hum around his cock. The vibrations zinged along his skin like fire, and Jinki found himself stuck in this amazing cycle of passion. Jonghyun’s tongue thrust so slow and gentle into him, probing at the nerves so that his body jerked as if he were a puppet controlled by strings. Jinki breathed in heavily, enjoying the way Jonghyun’s tongue fluttered against him, making him see stars. He exhaled, squeezing his eyes shut as Minho’s mouth wrapped around his cock, hot heat engulfing him so that he felt his body burn brightly with intense rapture. Jinki did not think even drugs could make one feel this good, although he did not want to try them to find out.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck!” Jinki panted out loudly, shuddering as Minho’s tongue fluttered against his cock, making his head spin even more. He whimpered and jerked his hips back, feeling Jonghyun’s tongue thrust into him harder than before, brushing hard against that spot. Jinki’s hips lifted and he was almost on tiptoes, sweating heavily. Minho cupped his balls, stroking them with one hand as he continued to suck on his length. Jinki found that he was seeing stars again. He shook and then jerked forward, shaking as he filled Minho’s mouth with his come.

“Oh, god,” Jinki groaned, his body shaking as he stood there. Then he felt the boys hugging him tightly, holding him up. Hands patted his back softly to calm him down or relax him, and then he felt lips claiming his again. Hands held onto his face strongly, and Jinki blinked and tried not to gag as he felt his come being pushed into his mouth. He struggled to swallow it as Minho’s lips pressed along his collar bones and he felt Jonghyun kissing along the back of his shoulders.

Jinki felt his hands being lifted. He panted in relief as he found his hands freed, hearing the click of the handcuffs being undone. He sighed in relief as he felt hands in his hair and then the blindfold was being pulled away. Jinki pouted slightly, but he felt excited as he looked into Minho’s face, seeing his flushed expression.

“Minho!” Jinki cried out happily, reaching out to hug the taller boy, curving his arms around him. Minho smiled as he hugged Jinki back, wrapping his arms around Jinki and Jonghyun. “Why… why did you blindfold me?” He pouted when Minho and Jonghyun pulled back from him, and Jinki found himself being lead over to the bed. His heart was still racing and he felt all silly and high.

“Because we wanted to,” Jonghyun shrugged. “It seemed hotter to us.” He grinned as he pushed Jinki onto the bed. “But we’re not finished yet.” He smirked, pressing a finger to Jinki’s chest. The older boy groaned as he quickly pulled Jonghyun to him, his hands reaching out, curious to touch the other boy. He slid his fingers down his chest and bit his lip as he reached for his erection, wrapping nervous fingers around him. Jinki swallowed as he touched Jonghyun, his eyes roving across the other boy’s body, and he couldn’t help but think it was so much better than he had dreamed or imagined.

Jonghyun moaned, arching his head back, enjoying the contact. Minho pouted and slipped forward, leaning over Jinki as he pressed his lips to Jinki’s, kissing him deeply and panting as Jinki reached for his erection too. Jinki gasped softly, his eyes wide as he held a cock in each hand; it felt strange and unreal but damn hot at the same time. He watched Jonghyun’s eyelids flutter as he stroked down his length. It felt amazing as Jinki saw how he reacted to his touches, how Jonghyun reacted to his hand, and he felt strangely proud. He bit his lip as he began to feel Minho’s cock too, brushing his fingers down his length, and he felt proud, too, as he saw Minho gasp, arching his head back from the touches. Minho moaned and curled his hands to Jinki’s hips, touching him softly before he pulled away, breathing heavily.

Jinki blinked, feeling slightly sleepy as he watched Minho get up, staring at the boy’s perfect ass. Unconsciously licking his lips as he stared, he blushed when he realised Jonghyun was grinning across at him. Jinki suddenly felt shy, lying there naked with two gorgeous boys. He shut his eyes and turned his head and body away from Jonghyun. Jinki suddenly felt ashamed of himself and tried to hide from the two, unaware that he was actually letting them admire his bottom. Minho grinned and winked across at Jonghyun, enjoying the view of Jinki’s ass.

Jonghyun smirked as he leaned over and placed kisses across Jinki’s cheeks before kissing him across the lips. He felt so turned on, and the thought of what they had planned was making him insanely excited. He rocked his body down against Jinki’s, thrusting his erection down hard against the back of his thigh, grunting into his mouth as he tasted Jinki’s come. He pulled away and stroked Jinki’s cheek lightly, sitting up as he felt the bed shift and Minho sat there next to him.

“Hyung, don’t be shy,” Jonghyun sighed as he opened the lube, squeezing a generous amount on to his fingers. “That’s why we blindfolded you, so you would feel more at ease.” He shrugged, and Jinki opened one eye nervously, his lips parting slightly as he felt Minho’s hand on his ankles, spreading his legs. “Just relax, hyung,” Jonghyun whispered again, leaning in close. Jinki’s eyes opened in surprise when he felt Jonghyun press a finger into him. He couldn’t help but stiffen and tense as he felt the intrusion; it felt weird and he suddenly felt so nervous.

“God, I want you,” Minho rasped, grabbing the lube from Jonghyun’s hand. Jinki blinked and eyed the other two nervously. He wasn’t hard anymore, and the seriousness of the situation was sinking in as his eyes dropped to their erections again. He gulped as he looked down at Jonghyun’s hand disappearing between his legs; he wasn’t doing anything, but he was still aware of his finger pressed into him.

Jinki whimpered as he looked at the two horny boys, feeling incredibly nervous as he felt Jonghyun thrust his finger into him. He opened his mouth to say something, but then Minho was squeezing lube onto his finger and turning so that Jinki was staring at that perfect ass again. Jinki swallowed and reached over to cup Minho’s ass, swallowing as he heard the younger boy whine from the contact. Jinki’s slippery fingers slid across his ass softly, and Jinki almost forgot about Jonghyun’s finger as he stared at Minho’s lower back. The sheen of sweat coating his skin made it shimmer, and Jinki felt mesmerised, unable to tear his eyes away from the perfection of Minho’s body.

“Hyung, don’t tease me,” Minho panted as he reached around and grabbed Jinki’s hand, slowly pressing it against his ass as he rubbed it against him. “Come on hyung,” he murmured again, moaning in relief when Jinki pressed his finger into him slowly. He swallowed deeply as he thrust his finger into Minho, his eyes widening as he felt Minho tight around his finger; it was so hot and warm. He swallowed, breathing in deeply as he felt Jonghyun thrust his finger deeper, and he realised that it didn’t feel that weird; instead it was starting to feel good. He relaxed slightly, sucking in deep breaths as he concentrated on what Jonghyun was doing, and when he felt two being pressed into his body, he added a second to Minho’s. Jinki bit his lip as he thrust his fingers into Minho, shivering slightly as he realised he was starting to feel turned on again.

Jinki whimpered slightly when Jonghyun pulled his fingers out of him, feeling disappointed as the loss of pleasure. Minho moved away, moaning as Jinki’s fingers were tugged out of him, and Jinki pouted slightly, reaching forward to grasp Minho’s backside. Jinki swallowed as he found himself being pressed down into the sheets, his legs pulled up to rest against his chest as Minho hovered above him. It happened quickly. It surprised him, but Jinki saw the raw lust fill Minho’s eyes, and he trembled slightly feeling adrenaline and excitement pool inside him. He gulped nervously as he felt Minho’s hands sliding down his inner thighs, spreading his legs and revealing him. It was so nerve wracking, but at the same time, Jinki felt so turned on by it all.

Jinki sucked in a deep breath, trying not to moan as he felt Minho’s cock press against his entrance. He wanted it, but he couldn’t help but be nervous at the same time. He could feel the butterflies flitting around in his stomach again. Jinki shuddered and shut his eyes as Minho pushed into him. His cock was so large, and it hurt slightly as he pressed into Jinki, filling him completely. Minho patted his shoulders lightly, leaning down to place gentle kisses across Jinki’s face, letting him adjust. It hurt so much. He sucked in a deep breath, wondering if it was going to feel good at all or just hurt the whole time. But the longer Minho stayed still, Jinki found to his surprise that he got used to it. He swallowed deeply, controlling his breathing completely.

“Are you okay?” Minho whispered, kissing Jinki’s forehead lightly. He felt relieved when he nodded his head slowly. It was pure torture for Minho to be surrounded by that tightness, his body trembling with need as he just managed to hold himself back. He shivered as he slowly began to thrust into the older boy, his tightness making him swoon with ecstasy. He shivered as he felt Jonghyun’s hands stroking his ass. He paused as he felt his cock pushing into him. Minho’s eyes shut immediately. He panted as Jonghyun filled him completely. His eyes shut immediately, and Minho groaned loudly, shaking violently from the pleasure filling him. It felt so good, so unbearably good, with Jonghyun pressed into him and the way he was pressed into Jinki. Their sweaty bodies pressed together, creating this huge wave of ecstasy that washed through them all.

“Minho, Jinki-hyung, you guys okay?” Jonghyun asked as he rocked his hips back, pulling his cock almost completely out of Minho and then thrusting back in again. He smirked as he felt Minho’s body thrust against him, then rocking forward into Jinki’s body. Minho whimpered as he pushed harder into Jinki, shuddering from the warmth and rapture filling him. Jinki gasped loudly, his eyes sliding shut as he felt Minho thrust deeply into him. His nerves felt as if they were on fire again.

“Ugh, yeah,” Minho finally grunted, feeling as if he was floating as Jonghyun continued to thrust into him, rocking his cock against the bundle of nerves so that he saw black spots with every thrust. Minho thrust forward hard into Jinki with the motions of Jonghyun, shuddering from the combined euphoria from being in Jinki and having Jonghyun in him. Minho knew he wasn’t going to last long; his body felt stretched completely between the two boys.

Jinki grunted, feeling bubbles of bliss rising up in him again as Minho thrust against the spot inside him, and he found himself getting hard again. Jinki groaned, his head rolling to the side as Jonghyun began to thrust harder into Minho, causing him to rock down harder into Jinki. He felt like he was being split into two, the pleasure igniting along his cock and cutting down his chest in a harsh line.

“Jjong,” Minho panted, his eyes squeezed shut. “Slowly, not so hard, don’t be so rough on Jinki-hyung,” Minho rasped, and Jonghyun sighed but adjusted his motions so that it was gentler. He shuddered as he pushed into Minho, loving how he felt under him, the bliss spreading warmly across his limbs. He shuddered and realised that he was close.

“Hey… I’m going to come soon,” Jonghyun groaned, and Minho swore softly, reaching down to clutch at Jinki’s erection. He began to stroke him fast, moving his hand quickly down his length as he continued to buck into him. Jonghyun groaned as he thrust his hips down hard into Minho, his hipbones digging into his ass as he came.

Jonghyun coming caused a chain reaction. Moments later, Minho gasped loudly as he thrust into Jinki deeply, coming with a loud moan. Jinki groaned as Minho’s thrust rocked hard against the spot, and he felt himself jerking up desperately and then he was coming again, his seed spurting out as he lay there gasping heavily, completely spent. Jinki half opened his eyes as he felt Minho pull out of him. He groaned as he felt both boys wrap their arms around him, resting their heads against his chest.

Jinki opened his mouth obediently when they both kissed him, but after that, he found himself so tired and weary that he just fell asleep without thinking about anything at all. Minho looked amused as he touched Jinki’s chest lightly, seeing how he was fast asleep, his cheeks flushed and smiling softly. Jonghyun leaned across and kissed Minho’s cheek lightly.

“You’re so sweet,” he whispered over Jinki’s body. “And you were right. I think hyung did have a thing for us.” Minho just nodded his head, agreeing with the older boy. “But then again, we didn’t really give him a chance or any choice, did we?” He smirked and winked across at Minho, “And how could he resist us, anyway?”

“Hyung,” Minho bit his lip as he settled down next to Jinki, draping his arm across his waist. “I know we’re not in a relationship,” He paused again, sifting his fingers through Jinki’s, come spread across his stomach. “But… would you be angry if I did stuff with Jinki-hyung without you?” He paused, wondering what the other boy would say.

Jonghyun grinned as he settled on the other side of Jinki. He placed his hand over Minho’s and shook his head quickly. “No, I was just about to ask you the same thing,” he admitted with a shrug, grinning as he saw Minho smile back at him. “So you wouldn’t be angry if I did stuff with him, without you?” he asked. Minho immediately shook his head. “And Jinki-hyung shouldn’t be annoyed if we do stuff, too,” He grinned and winked across at Minho.


Jinki woke up feeling more rested than he had in a long time; his dreams had been awesome. He sighed softly, stretching slightly, but then something felt weird to him. He opened his eyes and frowned, his eyes widening as he remembered the night before. He felt surprised when he realised that it had not been a dream, because it had been quite frankly amazing and so damn hot. It was almost too good to be true, but he knew it was real and not a dream as he looked up smiling, but as soon as he did that, he paled, the smile fading. Jinki sucked in a deep breath, and pouted, suddenly feeling very awkward. He wondered why on earth he had stayed in Jonghyun and Minho’s room, why he hadn’t insisted on going back to his own bed.

Jonghyun and Minho were leaning over Jinki’s body, making out heavily, their knees digging into his waist and their erections hovering above his body. Jinki swallowed, feeling awkward as he decided it was time to escape. He felt slightly embarrassed and figured it was nice of them to indulge him the night before, but he guessed that they wanted to be alone now. He slowly shifted back, trying to get free from the sheets, but it was hard with the two boys kneeling on the sheets on either side of his body. He slowly moved back and was just about to attempt to get out from the bed when he felt a hand press to his chest.


Jinki gulped as Minho and Jonghyun looked down at him, both boys pressing their palms to his chest. He found himself being pushed so that he was lying down again. Both boys were hovering over him, looking at him intently. Jinki sucked in a deep breath, trying not to stare at the two gorgeous, naked boys. He wanted to shut his eyes and pretend he was asleep. He felt so incredibly awkward and stupid.

“Hyung, where do you think you’re going?” Minho raised one eyebrow as he grinned down at Jinki. “And where is my good morning kiss?” he added and licked his lips before he leaned down and kissed the boy passionately. Jinki shut his eyes as he arched his head up, groaning against the other boy as they kissed. When Minho pulled away, Jinki opened his mouth to speak, but instead, he felt Jonghyun’s lips claiming his.

“That’s better,” Jonghyun smirked when he pulled away. “And don’t think of running away.” He pouted down at the other boy. “We want you to stay.” He nodded his head quickly, and Jinki gulped, looking over to see that Minho was smiling brightly and nodding his head quickly, too. Jinki’s head was whirling again, and he just felt so surprised and confused. He had been sure they would tell him to go away and leave them alone.

“Yes, hyung. We want you,” Minho grinned as he ran his fingers through Jinki’s hair lightly, leaning down to peck him across the lips. “Um, I think you should move into this bedroom.” Minho nodded his head, looking eager, making Jinki gawk up at him with surprise. He stared in disbelief, gaping as he saw Jonghyun nodding his head and grinning, too. Jinki lay there completely dazed and shocked as he stared up at them both.

“But.... but!” Jinki protested. “What about your privacy? When you guys want to um… you know,” He blushed, and Jonghyun and Minho grinned at his reaction and his inability to say 'sex'. They both thought it was honestly cute how Jinki was, the way he blushed so shyly.

“Well, you’ll be watching won’t you, hyung?” Minho teased lightly, watching the older boy’s cheeks turn bright red. “And joining in.” He grinned across at Jonghyun and winked at him. “So yeah, it makes sense for you to share our room.” He patted the leader’s shoulder. He was still gaping up at both of them.

“Yeah, we’ll move your stuff in later,” Jonghyun commented with a nod of his head. “And you’ll never be neglected again.” He winked and reached down to stroke Jinki’s cock, making the older boy gasp from the caress as Minho’s hands slid across his chest. Jinki swallowed and felt strangely happy as the two boys touched him again. He groaned, feeling light headed and so happy. He smiled brightly up at them both, feeling his heart race as they both hugged him tightly. He hugged them back, feeling like he would explode from happiness or something else.


*runs* *hides* :/ um yeah the ending is meant to make both JongHo and TofuHo fans happy? You know, I can’t destroy TofuHo lol but I don’t wanna upset JongHo fans either :/ so um yeah... sorry I’m going to dig myself a hole to hide in now! D:
I wrote a TofuHo sequel for this too. lol. typical I guess.
Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, pairing: jonghonew, rating: nc-17, status: complete
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