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Why hello there...

Title: Why hello there... (1/2)
Author: argh
Rating: NC-17
Length: 5,084 words
Pairing: Onew/Minho (TofuHo♥)
Summary: Minho can't sleep~ so he ends up online where he finds an interesting blog dedicated to Jinki 8D! He's so distracted by the website and Jinki sneaks up on him^^;
Warnings: un-betaed. Sorry for the terrible grammar :/
Dedicated to: eijifujiryoma ♥♥♥! ^^ (miss you so much D:)

Why hello there… (part one)



Minho sighed as he stared at the curtains for what felt like the millionth time that night. He felt like he had been staring at various parts of the bedroom for hours, the walls, the ceiling, the bed above his and the curtains. He was sick to death of tossing and turning, and just staring at the stupid curtains. It didn’t matter how he lay, he just could not sleep and now he was starting to feel incredibly restless and bored. With a groan he check the time again, and seeing how only five minutes had passed (but it felt like hours) he decided to get up. There as no point in lying in bed, tossing and turning until he felt so irritated. Minho pushed back his blankets, climbing out of his bed and watching Jonghyun carefully. He had a feeling the older boy would scold him if he knew what he was doing.

The dorm was dead silent, and when he stood outside the other bedroom he heard nothing but the sound of even breathing. Satisfied that everyone was fast asleep he made his way to the computer room. As he turned the computer on, he realised that this was starting to turn into a bad habit. Sighing heavily, he told himself it didn’t matter as he opened up a browser window and searched for a random SHINee site. After all it was not like he could sleep so he might as well get up and do something, even though he would probably get scolded if he was caught.

He wasn’t sure why but late at night when he was bored he enjoyed looking for really random SHINee fan sites. It wasn’t that he liked reading what fans said about him or the others, but he liked trying to find unusual fan sites. Somehow when he was half asleep they seemed funny or just plain crazy. He hummed softly to himself as he searched, and as he was scrolling down a page, he read something strange. He blinked and paused for a second before he scrolled back up to double check what it said. Because it seemed so strange that he couldn’t believe his eyes for a start.

“Huh?” Minho’s eyes widened and smirking he clicked on the site, feeling both surprised and amazed as the page loaded. “Well… I guess it’s not that surprising?” He whispered to himself, and curiously he clicked on a picture, and he smirked as it loaded. It wasn’t long before he was viewing all the pictures closely, and laughing softly to himself. Minho found himself getting so engrossed in the pictures (and he didn’t really want to admit it but he was getting kind of hard too) that he didn’t hear the door opening.

“Minho, what the hell are you looking at? That’s not… porn is it?”

Hearing Jinki’s voice in the room, Minho let out a soft moan and he jerked out of the computer chair, whipping around in shock to see the leader sleepily staring at him. But Minho reacted fast, and shifted so that his body was blocking the screen from the elder male, and he stared at him intently. Jinki was standing there half asleep, his hair all messed up, and he rubbed his eyes. Minho couldn’t help but think that sleepy Jinki was adorable and he found his gaze dropping lower, and he blinked as he spotted a familiar bulge, why hello there… He smirked softly and unconsciously licked his lips as he stared at Jinki.

“Minho?” Jinki repeated sleepily, running his hands through his messy hair, and he wondered what on earth Minho was doing still up. He was sure it was late, and Jinki figured Minho was looking at something he shouldn’t be, from the way he reacted when he walked in. He moved and tried to see around Minho’s body to see the screen again, but the rapper was blocking the screen effectively. Jinki pouted, and tried to look again, but Minho hid the screen from him, making him even more curious.

Minho bit into his lip and looked up again, seeing Jinki’s puzzled expression, and he turned back to look at the screen again, holding back laughter as he saw what was on the screen – a large picture had loaded, but Minho had scrolled down the picture, so that all you could see was from the waist down. Which revealed tight jeans, and a prominent bulge in the crotch area, it was so obvious he was sure even Jinki would not miss it. Which Minho thought said a lot, he smirked and then looked up at Jinki again and he shook his head.

“No I’m not looking at porn hyung. I’m looking at your Dubulge.” Minho licked his lips slowly, grinning as he saw the confused expression Jinki shot him, and he knew the other boy had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. Minho smirked, feeling the need to play with Jinki just a little bit. He turned back to the computer still blocking the screen from Jinki, and he scrolled up, revealing the singers face.

“Hyung.” Minho turned around to face Jinki, still hiding the image from him, “Hyung, come here.” He spoke softly, biting down into his lip as Jinki came closer towards him. His curiosity getting the better of him, he had to know what Minho was looking at. The older boy still looked so confused and slightly dazed, and Minho thought that he looked so damn cute, all half asleep and puzzled. Minho’s lips curved up into a cheeky grin and he leaned back into the chair, shifting sideways so the screen was now revealed. He watched the Jinki’s face as he looked over at the screen curiously, leaning over Minho desperate to see.

“Me?” Jinki’s eyes widened in shock as he saw that Minho was looking at a picture of him, “Me?” he echoed again, and he blinked in surprise as his eyes dropped back down lower, and he stared at the prominent bulge in the picture. “Oh.” He mumbled, and Minho grinned watching his cheeks flush and he fidgeted nervously, twisting his hands together and apart.

“See hyung,” Minho reached a hand out and patted Jinki’s thigh gently. His fingers rubbing Jinki’s thigh sensually, and he gazed up at the other boy with a soft smile, “I’m not looking at porn, or anything dodgy.” he whispered, his voice lowering a notch, “Just at you.” He grinned as Jinki gulped and looked at down at Minho, and then at the hand hovering dangerously close to his crotch. Jinki wished Minho was stop touching his thigh, because the way he shifted his fingers across his leg, was making it hard for him to think rationally. Which was a bad thing, a very bad thing.

“Oh.” Jinki sounded deflated, and he shifted his legs, making a move to step backwards away from the computer, but Minho stretched his leg out and hooked it around Jinki’s leg. “Minho?” Jinki sounded surprised as Minho’s foot curled around his calf, and he almost tripped over but the taller boy’s hands reached out and grabbed a hold of his hips, to help steady him but also to prevent him from escaping.

“I’m not done yet.” Minho’s eyes flashed and Jinki gulped hearing the way he spoke, he almost sounded angry which surprised Jinki. Minho leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Jinki’s waist, and he pressed his forehead lightly against his stomach, sucking in a deep breath as he felt excitement filling him. It was perfect that it was Jinki who had found him, Minho thought as he moved Jinki forward, his thighs spread on either side of his leg.

“So don’t even try to run away, hyung.” Minho lifted his head and spoke sternly at Jinki. “Look.” He pointed at the screen by tilting his head over towards it. He patted Jinki’s side lightly and then reached for the mouse, clicking on the back button, and grinning as he saw Jinki’s surprised face as he saw the blog. Minho used his distraction to slowly lure Jinki in; he slowly moved his hand down his back, resting it lightly above his butt.

He gently encouraged Jinki to step forward, so that Minho’s thigh was lightly sandwiched between Jinki’s legs. Minho swallowed and as he looked at the slight tent in Jinki’s pyjama pants, and he felt tempted to lift his thigh up and rub it against that bulge. But he decided to wait, figuring he had to take things slow, if he did it straight away Jinki would probably freak out and try to escape. Instead he stared up at Jinki’s face, watching him take in the webpage.

“How… how did you find this?” Jinki sounded horrified, “Why… are all the pictures.” He gulped as he scrolled down and up, seeing the same thing. “Why… are all the pictures… showing that... what did you call it? Oh god.” He groaned, “This… is embarrassing?” He gulped and looked down at Minho, and his eyes widened as he saw Minho smirking up at him, licking the edge of his lip slowly. His eyes glinted darkly, making Minho look like a predator, stalking it’s victim, making Jinki feel on edge and nervous.

“Dubulge?” Minho offered, snaking one hand forward and he pressed it against Jinki’s thigh, rubbing it softly against his leg, inches below Jinki’s half hard cock. “Hm, I don’t think it’s that embarrassing,” Minho’s fingers rubbed harder, and he grinned as he heard Jinki gasp, and he could see that the older boy was getting worked up. Jinki swallowed deeply, trying to control the rush of sensations flooding his body, tried to ignore the way that Minho’s fingers continued to rub lightly against his thigh, making him feel more and more turned on.

“I actually thought…” Minho trailed off and he reached a hand up and grabbed Jinki’s hand, biting down into his lip, as he stared intently up at Jinki. Jinki was panting softly, his lips looked full and wide, and he was pouting down at the younger boy, letting him jerk his hand down. “It was kind of hot.” Jinki’s eyes widened and he gasped, from Minho’s words and from the way the rapper pressed Jinki’s hand hard against his bulge. Minho groaned from the contact as he pushed Jinki’s hand firmly against his erection, blinking up at the other boy. Jinki gulped, suddenly finding his heart pounding faster and faster in his chest.

“Ohhhh.” Jinki gasped again softer, and he made another attempt to run. He quickly pulled his hand away from Minho’s bulge, feeling both turned on and slightly embarrassed. But before he could escape, Minho’s arms were snaking around his waist, and he found himself being pulled forward, hard against Minho’s thigh. “Minho!” He yelped as the taller boy lifted his thigh, so that it rubbed slightly against Jinki’s erection.

Jinki felt his willpower crumbling as Minho’s thigh rubbed against him, it felt so damn good. He swallowed a moan, feeling slightly shaky and so turned on. He tilted his head back, gasping for air desperately as Minho rubbed his thigh harder against his erection, and it took all of Jinki’s efforts not to rock his hips forward and to beg for more.

“Hyung.” Minho shrugged slightly, his hands resting on Jinki’s back, and he slipped his hand under the older boy’s shirt, pressing his warm fingers against his lower back. Jinki couldn’t help but move forward slightly, liking how Minho’s fingers rested against his back. “Hyung, since you got me into this state, you can help me out of it.” He smirked up at Jinki, wriggling his fingers against Jinki’s bare skin, and he grinned as Jinki scooted forward, letting Minho guide him to sit down on his thigh.

As Jinki sank down onto his thigh, Minho was eternally grateful that they had such a sturdy computer chair, capable of supporting both of their weights. He groaned as he felt Jinki’s erection press down hard against his thigh, he didn’t think anything could feel that amazing. He swallowed, feeling the sensations slip into his veins like a drug. Minho tilted his head up and leaned forward, his teeth snaring Jinki’s pouting lower lip. He bit his lip lightly and then started to kiss Jinki. His lips tugging against Jinki’s softly and he reached for Jinki’s hand again, drawing it back down to his erection. He needed to feel Jinki’s hand touching him again, after fantasizing about it, the real thing just felt so damn good.

“Ugh, god hyung.” Minho groaned as Jinki palmed him through his pyjama pants. The way Jinki’s palm moved against him it felt like heaven. Minho could feel the pleasure starting to build up, guided along with the motions of Jinki’s hand. When he looked up, he could see the way Jinki was concentrating, and how thoughtful he looked. Minho found it hot, with how serious he looked as he slowly ran his fingers over his erection. He let out another groan as Jinki continued to grind down against his thigh, rubbing himself against Minho’s leg.

The rapper pressed his hand up against Jinki’s erection, groaning as he grasped the older boy’s large bulge. After looking at pictures of it for the past thirty minutes or so, he had to touch it himself. Minho needed to curl his fingers against Jinki’s bulge. Minho groaned, guessing that they were about the same size and that strangely seemed to turn him on even more. He only wished he had found this site sooner and that he had reeled Jinki in sooner.

“Minho…” Jinki gasped out softly, arching his head back as he shifted his hips down hard against the taller boy’s leg. Jinki sucked in a deep breath, letting the pleasure inch up his body, it felt so much better than his own hand jerking himself off. It felt so much better than anything he had imagined, and he found himself losing rational control slipping into the territory of raging sexual hormones. His body thrusting down quickly, against Minho’s leg and the hand that gripped his head firmly. He shuddered slightly, as Minho raised his hand and pressed it down inside Jinki’s pyjamas, his bare fingers grasping him quickly.

“Ugh!” Jinki panted, the way Minho’s fingers slid along his length ignited sparks along his nerves. He shuddered again and again as Minho’s fingers continued to trace along his length. His fingers felt so hot against his skin, they felt like rays of sunshine, providing so much warmth. The way Minho’s fingers touched him pressed not only warmth but so much bliss right into his body. He swallowed and curled his fingers around Minho’s length, his eyes sliding shut as his pleasure ghosted along his skin. He wanted to look at Minho, but his eyes refused to stay open, the pleasure just made him jerk his head back.

Minho’s eyes slid shut as he gripped Jinki’s erection in his hand, he felt so good in his grasp, and he was getting so turned on. Jinki continued to stroke him through his pyjama pants, moving his hand quickly over Minho’s erection and bringing the taller boy right up to the edge of desire. He opened his eyes, hearing Minho’s moans, and bit down into his lip, seeing how close he was to coming. The way Minho moaned seemed to make him harder and he wanted to hear him moan more so he jerked his hand faster. Jinki twisted his wrist, and he pressed his other hand down against Minho. He continued to rock down onto Minho’s thigh, but he concentrated on Minho beneath him.

Jinki swallowed as he watched Minho lean back into the chair, his lips trembling as he continued to moan, and curse softly. He thrust his hand faster over Minho’s erection, shivering as it made the other boy jerk his hips up against him, causing pleasure to whip along his body. Jinki pressed his hand down hard against Minho’s head, so that one hand was wrapped around him tightly, and the other circling his tip.

Minho squirmed back in the chair, moaning loudly and not even caring if he woke the whole apartment up. The way Jinki’s fingers touched him through his pyjamas was making his head spin. He was shaking so badly, and rocked his hips again, groaning as his thigh slid hotly along Jinki’s ache. He found himself curling his fingers against Jinki’s erection, grasping it tightly, as if he needed to cling to something as his pleasure rocketed through his body.

“Fuck!” Minho moaned out loudly, jerking his hips up and Jinki felt him come against his hand. Minho gasped softly, his body felt fluid and so light. It had been better than he had imagined, better than his fantasies, and Minho just wanted to lie back and relax, but then he felt Jinki shift against his thigh. Minho swallowed feeling his desire to get Jinki off growing intently; he wanted to see Jinki’s face as he came. He wanted to taste him, and he felt himself gripping Jinki’s length harder.

Jinki felt blinded by the knots of pleasure, and he gasped finding it hard to breathe as Minho’s hand stroked him harder. He groaned softly, lifting his hips higher and then thrusting them down hard against Minho’s thigh. The way Minho’s hand slid against him, and the way his thigh rocked up against him made him feel dizzy with euphoria. It was so overwhelming and intense, each second it felt as if his pleasure was doubling, and his cock throbbed so badly with need.

Jinki whimpered slightly when Minho pulled his hand free, and he found he was being pushed away somewhat roughly. Breathing heavily, Jinki looked bewildered and he stared at Minho in surprise, hurt filling his eyes. He felt so turned on, and Minho was pushing him away so cruelly. He couldn’t help but wonder if Minho was only interested in using Jinki to get himself off. But before he could get his brain to think up words, he found Minho’s fingers tugging on the elastic of his pyjama pants, and he pulled them down quickly. Jinki realised very quickly that he was mistaken, and he felt thrill slide down his spine. He was too far gone to be embarrassed about his near nakedness.

Minho let out a faint groan and he licked his lips as Jinki’s erection was freed, and he got up quickly, reversing their positions so that Jinki was pushed back into the computer chair. Minho firmly pushed it back against the desk, and he dropped to his knees, spreading Jinki’s legs and he leaned in close. Jinki’s eyes were wide with surprise, and he felt his heart pounding desperately fast. He wanted it so badly, wanted to feel the younger boy’s mouth right there. He panted heavily as Minho’s hot breath slid across his erection, his hips jerking up suddenly. Jinki shivered slightly as Minho leaned in closer to him, his breath hot across his thigh.

“God, hyung.” Minho blinked and he smiled as he leaned in closer, and he pressed his tongue down against Jinki’s tip, tasting his pre come with his tongue. Minho smiled up at Jinki, hearing the older boy’s loud moans, and he slid his tongue, hot and wet down Jinki’s length. Jinki’s eyes squeezed shut immediately, the pleasure radiating down his body, like shockwaves. He thought it had felt heavenly before, but this was even more amazing. Minho slowly wrapped his tongue around the base of his cock, feeling Jinki convulse under him as if he was having a seizure Minho shut his eyes tightly, as he slid his tongue back up again, feeling Jinki continually shuddering against him.

“Oh my god Minho!” Jinki groaned loudly as Minho’s mouth closed over him, sucking down hard. Minho’s mouth felt so hot and warm around him, and Jinki whimpered feeling completely overwhelmed. He couldn’t focus on anything but the feather light touch of his tongue, and the way it made his cock throb so hotly. Minho struggled to take in as much of Jinki as he could, and so he curled his hand around the base of his cock. He thrust his fingers up and down with the same motions as his mouth, flicking his tongue against Jinki every so often, loving the way Jinki responded throatily.

Jinki shuddered and lifted his hips up a little, not wanting to hurt or choke the younger boy. It was hard with the way Minho’s mouth silkily moved against him, he just wanted to thrust up harder into him. He felt as if he was going to die from the intense pleasure filling his body, it was almost too much to bear. He shuddered and clung to the armrests of the chair, trying so hard not to rock up harder against the other boy. He was so close; he could feel the pleasure wrapping around him in knots, tangling him in a web of bliss.

Minho flicked his tongue against Jinki repeatedly, making the older boy groan as he felt the knots of pleasure pull tight around his limbs. Jinki swallowed, feeling almost dizzy as he felt his whole body grow taut and then he felt the knots snap, and his hips rolled upwards, as he came. Jinki tried to pull back, tried to pull out of Minho’s amazing mouth but he didn’t move. Jinki whimpered slightly, unable to form proper words from the rush of pleasure filling him. He bit down into his lip as his hips pumped up slowly, filling Minho’s mouth. The rapper pulled back from Jinki when he was finished, and he swallowed most of his come. He swiped his fingers along his mouth picking up the rest of the come. He wiped his sticky fingers on his pyjama pants, figuring they’d have to be washed anyways. Jinki opened his eyes, and glanced down at Minho apologetically, his hands reaching forward to awkwardly hug the other boy.

“Sorry Minho.” Jinki whispered, “Let me help you clean up.” He added and Minho did not understand what he meant right away. Minho soon found Jinki standing up and then he was pressed down to the floor, groaning as Jinki lowered his pyjama pants, and he licked Minho clean. His tongue delicately swiping across his skin, and lapping up all the come, Minho shivered as Jinki’s tongue and mouth continued to slide over his skin. He knew if he hadn’t come so soon, he would be rock hard again. He squeezed his eyes shut, enjoying the swipe of Jinki’s tongue across his skin, it felt so good, and Minho wanted to feel that mouth there again.

When he was done, Jinki lay down next to Minho, his head turned to face the taller boy. Minho reached a hand over and grabbed Jinki’s hand lightly. He smiled as he saw Jinki smiling across at him warmly, and they both curled in close to each other. They lay there breathing heavily for a few moments, letting their racing hearts return to normal. They lay side by side, silently for some time, until their breathing had returned to normal, and Minho found he could form sentences again.

“Um hyung, how come you were up anyways?” Minho finally asked, “Not that I mind.” He winked across at Jinki. “I mean I’m glad you walked in on me.” He squeezed Jinki’s hand tightly, rolling onto his side and he wrapped his arm across Jinki’s bare waist, sort of hugging him. “It was fucking perfect that you walked in on me.”

“Oh I got up to get a drink, saw the light under the door.” Jinki offered, “I just wondered who was up, and figured since I was having trouble sleeping…” He trailed off and smiled across at Minho. “I’m glad… I walked in on you too?” He grinned and shifted closer to Minho, his eyes sliding shut as the taller boy stroked his waist lightly.

“Yeah.” Minho sighed happily, “I knew you were big, but yeah I didn’t know you were that big.” He opened one eye and grinned, “But yeah that was hot.” He added with a nod of his head, “I have to confess I’ve always had a bit of a thing for you. And you always confuse me with those comments you make about me.” Minho pouted.

“Oh? You have?” Jinki looked so happy, “I’ve always had a thing for you too.” He squeezed Minho’s hand, “That’s why I said such things about you.” He grinned and leaned forward to kiss Minho’s cheek. “But um, I guess we should get back to bed? Kibum will kill us if we’re zombies tomorrow.” He pouted, and lowered his head slightly, pressing it in against Minho’s chest.

“Okay.” Minho leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the centre of Jinki’s forehead. “Okay hyung.” He whispered and then kissed the tip of his nose. “We should sleep.” He added and Jinki tilted his face up again, and Minho couldn’t help but lean forward to kiss him across the lips. Minho loved the fact that he could taste a mixture of Jinki and himself as they kissed. He found it hard to pull away; hard to go back to bed, but when he did, he found that it was easy to fall asleep.


After that night Minho found himself distracted every time he was aware of Jinki behind him. He would freeze up as he felt Jinki’s arms loosely around his waist, and his crotch rubbing against his ass. Jinki was completely oblivious, unaware of the effect he had on the younger boy. But that didn’t stop Minho from thinking about that night, and the way Jinki had felt in his mouth. The way Jinki’s tongue had felt against him when he was cleaning Minho up. He sucked in a deep breath, feeling turned on and he would lose all concentration, which resulted in Kibum whacking him in the head a few times, and calling him an idiot.

Minho pouted and shot Jinki a glare, and he rubbed his shoulder where Kibum had just slapped him again. Jinki shrugged across at him, as if to say “what? What did I do that you’re glaring at me?” And Minho pursed his lips together displeased, reaching a hand back to poke at Jinki’s crotch with his fingers, and he smirked as he felt the older boy squirm against him. When Minho next met his eyes, he knew Jinki had worked it out.

“Sorry Minho.” Jinki whispered and he moved back, so that he was no longer rubbing against Minho anymore. Jinki had not even thought about it at all, it had been an innocent hug. Minho pouted at the loss of Jinki’s arms around his waist, but at least he could concentrate on what was going on around him, but it made him realise that he was going to have to do something about the situation. As soon as the meeting ended, Minho looked at Jinki and raised one eyebrow, before announcing that he was going to the toilet.

Minho looked across at Jinki, waiting for the older boy to say he needed to go too. Instead Minho saw him smiling away, and zoning out completely. Minho frowned and he repeated again, “I’m going to the bathroom!” He raised his eyebrows at Jinki who just stared at him, slowly blinking his eyes at him, but he didn’t react. Jinki smiled stupidly, and nodded his head at Minho, not getting it at all. Minho gritted his teeth as he saw Kibum stare at him like he was crazy, and Jinki was still just standing there, smiling away at nothing.

When Jinki still didn’t respond, Minho groaned and stepped close to him. He glared slightly as he grabbed a hold of Jinki’s shirt, tugging on it lightly. Jinki raised one eyebrow at Minho but when he continued to tug on his shirt but he followed him towards the bathroom. Jinki pouted thinking that Minho was going to complain to him for clinging to him or something. Minho felt excited as he opened the bathroom door and he led Jinki over to a cubicle. Jinki opened his mouth to explain himself, but Minho pushed him back against the wall, making the cubicle wall shake slightly. He locked the door behind him, and turned back to face Jinki.


Minho leaned in close to Jinki, looking serious and as if he was in a bad mood. Jinki gulped and winced slightly as he saw Minho’s hands coming at him. He didn’t expect Minho to grab at his hips, his fingers digging into his hipbones and he leaned in close to the older boy. “Hyung, you’re driving me crazy.” Minho clicked his tongue against his teeth, as if he was angry. Jinki shivered slightly as Minho leaned in even closer, leaning up to press his teeth against Jinki’s neck. He bit into his tender skin, making the older boy yelp. Jinki wasn’t sure if he should be feeling turned on or intimidated.

“Hyung, ten o’clock in the computer room tonight.” Minho’s voice came out all rough and sexy, and he rubbed his palms against Jinki’s hips. “Don’t be late” He added speaking softer as he flicked his tongue against the teeth marks, and Jinki shuddered, feeling turned on. Minho grinned and then bit down into Jinki’s neck again, but not hard enough to leave marks. He kissed the spot softly and lifted his face up to see Jinki’s reaction.

Jinki swallowed and nodded his head quickly, excitement welling up inside him as he felt Minho’s fingers slip under his shirt and then they moved in circles across his waist, and he felt the younger boys lips and teeth against his neck again. He shivered slightly and brought his arms around Minho’s torso, feeling incredibly excited. He groaned as Minho patted the front of his jeans lightly, and then pulled back, winking down at him.

“See you at ten.” Minho purred softly as he backed away, “And don’t be late.” Minho added stabbing his finger in the air, and he licked his lips as he turned away and walked off. He left Jinki panting slightly, and studying Minho’s ass as he left the bathroom. Jinki gulped feeling both excited and nervous, and he wondered how he was going to get through the day, he just wanted it to be ten o’clock already.


;D to be continued?
sorry if the smut sucks D: But I was sick to death of looking at this fic :/ so I just decided to post it anyways. *fails* The second part still needs a lot of work :/ but yeah I will try and do it soon^^; sorry D: if this sucks?

^^;; ♥ *nervous*
Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, pairing: tofuho, rating: nc-17
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