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Title: Nobody knows...
Author: argh (@ onho)
Rating: PG-15? R? D:
Length: 5,574 words
Pairing: Onew/Minho, Jonghyun/Onew and implied Jonghyun/Minho.
Summary: Sequel to you're ever so inviting 01 & two. Jinki is (still) jealous of the relationship between Jonghyun and Minho... 8D But it ends Onew/Minho...
Warnings: unbeta-ed :/
Dedications: for ryukilla because bb you reminded me that I wanted to write a sequel. And you inspired me to write it. ♥ I hope you like it ._. sorry it's not smut. :/
(and 'sretan rodjendan~' to kii XDD nvm u won't see this! XDDD)

Nobody knows…

TofuHo :D


Jinki found it quite strange when he first moved into Jonghyun and Minho’s room. He kept heading over to the other bedroom, and he would realise it was no longer his room as soon as his fingers grasped the door knob. He would pout and laugh softly, feeling like an idiot as he backtracked and headed towards the other bedroom, more often than not being caught by Minho, who would just smile across at him, making his heart flutter in his chest.

Jinki also found it awkward when he entered the room and found Jonghyun and Minho kissing or doing more, and he would scurry out even if they insisted that he stay. It was strange to be standing there watching them making out, but as soon as Minho’s large eyes fell on him, and he told him to stay, Jinki found he could do nothing but nod his head and stay. Slowly Jinki found himself adapting to the new room arrangements and the strangeness of the situation.

He liked it best when he woke up and found Minho hovering at his bedside, his lips curved up in a happy smile, that smile filled Jinki’s stomach with butterflies and he revelled in the brightness of his smile like a cat basked in the sun’s warmth. Jinki loved the way he would comb his fingers through his hair, while he was still waking up, and Minho’s smile was dazzling him and Jinki would smile up at him, his ‘good morning’ swallowed up by Minho’s sweet mouth and lips. The taste of Minho’s kisses seemed to linger long after he was gone, and Jinki relished in the musk and pine taste. It made him realise that sometimes he wished it was just the two of them, or that he alone received Minho’s attention and affection.

He pouted slightly when he saw Jonghyun wrap his arms around Minho, hugging him lightly and kissing him. If Jinki was being honest he was jealous, but he figured he had no right to say anything at all to either of them. After all he was lucky enough that they both were slightly interested in him, that Minho would kiss him willingly sometimes. He knew he had no right to be jealous of Jonghyun, he was the third wheel, which was why he never said anything and he tried not to let his jealousy show. He just had to get over his feelings and be happy that some of the time Minho wanted him. He sighed as he walked out of the room, intending to try and write more song lyrics. He sat at the table, and tried to concentrate, but he realised he was actually a lot happier than he was before.

He smiled feeling glad he now shared a room with Jonghyun and Minho, it was not that Kibum and Taemin were nasty or mean. But it felt more comfortable because he did not interrupt them, and the other two always made him feel welcome. Waking up and seeing Minho right there, shirtless with his hair all mussed from sleep, was something that filled him with joy, and seeing the other boy smile across at him, well that at times felt like winning the lottery to Jinki. He sighed happily, and decided to try and convey his feelings in lyrics.

Jinki was so engrossed in his happy thoughts he didn’t even notice when Minho sat down opposite him and just observed him. He only noticed him when he looked up, his eyes widening in surprise when he saw the younger boy smiling gently across at him, leaning forward as if he was trying to get closer to him. Jinki was shocked because he was sure the other two were kissing and having sex in the bedroom. He blinked and stared across wondering why Minho was just sitting there watching him.

“What are you doing?” Minho asked with a faint smile, “You disappeared, I was wondering where you went, what you were doing.” He offered with a slight shrug of his shoulders, “I missed you.” He cocked his head to one side, and reached his hand across as if he was going to take Jinki’s hand. Jinki swallowed, feeling a painful thump in his chest, and he had to remind himself that Minho did not like just him. He could not take Minho’s words to heart, he probably said the same thing to Jonghyun, he tried not to let it hurt.

“I didn’t want to disturb you guys.”

“Hyung, you never disturb us,” Minho finally reached across and gripped Jinki’s fingers lightly, “I was hoping you’d join in, but oh well.” He nodded his head firmly, “Anyways I’ll leave you to write your song lyrics.” Before Jinki could a word in the taller boy leaned across and kissed his cheek gently, he grasped Jinki’s hand squeezing his fingers and then he stood up slowly retreating. Leaving a confused and slightly bewildered Jinki, he sighed and wished it meant something, that it meant something to Minho.


Jinki was thinking of words that rhymed together, as he brushed his teeth. His eyes squeezed shut as he mentally tried different word combinations, his face scrunched up in concentration, he was so engrossed in his thoughts he just stood there holding the brush in his mouth. The toothpaste spread across his mouth in all its foamy gloriousness until he felt fingers swiping at his mouth. He opened his eyes looking into the mirror to see Minho leaning over his shoulder, smirking and wiping the toothpaste foam away. Embarrassed Jinki finished cleaning his teeth, and he rinsed his mouth out, wiping his whole face with wet palms.

He stepped away to give Minho access to the sink, but before he could move he found himself pressed up against the wall. Minho’s eyes were dark and glinting as he leaned in and hungrily kissed him, making Jinki rise up on his tiptoes, desperate to press against that mouth, desperate to taste Minho again. He wanted Minho’s taste to flood his senses, he whined slightly needy and pathetic but he did not care anymore, he just wanted Minho. Jinki’s eyes fluttering at first and he tried to focus on the other boy, as their lips moved together softly but passionately. His eyes slid shut as he felt his pyjamas being tugged away, and warm fingers inched along his stomach, making him gasp against Minho’s lips.

“Minho,” Jinki panted when the taller boy pulled away, his fingers struggling to unbutton his pyjama top, and he just sucked in a deep breath as it was pushed back along his body, baring his slender shoulders and pale skin. “Minho, we’re meant to be going to bed.” Jinki weakly mumbled, but he was secretly thrilled with the attention Minho was showering him with. He arched his head back and groaned as Minho’s tongue slid down his shoulder blades, and he kissed the soft skin, his arms circling Jinki’s waist, pulling him in close.

Jinki’s mind shut down as Minho left a hot wet path down his shoulder blades, each stroke of his tongue making Jinki shudder against him. He mewled clinging to Minho as the taller boy nipped his tender flesh, alternating between tongue and teeth on his skin. The sensations making his nerves flicker as if they were sparking. He wanted more, the way Minho’s mouth glided across his chest made his thoughts, and brain turn to complete mush. Jinki’s fingers dug into Minho’s torso, shivering as he lit his skin on fire with his talented mouth.

“Mmm… soon hyung.” Minho practically purred as he sucked on Jinki’s neck, he lapped at the skin right under his jaw, before he pulled back and tugged his own shirt off. Jinki swallowed as Minho stood there shirtless and he traced his fingers across his firm chest, his protests dying down as Minho’s mouth pressed soft and firm, against his, claiming Jinki’s mouth again. He groaned softly feeling Minho’s fingers inching across his chest, his hips jerking up as a warm hand pressed into his pants.

Jinki shuddered and he felt boneless as Minho’s hips rolled against his own, and even if there was fabric between their constraining cocks it felt amazing. Jinki swallowed thickly, all he could think about was Minho, it was if nothing else existed. He almost forgot how to breathe as Minho’s hand inched over his cock, his fingers stroking his erection, making his blood boil in his veins. He needed Minho so badly, he could not get enough of this, it was better than any dream. He whimpered and rocked his hips forward as Minho’s cock rubbed against his thigh, it was so hot. There was nothing else but Minho, and the way he worshipped his body, it made Jinki feel loved. He relished in the attention, wishing it would never end. Jinki moaned loudly as Minho’s hand thrust up and down his length, still moving his hips against Jinki’s, until his vision was a blurred mess, and he felt as if his body was shutting down completely.

He shivered as Minho kissed him sensually, and in seconds he felt himself coming. He knew he should feel pathetic for coming so easily, but Jinki was too far gone, too far into Minho to be embarrassed anymore. He panted loudly, his head rolling against the wall, listening to the glorious moans Minho let out, unaware (too out of it) that the taller boy was jerking himself off watching Jinki.

He moaned softly as Minho’s hand dipped down into his underwear, and he watched with wide eyes as he brought his hand up and lapped up Jinki’s come. His eyes were dark and lidded as he licked his hand sensually, his tongue fluttering across his hand, it made Jinki feel all hot and bothered again. He swallowed painfully, unable to tear his eyes away, unable to move or do anything but watch and groan as Minho repeated his actions. It was a slow laborious process, and with ragged breathing Jinki stayed still as Minho’s hand pressed into his clothes again and again, and he licked the come off his fingers repeatedly. It should make Jinki feel dirty, he knew that, but all he could think was how hot it was watching Minho devour his come, watching him lick it up like a cat lapping at cream.

“Minho!” Jinki’s fingers shot out, and he blushed as Minho smiled happily, licking the last trace of come off his fingers. Jinki swallowed and panted softly as Minho leaned in and kissed him, his tongue soft and smooth against Jinki’s, and he found his knees shaking slightly as he tasted Minho’s musky, pine scent and something else which he realised was himself. The taller boy just smiled gently when he pulled back, reaching for his toothbrush to clean his teeth.

Jinki felt dazed as he made his way to the bedroom, his head whirling lightly, and he smiled as he opened the door. He felt as high as a kite and it was only when he was buttoning his pyjama top up again that he noticed that Jonghyun was not there. He felt a current of jealousy swirl around inside his stomach, and he made a little ‘oh’ sound deciding that Jonghyun must be in the bathroom with Minho now. He sighed figuring that that little sweet moment with Minho, was meaningless to the taller boy; that Minho and Jonghyun were probably touching and kissing too.

He lay there silently on his bed, knowing it was ridiculous to be jealous, crazy even. He knew he should be grateful for any attention Minho gave him. He realised that Minho probably hadn’t come yet either and he frowned wondering if Jonghyun was getting him off right then. The thought made him twitch with jealousy and he felt like a selfish idiot for not helping Minho. He sighed softly, unable to stop pouting slightly, until the door opened only a minute or two after he had climbed into bed. Jinki glanced up, and blinked in surprise when he just saw Minho walking in and there was no sign of Jonghyun.

“Night hyung,” Minho smiled and Jinki inhaled pine trees and musk as the other boy leaned in close, kissing him passionately. Jinki’s eyes slid shut and he felt his high spirits bubbling again as they kissed, he really could never get enough of this. He whimpered slightly when Minho pulled away, his fingers stroking Jinki’s cheek lightly, before he climbed into his bunk bed.


“Hyung, have some juice.” Minho smiled warmly across as Jinki yawned sleepily and stumbled into the dining room. Kibum, Jonghyun and Taemin watched in surprise as Minho walked over, and he helped Jinki over to the table. He handed him his juice when he was seated, and then sat next to him, acting as if no one else was even there. Jinki just yawned and drank his juice, his head slumped forward slightly, he didn’t notice Minho placing the bowl of rice in front of him.

“Thanks.” Jinki mumbled sleepily, when Minho prodded him in the side and handed him his chopsticks, and the kimchi stew. “Oh thank you, Minho.” Jinki smiled affectionately up at the younger boy as he dished it for him. Jinki did not even notice how the others stared curiously at them, it wasn’t normal for Minho to be so caring towards anyone. He was normally too busy eating, to dish up food for anyone else, but his eyes were constantly on Jinki, taking care of the sleep deprived older boy.

When Jinki had finished eating, he rested his head against Minho’s broad shoulder, his eyes half shut, and he smiled as the other boy touched his hair lightly and he combed it out of his Jinki’s face. He sighed happily as Minho continued to stroke his hair, and Kibum rolled his eyes before smirking across at Taemin, and he whispered in his ear. Laughing at the obvious display of affection between the two, and Jonghyun just smirked watching them together.


Jinki found that as the weeks passed that his jealousy slowly disappeared, and he often wondered why that was. He often wondered if he was just so used to Minho and Jonghyun that he no longer noticed them together, or if they really were spending less time together. Sometimes it seemed to him that they really were spending less time together. He decided he was imagining it, that he was only focussing on the time he spent with Minho, and therefore ignoring the times Jonghyun was with Minho.

He always got such fluttery feelings inside his stomach when Minho was with him, and he found that he could not stop smiling like an idiot. He felt incredibly giddy when they shot the pictures for the new album, and Minho called him ‘sexy’, it just blew his mind. He replayed that moment over and over in his head, the tone Minho had used, and the way his eyes had looked at him, sending shivers down his spine. But even more special was how Minho had grabbed his hand as soon as the shoot was finished.

Jinki had protested and said that he needed to remove his makeup and change, but Minho ignored his words, dragging him away until he found himself pressed up against the wall in the toilets. They didn’t have sex all the time, because usually they were too tired or there were too many people around. Plus there was always Jonghyun to consider, and Jinki felt guilty because he was sure Minho really wanted Jonghyun not him. But in the bathroom, Jinki had wrapped his legs around Minho’s hips, and he had felt the earth move under them. It didn’t matter that they had been in a cramped toilet stall, the way Minho’s hands had touched him, the way he moved against him, inside him, it was more than heavenly. It was the most amazing sex Jinki had ever had, and it was something he remembered a lot.

Jinki sighed as he licked his lips, rolling onto his side, he was alone in the bedroom and was thinking about that again. He figured he really should get up and stop being lazy, but he was enjoying the rare day off, the rare chance to have a sort of sleep in. Problem was he was starting to get turned on thinking about how amazing that sex had been, and when he heard the door he shot up, hoping it was Minho coming in. He felt slightly disappointed for two seconds until he noticed that Jonghyun was shirtless, and the way water droplets slid down his chest was incredibly distracting and sexy. Even if he liked Minho, it didn’t mean he did not notice how attractive Jonghyun was, he figured you would have to be insane not to be attracted to him.

“Hyung,” Jonghyun smirked, “Why do you look,” he trailed off as he walked over, and he dropped the towel from his hips. His lips curving up into a smile as he watched the way Jinki’s eyes dropped and he gulped nervously. “Horny?” Jonghyun grinned and before Jinki could say anything the shorter boy was climbing onto his bed and crawling up towards him. Jinki wanted to protest, it felt wrong, because he was thinking of Minho, wanting Minho but it was too late.

Jinki’s head was reeling as they started to kiss, and he shuddered as Jonghyun’s hand pressed into his pyjamas. Jinki’s inhibitions disappearing as soon as Jonghyun was touching and kissing him, he found it impossible to resist him, he was an amazing kisser too. He groaned and rolled his hips up, kissing Jonghyun desperately. His heart rate speeding up as they jerked each other off and it didn’t take long before he was coming. Jinki rasped heavily, and when he opened his eyes he blushed seeing Minho in the door way, watching them.

He didn’t think anything of it because he had walked in on Jonghyun and Minho making out before. It was only later that day when he was watching television and no one else was home except Minho that he noticed the younger boy was in a foul mood. Jinki frowned when he realised that Minho was snapping at him, and he was not sure what was wrong but something clearly was. Jinki brushed it off as Minho just being tired and overworked, and he tried to make him feel better but it seemed to make him more irritable.

Jinki swallowed and he finally retreated to the bedroom feeling miserable and guilty, his jokes, body gags or even compliments had only made the other snarl at him more. Jinki pouted as he peeped from the bedroom out at Minho, his expression was dark, and Jinki figured he was the reason for the dark mood. He sighed heavily, Sorry Minho, guess you don’t like me taking Jjong from you?


A week later a similar incident occurred, with Minho walking into the bedroom to find Jonghyun kissing Jinki against the wall. Jinki opened his eyes when Jonghyun kissed the side of his neck, and he peered over his shoulder, his eyes widening in surprise when he saw Minho, standing in the doorway watching them. Jinki pressed his hands to Jonghyun’s chest and pushed him back softly, something about the serious gaze in his eyes made Jinki feel like he didn’t want to kiss Jonghyun then. Jinki could clearly remember the previous week, and he figured it was best if he left Jonghyun alone with Minho, and stopped interfering.

“Hyung,” Jonghyun whined pouting slightly, and he leaned in and kissed Jinki’s lips lightly, and he leaned in to kiss him again, but Jinki pushed his hands firmer against his chest and just shook his head. “Fine, be a spoil sport then.” He shrugged and stepped away, walking out of the room leaving Jinki and Minho alone. Jinki bit down into his lip and nervously he went over to Minho. He wrung his hands together nervously, it wasn’t meant to be like that, he was meant to leave not Jonghyun!

“Minho, are you okay?” He asked seriously, and the younger boy nodded his head and then turned away, rummaging through his desk drawers to look for something. Jinki sighed and sat down on his bed watching the other boy, and he wondered if he had done something to upset Minho. He seemed tight lipped and tense around him lately. Jinki sighed heavily, feeling awkward when he saw Minho turn and glance at him strangely, and then he too walked out of the room.

Jinki stayed seated on his bed for ten minutes before he got up and walked out of the room. He was surprised to see that no one was around and he sat down on the couch to watch television wondering where everyone else was. He sat there for sometime before he saw a movement out of the corner of his eye and then he saw Minho approaching, and he sat down next to Jinki but leaving a gap between them.

“Minho, are you angry with me?” Jinki finally asked, biting down into his lip, and he regretted his words as soon as he saw the look Minho shot him. “Sorry.” He mumbled and looked at the television, his heart pounding as he stared at it but could not concentrate.

“I’m not angry with you.” Minho replied he sounded tense, and it seemed like he was angry. He sat so stiffly, and he looked upset, hurt even. Jinki hated this, and he wondered if him moving into Jonghyun and Minho’s room had upset the balance between them. He swallowed and wondered if he should talk to Kibum about moving back into the other room. He wondered if Minho being grumpy and miserable looking was related to him kissing Jonghyun earlier.

Stupidly he assumed that Minho was angry at Jinki because he was stealing Jonghyun away from him. He tried to tell Minho that it wasn’t like that but if anything Minho’s eyes looked angrier, and his mouth was set in a straight line. He looked angrier and Jinki ended up tiptoeing away, feeling like a complete idiot. He retreated into the bedroom again, pouting and wondering if that was the end of things between him and Minho. He felt sick at that thought and he decided he would do anything for Minho, anything at all he wanted. If that meant moving out of the room then that was what he would do.


Jinki knocked on the door when Minho was in the shower, and he was surprised when Jonghyun opened the bedroom door. Jinki frowned, that was unusual he thought, but he was relieved when the older boy just winked at him and left. He sighed heavily as he shut the door behind him and he walked over and stood nervously in front of Kibum and Taemin.

“Hyung, is something up?” Kibum asked with a slight frown, and his head tilted to one side. Jinki nervously looked around the room, wondering if they would even let him move back in here. He swallowed and then figured he could just sleep on the couch if it was going to be a problem. He would do anything to make Minho happy again, anything, even if it meant sleeping on the couch.

“I was wondering… if I could move back in here.” Jinki gulped as he saw Kibum and Taemin’s eyes widen in surprise. “I know it’s sudden, but I think I upset things in the other room. I think Minho would be happier if I came back here.”

“What?” Kibum looked stunned, “You think Minho will be happier?” Kibum sounded so shocked, “Um… are you sure about that?” Kibum shrugged his slender shoulders, “Fine you can move back in here, if Taemin is okay with it.” Kibum turned to look at Taemin, and he shrugged and then just nodded his head smiling.

“Hyung, you’re always welcome.” Taemin smiled and nodded his head, “I kind of missed you, if I’m honest.”

“Okay, I’ll move my stuff now.” Jinki sighed in relief, “I hate upsetting Minho,” he pouted and sighed, getting up quickly, missing the knowing glance Kibum and Taemin shared. He had half packed his stuff already, so it was just a matter of transferring it, and he figured Minho would be a while yet in the shower. Jinki carried one load of his clothes through, and it was during his second trip that he got caught.

Jinki picked up the box of books from his bed, and he turned around to walk out, he could barely see around the boxes, and he walked forward unaware that one half naked boy was standing there with a towel wrapped around his hips. Jinki froze when he caught sight of Minho’s wet hair, and the surprised frown across his attractive face. Shit, oh he’s out of the shower, Jinki had hoped to move everything before the other was out of the shower.

“Hyung, what the hell are you doing?” Minho frowned, crossing his arms and blocking Jinki from leaving, “Are you moving rooms again?” Before Jinki could reply, he stepped forward and grabbed the boxes from Jinki’s hand and he placed them carefully on the floor. “Jinki-hyung, what are you doing?”

“I uh, was moving out.” Jinki admitted, running his hand through his hair nervously, “I thought it would make you happier, because I upset things between you and Jjong. I’m sorry, it was stupid of me to move in here.” He pouted, “So I hope things can go back to normal between you two.” He looked down, too scared to meet Minho’s eyes.

“Hyung, you’re not going anywhere.” Minho frowned, “Why on earth would I be happier if you moved out?” He frowned, and Jinki looked up surprised, he hadn’t expected this reaction at all. “I want you to stay, hyung. Come on; let’s get the rest of your stuff.” Minho sighed, and he reached forward grabbing Jinki’s hand and he led him over to Kibum and Taemin’s bedroom.

“Sorry guys, Jinki isn’t moving back in here.” Minho spoke firmly to Kibum and Taemin, “Just a misunderstanding.” He nodded his head and picked up the few bags Jinki had dumped on the floor. “But it’s all sorted now.” He walked out carrying Jinki’s bags, and the older boy felt slightly lost and confused, Minho had left nothing for him to carry.

“I thought that would happen.” Kibum smirked to Taemin, “I won, ha you owe me.” He grinned, and Jinki just frowned across at them feeling so confused and bewildered. He couldn’t understand why Minho was so annoyed at him, he was sure things would be better if he swapped rooms. He swallowed and hoped that Minho was not trying to hurt his feelings.

“Minho, are you sure about this?” Jinki asked as he trailed the other boy into the bedroom, “I mean, you’re not just doing this to spare my feelings are you? I understand that you love Jonghyun, and you guys were just taking pity on me. But really its okay, I didn’t mean to ruin things between you.” He mumbled apologetically, and he opened his mouth to speak, but Minho leaned in and just grabbed his face.

“Hyung, you really don’t get it do you?” Minho frowned and then he just kissed Jinki tenderly, moving their lips together slowly. He tugged Jinki further into his arms, kissing him more passionately as he hugged him tightly. Jinki could feel his heart race, and his eyes glided shut as they kissed. It felt so amazing, the way Minho tasted all musky and of pine, it made him feel weak-kneed.

“I don’t love Jonghyun.” Minho stroked Jinki’s cheek with his thumb, his hand cupping his jaw, “If I’m honest there is only one person I really like.” He murmured softly, “And it sure as hell isn’t Jonghyun, it’s you.” He continued to stroke his cheek lightly, smiling as he saw Jinki’s eyes widen in surprise. “I’m sorry to spring this on you, but that’s how I feel.” He shrugged and stepped back, “I get that you like Jonghyun, so don’t worry and just ignore what I said. But please don’t move out, I love having you here.”

“I don’t,” Jinki’s brain felt frozen, and he stumbled over the words, “like Jonghyun. I mean I do, but,” He paused feeling like such an idiot and he wished his brain would work. “But I don’t like him as much as I like you.” Jinki finally got the words out, “I’ve kind of liked you for a long time now.” He sighed and looked down guiltily, “Sorry Minho.”

“Hyung, hyung,” Jinki looked up cautiously to see Minho grinning down happily at him, “Why are you sorry? I’m really happy.” He nodded his head firmly, “I mean Jjong and I never have been in a relationship, I only did stuff with him because he approached me first.” He shrugged, “And I thought you’d never like me.” He sighed happily, “So… does this mean you don’t like Jjong more than me?”

“Why… would I like him more?” Jinki blinked looking shocked, “No I like you more.”

“But… all those times I walked in on you guys kissing.” Minho bit down into his lip, “I was sure you liked him more, it made me feel so jealous.” He pouted, and Jinki’s eyes widened in surprise, he gaped up at him. “What? I was jealous, that’s why I was angry, I’m sorry.”

“You were jealous… of Jonghyun?” Jinki blinked his eyes rapidly, “Not the other way around?” He smiled shyly when Minho immediately nodded his head. “Oh, oh I thought you were angry at me. I thought… you were angry at me for stealing Jonghyun away from you.” Jinki gulped nervously when he noticed Jonghyun standing in the doorway.

“Hey.” Jonghyun casually offered with a smirk, “Have you idiots finally realised your feelings for each other?” He grinned, when Minho and Jinki frowned across at him. “Oh it’s been obvious to everyone for weeks now.” He shrugged, “It’s a good thing I didn’t like either of you seriously, that it was just for fun, otherwise I’d be seriously hurting now.” He shrugged casually, “So don’t worry about me,” he winked, “I can have fun with other people you know.” He winked again, smirking across at them.

“Jjong, we didn’t mean to,” Jinki bit down into his lip, “I’m sorry.” He mumbled guiltily, but Jonghyun just shrugged his shoulders. “I mean, I didn’t mean to just use you or anything like that, I just never thought Minho would like me.”

“Hyung, its fine.” Jonghyun reassured Jinki, “I kissed you mainly to make Minho jealous and it worked! So you have fun with Minho, I’m going to go and help Kibum.” He grinned widely and sauntered out of the room, leaving Jinki blinking in surprise. Minho swallowed and then wrapped his arm around Jinki’s waist, pulling him down onto the bed with him.

“Sneaky bastard,” Minho mumbled more to himself, “tsk trying to make me jealous like that.” He shook his head slowly, his hands pressing firmly against Jinki’s waist.

“Well at least Jonghyun doesn’t mind.” Minho murmured with a smile, as he started to kiss Jinki’s neck softly, “I’m relieved, I was worried,” He whispered in between kisses, “we would hurt him. So I guess that’s the end of our casual relationship.” He stroked Jinki’s waist and leaned in to kiss him gently across the lips. Almost immediately he deepened the kiss, letting Jinki know how strong his feelings were with his lips and tongue.

“It is?” Jinki sounded upset, and he lay there panting when Minho lifted his head moments later.

“Yeah hyung, no more casual relationships for us,” Minho grinned and hugged Jinki, “Nope, not anymore now that you’re going out with me.” He winked as Jinki frowned and then he smiled so brightly that Minho wondered if he would ever be able to see normally again, after being blinded by that smile. He sighed happily, as he saw how happy and excited Jinki looked, and he leaned up shyly to kiss Minho.

“Oh, I thought…” Jinki trailed off as Minho peppered his skin with kisses, “Ugh,” he groaned shutting his eyes, “Never mind, I’m an idiot.” Minho laughed softly, reaching for Jinki’s hand lacing their fingers together. “So does this mean… we’re a couple now?” Jinki asked curiously, his eyes blinking rapidly, as Minho laughed again, leaning in to kiss his forehead tenderly.

“Yes, Jinki-hyung, you’re mine.” He grinned, putting his arms around the other boy’s shoulder possessively, still with their hands linked together. Jinki smiled brightly and just nodded his head, snuggling into Minho’s embrace. He didn’t think it was possible to be happier, and he pinched himself to see if he was actually awake, blushing as Minho laughed and kissed him across the lips. “Hyung, yes this is real, and yes I love you.” He whispered his lips centimetres away from Jinki’s. Jinki’s heart fluttered and he smiled as he tilted his head up to kiss Minho passionately, it was the best feeling ever, knowing that Minho loved him as much as he loved him. Their kisses had never tasted as sweet as they did then, now that they both knew they loved each other.


brownies for anyone who knows where the title of the fic came from 8D
Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, pairing: tofuho, rating: r
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