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Secret Line

Title: Secret Line
Author: argh
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1,829 words
Pairing: Onew/Minho (TofuHo♥)
Summary: Jinki is online and when Minho walks in he overreacts making the other boy suspicious about what he was looking at.
Warnings: unbeta-ed -_-; and slightly strange :S
Dedicated to: eijifujiryoma ♥♥♥! :( I miss you :/

Secret Line



Jinki blinked as he looked at the fan site, his eyes widening as he studied the pictures and the words. For a moment he was confused, but then he slowly began to understand, his eyes widened as he scrolled down the screen. He was completely engrossed, when he felt a hand touch his shoulder, and Jinki yelped and minimised the browser screen, his fingers clicking super fast.


Jinki whipped his head around to see Minho smiling curiously down at him, “What were you looking at?” He grinned, noting how Jinki paled, and suddenly looked serious. Jinki shifted and avoided Minho’s gaze, he felt somehow embarrassed for looking at that fan site. Minho tapped his long index finger against his lip, “Hmm? You minimised that window so fast, and now you…” he paused studying Jinki’s face carefully, “look guilty.”

“So hyung, was it porn you were looking at?” Minho took great delight in asking that, watching Jinki’s eyes widen and he looked so stunned. Jinki gulped softly and shook his head quickly, and Minho let out a gentle “hmmm” as he stared down at the older boy’s troubled face. Noticing how his lips were pursed tightly together and how he was desperately shaking his head.

“Minho!” Jinki yelped, “Porn? No! Ugh, no, I wasn’t!” He protested, still shaking his head but Minho just raised one eyebrow looking at him carefully. He reached over and placed his hand on Jinki’s wrist, the shorter boys eyes blinked quickly and he looked down at his wrist. His heart pounding softly as Minho’s fingers stroked his wrist lightly.

Jinki nervously looked up at Minho’s face, wondering why he was touching his wrist like that. For a moment he figured Minho had seen what he had been looking at, and he knew what Jinki had been thinking. He swallowed nervously as Minho’s fingers swept lightly across his skin, and he found all thoughts floating out of his brain. Instead he found himself focussing on the way Minho’s fingers felt against his skin, and the way his touches made him feel.

Minho’s fingers swept across his skin with soft, sensual touches, and Jinki’s mouth went dry, all his attention now focused on the wrist. He bit down into his lip, as Minho’s fingers caressed his skin, each brush of his fingers delicate and light and oh so lovely. Jinki was so distracted by Minho’s touches that he didn’t even think or notice as Minho wrapped his fingers around his wrist and lifted his hand up from the mouse.

“Hmmm…” Minho murmured softly, watching Jinki’s expression and how he had relaxed completely, and was staring almost dazed at his wrist. Completely forgetting about the computer and what he had been looking at. Minho grinned as he took the mouse and maximised the window, “Guess hyung, we’ll have to see what it was that you didn’t want me to see.”

He grinned as Jinki yelped again, his eyes darting up nervously to the computer screen before he turned back to look at Minho with distrust. Suddenly he understood that Minho was only trying to distract him, and that his touches had been completely meaningless. Jinki winced as he saw Minho frowning at the browser window, and he looked surprised by what he saw.

“Huh?” Minho blinked, trying to work out what he was looking at. It was a discussion about the different Onew pairings in SHINee. Minho wasn’t sure what to think about that, and he couldn’t quite understand why Jinki had been trying to hide it from him. Minho blinked as he read more and saw the fans calling Onew and Jonghyun the “watermelon” pairing, and he frowned as he saw a cute picture of them in striped green shirts. The next one was “appa and umma” pairing, and Minho wasn’t surprised to see Jinki and Key.

He frowned, and wondered why Jinki reacted so strongly, and he blinked, scrolling down to see if there was anything worse. The next one was the “best friend” pairing, and Minho smiled as he saw a smiling picture of Taemin and Jinki, they looked really cute together. And last he frowned seeing himself and Jinki, but he frowned because it was called “secret” and his eyes widened as he saw it mentioned that fans believed they liked each other secretly.

Minho felt completely confused, and he stared down at Jinki in surprise. He could not understand why Jinki did not want him to see this, and he looked down to see Jinki wincing, and looking nervous. He thought about it, staring at the pictures. He wondered for a second if Jinki worried that Minho would think he was being arrogant by looking at something like this, but that didn’t make sense to him.

“Hyung? I don’t understand.” Minho frowned, “why did you hide this from me?”

Jinki bit his lip and shrugged, “Because? It’s weird… and ugh I thought you’d think I was crazy for looking at this?” He swallowed, looking down nervously, and Minho carefully studied Jinki, trying to work out what was going on. He looked up again, rereading the words of the of the secret pairing, and he swallowed, well, I do like him, so they have that right … regarding my feelings.

Minho swallowed and then mumbled in a dry voice, “So uh, which pairing looks the best to you? The most comfortable or natural pairing for you?” He knew it was a strange question, but couldn’t help himself, “Maybe the um… best friend one with Taeminnie?” He asked carefully, hoping that Jinki wouldn’t smile and nod. Please, don’t let him say the one with Taemin? Or… damn it Jonghyun or Kibum, ah but he wouldn’t pick me either.

“Minho, you’re all my band mates and I’m the leader.” Jinki carefully avoided the question, “So uh I have to… like you all equally.” He nodded his head slowly, avoiding Minho’s gaze, missing the hurt look the younger boy shot him. Jinki inhaled deeply in relief as he also realised that Minho had not scrolled down and seen the comment he had been writing in reply, no one needed to know that he had an account on the forum.

“Oh. Okay.” Minho frowned, he was determined to get an answer from Jinki, “Well, if you had to choose one of us. If you weren’t the leader, who would you pick?” Minho turned the computer chair around, so that Jinki’s back was now facing the screen, and he was forced to look at Minho. He held the chair firmly, so Jinki could not escape anywhere.

“Minho.” Jinki sighed trying to look anywhere but Minho’s eyes, “I-I can’t… answer that.” He swallowed and prayed that Minho would not scroll down. He felt he couldn’t answer the question as “Onew” or the leader of SHINee. But on the forum when he pretended to be just a fan, he could, and he didn’t want Minho to see his real answer.

“Did you… react that way…” Minho suddenly had an idea, “because… you liked the idea of one of the pairings or something Hyung?”

“Minho, why are you interrogating me?” Jinki pouted up at Minho, again avoiding the question, “Does it really matter?” He sulked slightly, looking slightly upset, and Minho felt guilty for a moment or two. “You surprised me earlier.” Jinki shrugged and whispered, “Ah, you’re always surprising me Minho.” He swallowed and then commented, “Why was it you who came in just now.”

Minho’s eyes widened and he felt hurt, “What’s that meant to mean?” He sighed, “Hyung? I thought you had to like us equally, but it sounds like you didn’t want to see me?” Suddenly Minho felt depressed, and he sagged slightly. Part of him wondered if he should just walk away because he was probably going to be hurt if Jinki answered him truthfully.

“I-I do.” Jinki gulped, sensing that he was digging himself deeper, as Minho scowled down at him. “Well, uh I might like a certain member more than others.” He finally admitted, not meeting Minho’s intense gaze, “And then you surprised me, and… I panicked?” As soon as Jinki finished speaking, Minho realised that there was no way he could just walk away without knowing, because it would drive him insane, and somehow he felt his hopes rising up a little.

“Who?” Minho inhaled deeply, feeling his heart beat racing faster, “Who… is that member?” His voice dropped to a whisper, and it sounded thick and full of emotion. He stupidly felt his hope rising up even more, and Minho knew it was silly to hope it was him, he was sure he was about to get hurt. Stupid, I need to stop thinking there is any way in hell it is me. Ahh damn it. But if I don’t find out it will bug me.

Jinki looked down, studying the carpet between Minho’s long legs, and he shifted nervously on the computer chair, “Uh… it’s just someone.” He swallowed, finding it harder and harder when Minho right there, leaning down so close to him, he longed to spit it out. “Someone… that um I care about a lot, someone that I would have a secret relationship with,” Jinki whispered, so softly that Minho almost missed his words.

Minho frowned at first, feeling frustrated because Jinki wasn’t answering him directly, but then something clicked in his head. He looked over Jinki’s shoulder, his eyes falling to the fan site and the picture of him and Jinki, and he felt his heart stopping as he worked it out. Jinki looked up nervously wondering if Minho had worked it out, and licked his lips nervously as he saw Minho freeze, and then he pointed at himself, looking shocked and almost happy. Jinki slowly nodded his head, wincing as he saw Minho smile brightly down at him.

“Me?” Minho whispered pointing at himself, “M-me, hyung? He repeated when Jinki didn’t reply, and then the older boy nodded his head again, “Oh.” Minho smiled softly, “I uh guess the fans know everything huh, hyung?” He reached a hand down and placed it over Jinki’s.

“Well not everything… but I guess they were right…” Minho paused, his eyes flickering to the screen, “about the um… secret pairing.” He grinned as Jinki’s eyes widened, and he looked pleasantly surprised, and Minho held his hand lightly, “Except, I guess it’s not so secret anymore.” Minho inhaled deeply, feeling so happy as Jinki smiled up at him, and he felt dazzled by the bright smile.

“No.” Jinki continued to dazzle Minho with his smile, “It’s… not so secret now.” He swallowed and shut his eyes as Minho cupped his chin, his fingers stroking along his chin gently. Suddenly Jinki felt glad he had found that fan site and that Minho had come in when he did, otherwise nothing would have changed. He blinked up at Minho happily, and squeezed his hand tightly, and Minho leaned down and kissed his forehead.


Uh. Yeah. Fail D: I just thought of this when I saw this post discussing the names for SHINee pairings with Onew and I thought it was interesting XD and somehow this idea popped into my head :/

:/ comments? ♥ :(
Tags: !fanfic, !oneshot, author: argh, genre: romance, pairing: tofuho, rating: pg-13, status: complete
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