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Exhaustion; TofuHo

Title: Exhaustion
Author: argh
Rating: PG-13
Length: 4,946 words
Pairing: Onew/Minho (Tofuho 8D)
Summary: Jinki is exhausted after not getting enough sleep? And Minho is trying to get him to rest more/not work so hard? *fails*
Warnings: it's all about sleep (and lack of sleep) so um maybe boring? D:
Dedicated to: eijifujiryoma ♥ & pixziestikxz thanks for beta-ing this for me!! ♥ :D


TofuHo :D


Minho yawned softly as he slumped down into the couch. Kibum, Jonghyun and Taemin had gone to the van to wait for Jinki. Minho, however, was determined to fight sleep and decided to wait outside the studio for Jinki. He sat up slowly, holding back his exhaustion and with half shut eyes he stared through the glass, smiling proudly as he watched Jinki sing. He made such beautiful expressions when he sang, and he smiled the whole time. It didn’t matter that it was so late and he had been singing for a while; he was still smiling, looking as if he was enjoying himself.

He was so beautiful, Minho thought, and he held back a yawn as he continued to watch him sing. He knew he could be curled up in his bed sleeping. In fact, Jinki had told him to go home and sleep. But Minho did not want to do that; he would rather stay and watch Jinki sing. He watched Jinki stop, and nod his head as he talked to the sound technician, and the older boy walked away from the glass for a moment. Minho checked his watch again, noting that it was almost four in the morning. He yawned again, trying to keep his eyes open and stay awake until Jinki was finished.


Minho opened his eyes to see Jinki frowning down at him, “Minho, why are you still here? I thought I told you to go home with the others?” He pouted, “You need to rest.” He crossed his arms in front of his chest, and Minho decided not to point out that the others were waiting too. “You have Dream Team and you need to get lots of rest!” Jinki scolded Minho lightly.

“I was hardly going to leave without you.” Minho yawned again; he stood up and reached for Jinki’s hand, their fingers brushing lightly. Minho smiled as he curved his fingers against Jinki’s, and the older boy leaned in and kissed his cheek lightly. “And you need your rest too hyung.” Minho nodded his head and he held Jinki’s hand tenderly, his thumb rubbing soothingly across the older boy’s hand.

“Still.” Jinki murmured softly, “You should’ve gone home; you should be sleeping in your bed.” Jinki sighed, squeezing Minho’s hand, “Come on, we better go.” With their fingers linked together they left the studio, and Minho noted it was now four am. He tried not to think about that as they walked down to the waiting van where everyone else was sleeping. Instead, he just focussed on how warm and right Jinki’s hand felt against his own, and how glad he was that he had waited up in the recording studio for his boyfriend to finish recording. He would have felt bad if he had left Jinki to stumble down sleepily by himself.

Jinki’s eyes widened as he saw Taemin curled up against Kibum, and Jonghyun sleeping beside them. He pouted slightly, feeling both guilty and also touched that they had stayed and waited for him too. Minho smiled and waggled his fingers in Jinki’s face, “Hyung,” He whispered softly so he didn’t disturb the others. “We waited because we knew you’d wait for any one of us, so it only seemed fair.” He smiled as he pulled Jinki into the van, and they settled down at the back of the van.

“But still!” Jinki protested biting his lip, “I feel bad. You guys should be at home in your beds, sleeping.” He sighed heavily, feeling like a burden; everyone else had finished recording earlier. But he had held things up and that made him feel bad. He pouted, looking upset until Minho patted his shoulder lightly. He raised Jinki’s hand up, kissing it softly.

Minho raised one eyebrow at Jinki, “And leave you by yourself? I don’t think so, hyung.” Minho pouted, and he pressed his head onto Jinki’s shoulder. “It just wouldn’t be right.” He smiled, squeezing Jinki’s hand again, and he lifted it up to his lips again, kissing it gently. Minho sighed as he watched Jinki yawn and then he shut his eyes, and moments later both boys drifted to sleep.


Minho yawned as he rolled onto his side; he sighed realising that he was going to have to get up to go to the toilet. He glanced down at his watch, and saw it was nine am. He smiled as he looked around the room seeing that everyone was still asleep. He rubbed at his eyes sleepily, as he made his way out of the bedroom and towards the bathroom.

A faint noise startled him and he looked up, his eyes widening in shock when he saw Jinki, sitting at the table, studying. Minho’s jaw dropped and he rubbed his eyes, wondering if he was dreaming. Jinki had been up later than the others and now he was up so early. Minho blinked and realised that he wasn’t dreaming, he frowned and walked over to Jinki.

“Hyung?” He bit down into his lip, “Hyung, why are you up so early?”

“Oh, Minho.” Jinki smiled brightly up at Minho, but the younger boy could see the bags under his eyes, and the way his eyes were red and he looked half asleep. “I’m going through my script.” He nodded his head slowly, and Minho pressed a hand to his shoulder. “You should go back to bed!” Jinki suggested and Minho just stared at him like he’d grown two heads.

“You want me to go to back to bed?” Minho sighed sounding surprised, “What about you?” He squeezed Jinki’s shoulder lightly, “You should go back to bed too. How long have you been up for?” Minho interrogated Jinki, and the older boy pouted up at him. Minho wanted to drag Jinki back to bed, snuggle with him and force him to rest more. He was forever on Minho’s case about getting enough sleep, but he neglected himself terribly and that hurt Minho a lot.

“Not long.” He mumbled sounded half asleep, and the way he quickly avoided Minho’s gaze told him that Jinki was lying. “I only just got up.” He added looking down at his script and avoiding the younger boy’s gaze, “I thought I might as well practice since I couldn’t sleep?” Jinki added smiling slightly, trying to hold back his tiredness because he didn’t want Minho to worry.

“Hyung?” Minho hated sounding so whiny, but he hated seeing Jinki working so hard. He hated watching him work himself so hard that he barely had any time to rest. “Please, hyung, everyone else is sleeping. You can sleep for another hour or two? Or we could lie on the couch and snuggle?” Minho offered, saying anything to get Jinki to rest. He hoped Jinki would agree because he looked so exhausted, and he knew they had a busy schedule later in the day.

“I’m really okay Minho.” Jinki murmured, forcing himself to smile up at Minho, “I’m not tired at all.” He lied through his teeth, because he was stressing over his musical. Jinki didn’t think he could sleep even if he went back to bed, he felt so anxious and he had so much work to get through. But he didn’t want Minho to be stressing over him; he had a busy enough schedule. He reached up and grabbed Minho’s hand, “Really, I’m fine. You should go back to bed.”

“Hm, I might shower?” Minho shrugged slightly, “I don’t think I can go back to sleep.” Not when you’re still awake hyung. He leaned down and kissed Jinki’s cheek lightly. “Don’t work too hard.” He spoke so softly Jinki almost missed his words, and he nodded his head slowly before he watched Minho leaving for the bathroom. Jinki yawned deeply as Minho shut the bathroom door behind him.

Jinki swallowed and turned back to the musical script, breathing in deeply as he tried to concentrate on it. The words kept blurring and not making sense because he felt so tired, but he was determined to keep working on it. He had had so much trouble falling asleep after he got home so late from the recording, and as soon as it was light, he found himself lying in his bed, exhausted and stressing. So after stuffing his pillow under his mound of blankets to make it look like he was there, he got up. He felt like complete crap, but he knew he had to do this. He had to do his best; he could not let anyone down, especially Minho. He wanted him to be proud of him when he saw him on the musical stage.

By the time Minho stepped out of the shower and dressed, Jinki was almost fast asleep on the table. His eyes no longer able to stay open, and his body craved sleep after being awake for almost a whole night. His exhaustion was catching up to him, despite his best efforts to stay awake and study. He struggled with himself to stay awake, but soon gave in to sleep, his head slowly falling down to rest on top of his script.

Minho sighed and pressed a hand to Jinki’s shoulder, watching him sleep. Somehow it hurt Minho to see how tired Jinki was. He wished he could make the stubborn leader go back to bed. He decided to let him sleep on the table for a while, and then he’d force him to move back to the bedroom. He was sure Jinki would feel better or at least feel more rested if he slept in his bed.



Jinki let out a faint moan, ignoring the insistent hand tugging on his elbow. He didn’t want to wake up, he wanted to sleep forever. He did his best to ignore the soft voice and the hand pressed to his elbow. But the hand tugged more firmly on his arm and the voice grew louder, “Hyung!”

Jinki finally lifted his head, yawning sleepily as he frowned up at Minho. The younger boy didn’t look impressed and Jinki thought his expression matched how he felt exactly. He frowned up at Minho, his eyes still half shut, and his hair was sticking up everywhere. “What?” He snapped, feeling irritated and exhausted.

Minho raised one eyebrow, ignoring the fact that Jinki had just snapped at him. He sighed and then tugged on Jinki’s arm lightly, “Hyung, you should go back to bed.” Minho sighed as Jinki stared at him like he was stupid. Sometimes Minho hated how his boyfriend became snappy and acted even more dense than usual when he was tired.

“I’m fine!” Jinki frowned, “I was just… resting my eyes.” He mumbled, covering his mouth to hide a yawn. “I can’t go back to bed, I still have lots of work to do and it’s not even bed time yet.” He explained sounding annoyed, and Minho sighed heavily. The younger boy wanted to remind the older one that he had been awake for almost all of the night, so he really should go back to bed and sleep more. Jinki blinked his eyes to try and wake up and he looked down at his script, the words blurring slightly.

“Okay.” Minho spoke so softly it was almost a whisper, and with a faint sigh, he patted Jinki’s shoulder, “Sorry Hyung, I just thought a nap might make you feel better.” He squeezed Jinki’s shoulder and leaned down to kiss his forehead, before he left the older boy with his script. Jinki turned his head to watch Minho leave; his shoulders slumped slightly and he noticed how he dragged his feet. Jinki bit his lip as he felt guilty for being so snappy to him.

Especially when he knew Minho was right; he did need a nap. Jinki ran his fingers through his hair, sighing heavily as he looked down at his script again. He picked up his highlighter and started to mark his lines again. He knew he was pushing himself, but he felt like he had to. He felt that being the leader of SHINee it was his job to be able to do everything and more. Even if it meant he got less sleep than the rest of them, and even if it meant he had red eyes and huge bags under his eyes.


Minho looked out the glass doors, and he worried when he saw Jinki dragging his heels as he walked slowly towards the van. He moved so slowly and stumbled a few times, and Minho bit his lip as he hurried down towards the glass doors. Jinki looked like a zombie to Minho, and he started to run as he slipped out the doors, determined to catch up to the older boy. He was just running down the few steps, when he faltered noticing something weird. The half asleep zombie was walking away the van, instead of toward it, and Minho frowned biting his lip as he watched him. Minho’s eyes widened as he realised the zombie was heading towards the kerb, getting closer to the road, his feet dragging across the ground and he stumbled again slightly.
“Hyung!” Minho called out, biting down hard into his lip, panicking slightly as he saw that Jinki was blindly stepping off the kerb, close to the road, and almost into the path of passing cars. Sucking in a deep breath, Minho found himself acting. He sprinted over, his heart pounding as he reached the older boy just in time. He just grabbed Jinki’s arm, jerking him back somewhat violently. Minho was breathing heavily, partly from his exertion and partly from worrying, but Jinki just turned and smiled sleepily up at him.

“Minho!” Jinki looked so happy to see the younger boy, and so completely unaware of the danger he had just put himself in. “Minho-ah!” Jinki sighed softly, swaying slightly as he leaned against the taller boy, “You look so pretty?” He mumbled sounding so delirious, “So pretty…” He whispered softer, a hand reaching up to stroke Minho’s cheek.

Minho bit his lip, gently taking Jinki’s arm and he lead him over to the van, “Hyung, you need to be more careful.” He scolded his lover, frowning across at him even though Jinki seemed to be ignoring his words. “Ah you could’ve been hit by a car!” Minho pouted, gripping his arm tighter as he steered him into the van. He sucked in a deep breath, feeling relieved he had reached him on time, and he clung to Jinki’s arm, not wanting to let go.

Minho’s eyes widened and he frowned as he saw the rest of SHINee just sitting on the van. He felt really angry, because none of them had even looked out for Jinki even though he was clearly tired. He wanted to shout at them, but with a sigh, he knew he couldn’t. He also knew it would make things worse if he complained or said anything, since no one knew about their relationship. So he just kept his frustration to himself.

He helped Jinki to the back of the van, sitting down next to him and immediately, Jinki’s head was on his shoulder. Minho sighed, resisting the urge to pull Jinki in closer. Instead, he shifted slightly, and placed his bag on their laps, gripping Jinki’s hand tightly under the bag. He smiled as he turned his head to look down at Jinki’s sleeping face.


Minho sighed softly; he felt relieved that the older boy was sleeping, and actually resting. He couldn’t help but smile as he stared at his eyelashes, so long and slender, fluttering slightly against his skin. Minho resisted the urge to reach a hand up to caress his soft cheeks. He just sighed again and studied his boyfriend’s sweet face, frowning slightly because he could see slight bags under his eyes. He wished he could give Jinki more time to rest, to relax. He hated seeing him so over worked.

“Hyung.” Minho sighed again, frowning slightly as he muttered that one word, squeezing Jinki’s hand tightly. Hyung, I want you to rest more. What if you had been hit by a car? Hyung, please don’t push yourself so hard. I need you in one piece.


Minho lifted his head to see Kibum had turned around, looking right at Jinki and Minho. Minho’s first reaction was that Kibum realised they were holding hands and thought they were disgusting. His fingers tensed against Jinki’s and he swallowed nervously, staring at Kibum and wondering what he was meant to say.

“You should just… push him off your shoulder.” Kibum raised one neatly manicured eyebrow, “Before you get that gross drool on your shirt.” He shuddered slightly, pointing to Jinki’s lips where he was drooling slightly.

“Oh.” Minho breathed in deeply, feeling so relieved, “Oh, no it’s okay. I’d rather he sleep on my shoulder than hit his head.” He continued, hoping that Kibum hadn’t seen him studying Jinki’s face.

“Eww. That’s pretty gross, Minho! You’re so damn weird.” Kibum continued, staring intently at Minho’s face, making the younger boy worry that he would somehow read his mind. Or something freaky like that. It was just the intense way that Kibum stared at him. “You’ve been strange for a while now… hmmm.” He trailed off and then shrugged, “Whatever. I hope Jinki wakes before you get covered in his spit.” He smirked and then turned back to face the front.

Minho sighed in relief, running his thumb over Jinki’s hand, and he studied his face again. After a while he realised everyone had fallen asleep except him and so he carefully raised his hand and cupped Jinki’s cheek. He smiled as he stroked the silky soft cheeks, and Jinki murmured softly and he nuzzled into Minho’s palm. Minho hoped they would get back to the dorm soon; he was feeling weary too, but mostly about Jinki getting the proper rest that he needed in his own bed.


“Hyung?” Minho shook Jinki’s shoulder lightly when they finally arrived home. Everyone else had already got out of the van, but Jinki was sleeping deeply. His head stilled pressed in against Minho’s shoulder and neck, and he was rubbing his face against his neck lightly. Minho hated to disturb him, but he figured that he would sleep better in his bed and not sitting upright in the van. “Hyung! Hyung? Wake up, we’re home?” Minho mumbled softly, but Jinki kept sleeping.

After several attempts to wake the leader up, Minho just gave up. He sighed and shifted to make himself as comfortable as possible, deciding that he would just nap in the van too. He lightly rested his head against Jinki’s, holding his hand tightly. He smiled down at Jinki before he shut his eyes. At least Jinki was sleeping, and was peacefully at rest, even though it was in a strange place.

Minho couldn’t sleep right away; instead, he kept thinking about what would have happened earlier if he hadn’t been able to catch up to Jinki. If the manager who held Minho back had talked longer or if Minho had walked even slower down to the van and Jinki had stepped out onto the road. He shivered slightly, feeling a headache coming on. He felt so relieved he had caught up to Jinki, and that nothing bad had happened, but he knew it had been pretty close. And that really scared him.

He was still stressing and worrying about Jinki when he fell asleep. His exhaustion finally beat his desire to stay awake, and he succumbed to troubled dreams of Jinki having a car accident. He dreamed that he hadn’t reached Jinki in time to catch him, but only to witness him being ploughed down by a truck. Minho groaned in his sleep, shuddering as he dreamt of holding Jinki’s wounded and bloody body in his arms.



Minho moaned, rolling into the feather light touch across his cheek. As much as he liked the touch, he wanted to sleep more, even if it meant more troubled dreams. He groaned as the fingers began to tickle his cheek, causing him to slowly come to the surface and wake up more. He felt sore and really uncomfortable, and for a moment he wondered where he was until he opened his eyes.

“Minho?” Jinki’s face was pressed up right in Minho’s, and the older boy blinked at him carefully before saying, “Why are we sleeping in here?” Minho groaned, his hand sliding back behind his neck, and he wriggled it, trying to make it feel better. He stretched his head, and then Jinki pressed a warm hand to the back of his neck, rubbing it lightly.

Minho smiled and poked the tip of Jinki’s nose as he yawned, “Because hyung, a certain someone refused to wake up when we got home.” He poked Jinki’s nose again, “Hmmm… I wonder who that was.” He grinned cheekily, and Jinki pouted across at him, looking serious and guilty.


“Don’t be sorry.” Minho leaned in and kissed his cheek, flicking the tip of his tongue teasingly against Jinki’s cheek, “It’s just as well I like your drool.” He grinned eyeing the wet patch of his shirt, and Jinki blushed.

“Ahh, sorry!” He mumbled again, his eyes widening as he saw the large wet patch on Minho’s shoulder. His fingers pressing down into the wet spot, and he pouted. “Sorry for being so stubborn and snappy earlier. And my uh drool.” He looked embarrassed, and he looked down at the floor as Minho reached for his hand, linking their fingers together.

“Ugh don’t say sorry!! The only thing you should be sorry for is not being more careful earlier.” Minho frowned, his index finger pressing into Jinki’s chest with a sharp thud, making the older boy wince. “Hyung, do you know how dangerous that was?” Minho frowned but Jinki just looked confused.

“What? What do you mean?”

“When we left-- ah Hyung, how could you forget? You almost stepped off the footpath and into the traffic.” Jinki’s mouth gaped, and he stared at Minho looked shocked. “I pulled you back; I guess you were so sleepy you don’t remember it?” Jinki quickly shook his head, frowning as he tried to remember that.

“Well, at least you’re okay. Are you feeling more rested now?” Minho asked gently, feeling relieved he had caught Jinki before anything happened. He carefully studied Jinki’s face, noticing he still looked tired but no longer as bad as before.

“I’m okay, I’m sorry Minho.” Jinki pouted, wrapping his arms tightly around Minho’s waist, “I’m always troubling you.” He sighed as he pressed his lips to Minho’s neck, kissing his skin tenderly. “We should go in, and rest? So you don’t get more of a sore neck?” He bit his lip and Minho nodded and smiled across at Jinki.


Minho sighed happily, opening his eyes as he felt Jinki’s hand ghost across his stomach. Gentle fingers rubbed across his skin in a soothing way, making him slide closer into Jinki. Minho twisted in the sheets, tangling their legs together as he placed his hands lightly on Jinki’s back. Minho smiled as he felt Jinki’s hair brush his bare chest, and then he pressed his head against Minho’s chest.

He wasn’t sure if Jinki was completely awake, but either way, Minho didn’t mind. He liked how Jinki curled up close to him, half asleep, his arms creating patches of warmth across Minho’s skin. He slid his hands in circles across Jinki’s back, as he enjoyed lying there. He knew that he should be trying to sleep just like everyone else, but somehow he just found himself enjoying the way he felt with Jinki right there.

Enjoying how Jinki’s legs felt pressed in against his own, and how his hands felt curled up against his stomach, Minho sighed again, tilting his head down to press a kiss to the top of Jinki’s head. Minho felt incredibly happy, and he smiled as he felt Jinki’s fingers stroking his stomach, making him feel so relaxed and glad nothing bad had happened to him. Minho hugged him tightly, hoping that in the future Jinki would rest more; he didn’t want to see him almost step onto the road again.

“Minho…” Jinki mumbled sounding half asleep, “Go to sleep?” He smiled sweetly up at Minho, his fingers curling tenderly against Minho’s stomach. “Please? I know you’re tired too.” He kissed the middle of Minho’s chest lightly. His lips were warm and soft against Minho’s skin, heating up a hidden coil of desire in his chest as he held back a moan, knowing he was selfish for wanting more.

“Mmm… only if you promise to rest more. Hyung, you can’t keep pushing yourself that hard,” Minho frowned, one hand pressed against the back of Jinki’s neck. “We finished recording at 4am, and then you were up hours later practicing your play.” Minho frowned, “You should’ve slept at least until the rest of us did.” Minho scolded him, “I don’t care if you’re the leader. That doesn’t mean you should be sleep deprived.” Minho stroked the back of Jinki’s neck, feeling the older boy relax under his touch.

“Minho.” Jinki warned him. They have had this discussion before.

“Jinki.” Minho replied, one eyebrow raised, “Hyung, what good will sleep deprivation do?” He frowned, pressing his hand into Jinki’s hair, caressing his scalp lightly. “It almost put you in a car accident today.” Minho shivered slightly as he felt Jinki’s arms tighten around his waist. “We need you rested and energised, so hyung, you need to rest more. Even if it means I have to forcibly drag you to bed.” He grinned as he saw Jinki frowning up at him in the dark.

“Yes! Yes!”

Both Minho and Jinki’s heads shot up they were surprised to hear someone else talking. They had assumed everyone was asleep, and they tensed wondering how long he had been awake for. Had Kibum heard everything? Minho didn’t want to pull away from Jinki, but at the same time they were in a compromising position.

“Hyung, listen to Minho.” Kibum added, moments later, laughing softly, “We need you well rested and energised.” Kibum sounded like he was grinning in the dark. “Hyung, don’t work too hard. Don’t you know it worries us when we see you stumble, and when you have those huge bags under your eyes?” Kibum sighed, “Listen to Minho. We’ll help him drag you to bed.”

Jinki opened his mouth to protest, but Jonghyun piped up, “Hyung. It’s true; we’ll drag you to bed, and tie you down if we need to.” He sounded half asleep but amused. Jinki blinked his eyes and gaped at Minho, before he pulled the sheet over his head and buried his face against Minho’s chest.

“Yeah hyung, listen to Minho-hyung.” Taemin added with a smile, “We love you Jinki-hyung, so you need to take better care of yourself.” He added and he reached across to pat Jinki’s shoulder through the sheet. Jinki swallowed, feeling his eyes water as he heard the sweet words from his band mates.

“Oh.” He mumbled, feeling embarrassed, “But I always let you guys down.” He pouted, still hiding under the sheet. He shivered as he felt Minho’s hands caressed his back gently, and he slipped his head under the sheet to kiss Jinki’s forehead.

“No hyung, you don’t.” Minho whispered, “See hyung, we all love you.” He smiled as he heard the boys murmuring softly and agreeing with Minho. Jinki pursed his lips together and he rocked slightly, wriggling closer into Minho’s embrace.

“Oh and Minho, Jinki-hyung, you don’t need to hide anymore.” Kibum added, “We all know about you, I mean it’s pretty obvious.” He shrugged, “The way you too stare across at each other with that lovesick look. So um, don’t worry about hiding from us.” He added shrugging his shoulders in the dark. “I don’t know why you guys just didn’t say anything; did you really think we’d be grossed out or something?”

“Yeah…” Taemin piped up again, “I think it’s sweet. You guys are so cute together.” He sounded like he was smiling and he patted Jinki’s shoulder again.

Minho felt shocked that they all knew, but he smiled that they were all so accepting. He peered under the sheet and looked down at Jinki who looked shocked, “See hyung.” He grinned and reached down, pulling Jinki up and kissing him on the lips lightly, “You need to rest more. No protests.” He smiled as Jinki pouted across at him.

“See, everyone loves you.” Minho said smiling before he planted a tender kiss on Jinki’s cheek, he continued to cover his cheeks in kisses before he mumbled, “But they don’t love you as much as I do.” He cupped Jinki’s cheek and covered his other cheek in kisses. “However they all agree that you should listen to me, and rest more.” Minho grinned, his thumbs stroking Jinki’s cheeks, “So you need to rest more.” He whispered before he kissed him across the lips.

“Yes mum.” Jinki sighed, and he grinned when Minho stuck his tongue out at him, “I love you too Minho.” He added sounding almost shy as he hugged Minho tightly. He yawned and shut his eyes feeling Minho’s arms settle around his waist lightly. Jinki felt content, to be lying there with Minho pressed up against him, and he felt so happy knowing that for once Minho didn’t have sneak back to his own bed that it was perfectly acceptable for him to be in Jinki’s bed.


ugh. That was a bit weird? XDDD



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Tags: !fanfic, !oneshot, author: argh, pairing: tofuho, rating: pg-13, status: complete
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