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like the first time.

Title: Like the first time(?)
Author: argh (@ onho)
Rating: NC-17
Length: 1,700 ish words
Pairing: Onew/Minho
Summary: Minho gets back from Dream Team and finds Jinki waiting for him on the couch...
They have sex blah. It's very short :/ I wanted to try and write short smut lol.
Warnings: unbeta-ed :/ short smut. not even sure why I'm posting this.
Dedications: for eijifujiryoma ilu & ryukilla ilu bb, hope you can forgive me for earlier? D: *hugs* I hope your head is okay. (and sorry for this).
I'm only on hiatus from posting (not writing since I have so much crap to write :/).

Like the first time


Minho smiled warmly, affection flooding him when he saw that Jinki had waited up for him – even if he was curled up asleep on the couch. He leaned over stroking Jinki’s neck lightly, fingers brushing across Jinki’s skin delicately, until the older boy stirred and his lips curled up into a sweet smile. Minho breathed in softly, relieved that they had had phone sex earlier, because if they had waited they both would have been too tired to do anything.

“Hyung,” He pressed a kiss to Jinki’s forehead, smiling when the older boy made some unintelligible noise, half way between a moan and a gasp. “Hyung, wake up, we should go to bed!” Minho murmured, holding back a yawn, his legs felt twitchy he just wanted to just flop down on the couch and sleep, but he still needed to shower. He kissed Jinki’s nose lightly and when he pulled back, he grinned seeing Jinki yawn and start to open his eyes.

“Minho!” Jinki exclaimed, his voice sounded thick and gravelly, immediately he looped his arms around Minho’s waist, tugging him so he fell down on top of him. “Minho, ah you’re home now.” Jinki murmured, nuzzling his head against Minho’s sweaty chest, “I missed you.” He moaned into Minho’s chest, and the younger laughed, warmth filling his limbs from Jinki’s words and the way he embraced him.

“Hyung, let go, I’m all sweaty and smelly.” He pouted, feeling disgusting because he was still in his dream team clothes, but Jinki continued to cling to him, rubbing his face against his shirt repeatedly. “How can you stand the smell?” Minho did not have the heart to push Jinki away roughly, but it puzzled him that the older boy was not recoiling in disgust.

“Hm, you smell like Minho.” Jinki lifted his head, and offered Minho an incredibly sweet but lopsided smile, “like musky pine trees, you don’t stink, I love how you smell.” He nodded his head, ignoring the incredulous look Minho shot him hearing that. “And why do we need to go to bed?” Jinki frowned slightly, “Not yet, not yet, Minho.”

“It’s late and you’re sleepy.” Minho sighed, finding it hard to resist the puppy dog look Jinki shot him, and the way he pressed his hands under his shirt. He shivered as Jinki’s hand stroked his back lightly, his eyes shutting despite his best efforts to stay focussed on getting ready for bed. Jinki’s fingers felt soothing across his back, as he bit back a moan as one of Jinki’s hand slid around to touch his stomach tenderly.

“Not anymore.” Jinki murmured, as he started to tug Minho’s shirt up, struggling to push it out of the way and then he smothered Minho’s slightly damp skin in kisses. Minho blinked his eyes, his lips curving up as he enjoyed the caresses left by his fingers and lips. He had no desire to move anywhere except closer to Jinki, he breathed in softly, noticing how Jinki breathed in his scent deeply.

“Not since you’re here.” He mumbled in between kisses, tugging Minho down harder against him, and the taller boy’s eyes shot open when he felt the large bulge between Jinki’s legs. That definitely changed everything, Minho swallowed, wondering why he had wanted to sleep, he felt giddy and pumped full of adrenaline.

“Hyung,” Minho weakly protested but as Jinki’s lips closed over his nipple, he whimpered and felt all reason fleeing. “Oh hyung,” He moaned softer, his fingers curling down against Jinki’s erection. Minho’s eyes slid shut, the soft swipe of a tongue across his nipple, the sensations making his skin tingle, he felt flushed with energy. He opened his eyes pushing Jinki away from him somewhat roughly, ignoring the way the older boy whimpered with displeasure at his actions.

“Minho,” Jinki pouted up at him, until Minho tugged his shirt off making Jinki’s eyes light up like he had just been given chicken. “Oh, oh,” Jinki licked his lips slowly, Minho smirked seeing his reaction, he winked before he pushed his shorts down, stepping out of them easily. So much for going straight to bed, he thought as he kicked his clothes to the side not that he minded He could feel his pulse increasing as Jinki’s hands reached out for him.

Minho’s lips curved up into a smile, tapping his fingers against his muscular torso, as he watched Jinki struggle out of his shirt. He smirked as he saw the Superman belt buckle on his jeans, laughing, realising that Jinki was still wearing those jeans from Rock of Ages performance. That buckle was perfect for Jinki, after all what he had between his legs was most definitely worthy of Superman. He nodded his head enthusiastically, breathing in raggedly as Jinki lifted his hips up, to unbuckle the belt and unzip his jeans.

“Hey superman,” Minho smirked as he saw the way Jinki’s forehead creased, his blinking eyes staring up at Minho, “wanna ride me?” Jinki licked his lips, one hand reaching down to stroke himself through his underwear, Minho’s mouth went dry, he could not look away, Jinki commanded all his attention. There was something undeniably sexy about seeing Jinki touching himself, even more so with the way his half shut eyes focussed completely on Minho. He shivered slightly, with the naked, hungry gaze Jinki sent him. If he was not hard already, that look would have made him hard in a second.

Breathing in deeply he slipped onto the couch, arms loosely slipping around Jinki’s waist, he smiled leaning into him. Jinki’s warmth soaked into Minho, making his lips curve up contentedly, as their slender thighs brushed together. Friction heating up his skin from the way their bodies rubbed together, sparks flickering behind Minho’s eyelids.

Minho groaned as he curled his fingers into Jinki’s underwear, his cock aching from the plaintive whine Jinki let out as he slid his underwear down his shapely legs. He was aware of the thrum of his blood, pumping straight to his cock, and the need for urgency. He lifted his own hips up, and removed his underwear too, eager to be naked. His limbs felt all twitchy with need, his cock felt heavy and heated.

Minho’s eyes rolled back as Jinki’s hand palmed his erection, his brain combusting from the way the older boy flicked his fingers against his flesh. Minho’s chest heaved, he struggled to breathe as Jinki’s fingers sifted over his tip, swiping the pre come collecting there. Minho’s head rolled back, he shuddered, Jinki’s fingers causing his cells to tingle.

“Hey, hey, superman,” Minho rasped out, his voice thick with desire, “hold on, I’m going to come if you keep doing that.” He gripped Jinki’s wrist and roughly tugged his hand away from his dick. Jinki looked over at him, large brown puppy dog eyes, melting Minho’s heart, but he knew he had to be firm. He bit down into his lip, struggling to ignore Jinki’s gaze, he shifted Jinki, turning him so that he was facing away from Minho. His body angled to the side, in front of Minho.

Minho swallowed and then shook his head, frowning slightly, before he coaxed Jinki to move again. Before Minho’s brains had come to its senses, Jinki shifted and climbed into his lap. Minho’s eyes widened as he gasped as he suddenly had a lapful of a very hot, naked Jinki. He breathed in deeply, his hips shaking as Jinki lifted himself up higher. Minho’s mind stopped working as he realised what was going on, he felt tremors slide through his skin from where Jinki brushed.

“Hey,” Minho’s hands gripped Jinki’s hips, “hey,” He mumbled, blinking his eyes rapidly, his fingers digging into Jinki’s hips to try and stop him from moving. But his lips refused to cooperate, and his brain shut down as Jinki sheathed his cock in heat. Minho’s head hit the back of the couch, his hips surging up, he could not stop moaning. His body felt like it was going crazy – it was twitchy he felt jittery and high. He shuddered more violently as Jinki’s arms wrapped around him, he was aware of the slick, velvety feel of Jinki against him, and the tightness engulfing his cock.

Minho shivered as he thrust his hips into Jinki, establishing a quick pace, his arms encircling Jinki’s waist. Minho buried his face against Jinki’s chest, shaking from the way Jinki rolled his hips down, making waves radiate up through Minho’s body. He felt as if he was melting, oozing into a sticky mess on the floor, from the way they thrust together and apart. Minho felt as weightless as a feather, the bubbles of adrenaline and happiness made him soar up so high.

Minho curled his hand around Jinki’s cock, letting out whimpers when he heard Jinki’s throaty moans, which soaked into his body, adding another layer of intensity to the experience. Minho thrust faster into Jinki, his hips rising in time to the pounding of his blood through his heart. Jinki’s fingers dug into his shoulders desperately, mirroring Minho’s needs too. His hips arced up off the couch, his body felt liquefied by the intense pleasure building inside him.

He found it hard to breathe, his mind clouding over as Jinki’s moans washed over him. His hips surged up desperately, and his vision exploded into a rainbow of brightly coloured stars as he climaxed. He lost all sense of time and space, the only thing that existed was Jinki, and the their bodies intertwined, he only floated back down to earth when he felt Jinki quaking above him, his come sticky and hot covering Minho’s chest and hands. He whimpered and hugged Jinki tightly, never wanting to move from where they were seated.

“Mmm… Minho,” Jinki murmured right into Minho’s ear, “ugh, so good.” He kissed Minho’s cheek, lightly, before he shifted, settling on the couch next to Minho. Minho opened his eyes, still hazed completely he wrapped his arm around Jinki’s shoulder. He felt delirious, and completely buzzed, he had never expected to come home to that. Minho smiled happily, he felt boneless and weak as he stretched out beside Jinki. He was too out of it to even consider moving, instead they curled into each other, falling asleep almost instantly.


Meh. I think it's pretty obvious why I'm on hiatus.
only posted this for one reason but I'm not saying what that reason is.
Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, pairing: tofuho, rating: r
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