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Say yes...

Title: Say Yes
Author: argh
Rating: PG-13
Length: 6,027 words (x.x)
Pairing: JongKey (and a little Onew/Minho)
Summary: Kibum is pissed off at Jonghyun~ for something he did ;D (set in Hello Baby times...)
Warnings: un-betaed. Sorry for the terrible grammar :/
Dedicated to: pixziestikxz ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ♥♥♥! ^^

Say Yes

JongKey (and TofuHo because no fic is complete without some TofuHo loving *fails* 8DD;;;)



Jonghyun bit into his lip as he paced up and down outside of the bedroom. He was getting more and more frustrated, and he mumbled to himself. It was his birthday and yet Kibum had locked himself up in the bedroom, refusing to talk to the older boy. Jonghyun could not understand it, and he was starting to feel irritated and annoyed. He could not think of anything he had done in the last twenty four hours to upset Kibum. He had thought about it so much and his mind was still drawing blanks, making him even more annoyed. It was his birthday, he just wanted to spend some time with Kibum, he just wanted to kiss the boy. The last thing he wanted was to be fighting, but regardless of what he wanted, Kibum was angry at him.

After spending twenty minutes pacing outside the bedroom, he sighed heavily and slunk back to the living room. He didn’t even want to think about how many times he had done this – pace outside the bedroom before returning to the couch to recoup. He pouted as he sat down on the couch, next to Minho who was watching some music program. He sighed again and stared forward blankly until he felt a hand touch his shoulder lightly, and he turned to see Minho looking across at him sadly.

“Hyung, why don’t you go and talk to him?” Minho cocked his head to one side, “I can’t really see what pacing outside the bedroom will achieve?” He patted Jonghyun’s shoulder lightly, and the older boy sighed again, looking completely dejected and miserable. “Hyung, you need to talk to him, unless you want to spend the rest of your birthday like this?” He shot Jonghyun a look filled with pity, biting down into his lip.

“Minho, last time I tried to go in there he threw a book at my head.” Jonghyun frowned, “a hardcover book, um I was waiting for him to cool down.” He swallowed and shook his head, “I just don’t understand why he’s so angry at me?” He picked at the hem of his shirt with his fingers, looking down at the floor solemnly. “I thought he would be happy not ready to kill me?”

“Hyung.” Minho rolled his eyes, “Are you stupid?” Jonghyun lifted his head, looking across at Minho with a stunned expression. “I mean really, you’ve been with him for three years!” Minho shook his head slowly, “Uh, how is it that you don’t know him by now?” He frowned staring intently across at Jonghyun. “Of course he’s mad at you!”

“Minho, that’s fucking mean!” Jonghyun sulked slightly, “And what do you mean? I don’t get it, what have I done that he’s angry at me? I’m so sick of trying to work it out, I can’t think of anything I’ve done!” He groaned, pressing his palm against his face, he just could not understand why Kibum was so angry at him. He thought Kibum would be pleased, he thought Kibum would be ecstatic and over the moon. Not angry and ignoring him.

“Um… wow hyung, even Jinki could see it was a bad idea, you must be even denser than him!” Minho grinned, poking his tongue out as Jonghyun glared at him from between his fingers. “Sorry, um it was the proposal,” Minho raised one eyebrow, watching as Jonghyun slowly removed his hand from his face and he frowned across at the other boy.

“The proposal? What?” Jonghyun scrunched up his face in disbelief, “but why would he be angry? I proposed to him in front of Korea? I declared my love for him publicly, wouldn’t that make him happy?” Jonghyun looked confused and upset and Minho sighed, feeling slightly annoyed that he just was not getting it.

“Hyung, think about it, you proposed in front of a camera on Hello Baby.” Minho sucked in a deep breath looking slightly uncomfortable, and Jonghyun nodded his head. “Of course it seemed like a sweet gesture and a good idea at the time. Of course some of the fans will be excited when they see that,” Jonghyun frowned hearing that, “But almost everyone who sees that will think you were joking and not being serious!” Minho bit into his lip, blinking as he saw Jonghyun’s surprised expression.

“So of course Kibum feels like you were just joking or making light of your relationship. You didn’t even have a proper ring.” He added with a sigh, “Kibum probably feels like you’ve never really loved him, so hyung you should go and talk to him.” Minho smiled warmly across at Jonghyun, “Please I don’t wanna see you fighting.”

“Me too.” Jinki murmured, and Jonghyun turned back to see the leader standing at the back of the couch, one hand resting on Minho’s shoulder. “Jjong, you need to go and sort this out.” He nodded his head slowly, smiling sweetly down at him, “it’s your birthday Jjong, you still need your proper kiss?” He added with a tilt of his head, squeezing Minho’s shoulder lightly.

“Shit.” Jonghyun bit down into his lip, “Okay, thank you?” He added and he got up immediately, and he surprised both Jinki and Minho by running for his bedroom and not the one where Kibum, Taemin and Jinki slept. Minho frowned as Jinki climbed onto the couch next to him, sighing contentedly as he felt an arm wrap around his shoulder.


“Hyung,” Minho smiled as he pulled Jinki closer to him, pressing his lips to his shoulder lightly. “Hyung, should we celebrate too?” He added with a soft smile as he kissed across Jinki’s shoulder lightly, and the older boy frowned across at him. He did not understand why they would be celebrating; especially since Jonghyun and Kibum were still fighting, he would feel guilty if they celebrated and the other two were still having problems. Despite that, he couldn’t help but smile and shut his eyes as he felt Minho’s lips press delicately against his shoulder repeatedly. Each kiss making him feel so loved and happy, he felt like he could fly.

“Hmm… why would we be celebrating? Don’t you feel guilty, since Jjong and Kibum are having problems?” Jinki asked, shifting his body closer to Minho’s mouth, “And I had no idea you were so knowledgeable about love?” He smiled and leaned in to kiss Minho’s forehead softly. His eyes squeezed shut as he leaned in to kiss Minho’s forehead again, but the younger boy tilted his head up, catching Jinki’s lips against his own. He sucked on Jinki’s lips lightly, before running his tongue across his lip, deepening the kiss when Jinki’s lips parted.

Minho panted softly, feeling dizzy when they pulled away moments later, and he smiled down at Jinki, running his fingers through the boy’s slightly damp hair. Minho rocked his face against Jinki’s, so that their cheeks were pressed together, and he tilted his face sideways to smother him in kisses again. Jinki whimpered slightly, enjoying how affectionate Minho was being. He relished the kisses, the way that Minho’s lips kept moving so tenderly and sensually against his skin.

“Because.” Minho smiled as he kissed the tip of Jinki’s nose, “Because we can celebrate?” He raised one eyebrow as he kissed Jinki’s lips chastely. “Because I love you? Because do we really need a reason to celebrate?” He shrugged as he watched Jinki’s cheeks turn a soft pink, and he smiled happily at him. Minho reached a hand up and he slowly slid his fingertips down the shell of Jinki’s ear, leaning in and kissing the path his fingers traced. Jinki’s eyes shut and he moaned softly, wrapping his arms around Minho’s waist and clinging to him.

“And…” Minho paused leaning in to bite Jinki’s earlobe, “I’m sure Jonghyun and Kibum will be fine, so we should celebrate them being okay? I have faith, and I know those two idiots love each other too much.” Minho grinned as he leaned in to kiss Jinki’s ear again, “So no I don’t feel guilty, it’s not like we did anything to upset their relationship?” He shrugged slightly, as Jinki hugged him tightly, before he tilted his face up and kissed Minho softly.

“Okay.” Jinki panted softly, “Sounds good to me? Because I love you too and because…” He paused sucking in a deep breath as Minho sucked lightly on the lobe of his ear, “because…you’re so caring and thoughtful.” He smiled as he tightened his grip on Minho’s waist, “and I love you, so much Minho.”

“Pssh, fuck, get a fucking room!” Jonghyun raised one eyebrow as he looked down at them, from behind the couch, “Just because you guys are so loved up, do you really need to rub it in my face?” He pouted and sighed heavily, and Minho and Jinki guiltily pulled away. Jonghyun shook his head and walked across to the bedroom, sucking in a deep breath as he stood in front of the door.


Jonghyun could feel his heart pounding as his sweaty fingers grasped the doorknob, and he slowly turned it opening it, he winced expecting to have something thrown at him but nothing was. He sighed in relief and stepped cautiously into the room, surprised to see that Kibum was curled up in a ball of his bed, his back to Jonghyun.

“Kibummie?” Jonghyun frowned and he climbed onto Jinki’s bed, standing on it as he looked across at Kibum, but he just ignored him. Jonghyun sighed and then he climbed the ladder, careful as he climbed onto the top bunk of the bed. “Kibummie? I am so sorry.” He mumbled as he lay down next to Kibum, lying on his back and looking up at the ceiling.

“Today is my birthday, and you know what the best present in the world would be?” He spoke softly, smiling as he stared up at the ceiling, “Not anything you can buy with money. But rather, seeing one person happy. Seeing the most important person to me, happy, that would be the best present ever.” Jonghyun swallowed and he rolled onto his side, smiling sadly as he studied Kibum’s rigid form. He just hoped that he could make Kibum understand just how much he meant to him.

“You know, for the last year, I’ve thought about it a hundred times.” Jonghyun sucked in a deep breath, “but I decided to wait until my birthday, so I could not chicken out, so I had to do it.” He nodded his head firmly, “I don’t know if this is making sense or not, but Kibummie, I love you.” Jonghyun paused and he smiled, wriggling closer to Kibum who was still ignoring him. “I love you so much, that was why I proposed on Hello Baby, because I wanted the world to know that I, Kim Jonghyun loved Kim Kibum with every fibre of my heart and body.” Jonghyun paused and breathed deeply, feeling nervous as he waited for some kind of reaction from the other boy.

“Jjong,” Kibum’s voice sounded rough and he sounded upset, “Jjong, it sounded like a joke to me, when you proposed.” He paused sounding like he was almost in tears. “It felt like you were saying that our relationship was a joke, a sham just to make the fans happy.” Kibum swallowed, “Do you know how much that hurt?” He sighed and then turned over so that he was facing Jonghyun, and the older boy stared guiltily as he saw Kibum’s tear stained cheeks and red eyes. He felt like an idiot and he was also shocked that Minho had been spot on.

“Our relationship could never be a joke.” Jonghyun responded firmly, his shaking hands reaching into his jeans pockets. “Instead it is the most precious thing ever.” He smiled, his eyes lit up with love as he grasped the container with his fingers. “Kibummie, Kim Kibum.” He whispered softly, leaning in close as he cupped the younger boy’s face with the hand not in his jean pocket. “Will you marry me? Say yes, please?”

Kibum frowned and shoved Jonghyun away, “See, but things like that annoy me!” Kibum sounded upset, “Sure I know you love me, but we can’t get married so why do you have to keep joking about it?” He frowned and made to turn away from Jonghyun, but the older boy grabbed him and held tightly onto him. “Hyung, let go!” Jonghyun tensed, Kibum only called him ‘hyung’ when he was annoyed or angry.

“No.” Jonghyun pulled his hand out of his pocket, the velvet wrapped container resting on his palm and he held it across to Kibum. “No we can’t get married in a church, but we can still get married privately.” He added with a grin, and Kibum blinked, staring across at Jonghyun in surprise. It was hard with one hand, but Jonghyun opened the box, revealing a gorgeous gold band, inset with a couple of diamonds. It was gorgeous but not feminine and Kibum gasped softly as he saw it, it was exactly to his taste.

“Jjong!” Kibum gasped, his hand trembling slightly as Jonghyun reached for his hand, slowly pressing the engagement ring onto his finger, smiling lovingly across at the boy. “Jjong, but how can we marry?” He frowned, staring in disbelief at the ring, “Jjong, I’m sorry for overreacting; you know I’d marry you in a heartbeat if we could marry.” He sighed shutting his eyes, and looking sad. “But you know its illegal here, so that makes this impossible.”

Jonghyun just smiled and leaned in, kissing Kibum’s eyelids gently, before he covered the boy’s face in tender kisses, showing him how much he loved him. Jonghyun felt so relieved that Kibum realised that he meant it, and that he was no longer angry at him. He gripped Kibum’s hand warmly, slowly pulling him into his arms completely and hugging him tightly. He smiled happily as he felt Kibum snuggle in against him, reaching across to kiss him lips lightly.

“We can marry how our ancestors married.” Jonghyun murmured softly, “just the two of us, and a bowl of water to witness the marriage.” He sighed as he stroked Kibum’s back lightly, “Doesn’t that sound perfect, just us saying vows in front of a bowl of water?” He asked as Kibum’s eyes opened in surprise, and then he laughed and nodded his head quickly. Jonghyun hoped that would be okay, hoped that it would be acceptable to Kibum.

“Jjong, are you serious?” Kibum laughed softly, “Can… we really do that?” His cheeks looked all flushed and he looked so happy as Jonghyun nodded his head slowly. “Ah, we have to do that! But we need to find some nice clothes… and we should do it before we have a day off?” He winked, “So we can have a honeymoon?”

“We have tomorrow off?” Jonghyun reminded Kibum, hugging him tightly, “we could do it now? How does that sound Kibummie, we could get married right now?” Kibum’s eyes widened and he stared in disbelief at Jonghyun, feeling so incredibly happy. Kibum could hear and see the excitement in Jonghyun’s eyes, and any doubts about if he loved him were long gone. He started to nod his head without really thinking about what he was doing, and then Jonghyun was laughing and hugging him tightly.


Jonghyun hummed happily as he walked across the living room, rolling his eyes as he saw Minho and Jinki still making out on the couch. He grinned as he heard Jinki moan, and he tried not to look too closely, giving them some privacy. After all it wasn’t like he saw them on the couch every night, they were usually very good at hiding away somewhere private. He walked into the kitchen, walking over to Taemin, and he peered over his shoulder, shuddering slightly as he saw his maths homework.

“Ugh, good luck with the homework!” He murmured softly, patting Taemin’s shoulder lightly, and the younger sighed. Jonghyun grinned down at the pouting teenager, squeezing his shoulder again softly, before he walked over to the sink, reaching up to the cupboard above. Taemin watched him simply because he was sick of doing homework and bored.

He opened the cupboard and slid a plain bowl out of the cupboard, still humming softly to himself as he held it under the cold tap and filled it with water. Kibum had kicked him out of the room to change, and so Jonghyun was trying to take his time. He sat the bowl down on the table, ignoring the strange looks Taemin sent him, and he pulled a small notebook out of his pocket to try and write some vows. He wasn’t really sure if they needed them or not but he figured it didn’t hurt to say something special and meaningful.

“Hyung.” Taemin frowned as he stared across at Jonghyun, “what’s um with the bowl of water?” He stood up and reached across to grab the bowl, “You wanted a glass of water right?” Before his fingers could touch the bowl, Jonghyun grabbed his hand and just sent Taemin a look that clearly told him to back off.

“No I wanted a bowl.” He replied tersely before trying to think of something to write. It was hard, it was getting late and no words were coming to him at all. He sighed heavily and doodled on the paper, wishing he could think up some special words or something to say. His eyes widened as he suddenly realised he didn’t even know the proper things they needed to for this, but then he just decided it didn’t really matter. They could make it up as they went.

“Hmm… I better go.” Jonghyun talked to himself, and he carefully picked the bowl of water up and walked out of the room. Taemin stared at him in surprise, and then followed him, rolling his eyes as he saw Jinki and Minho all over each other on the couch. He sighed and shook his head as he crept back into the kitchen.

“Great, I guess I’ll just sleep at the table tonight?” Taemin sighed and shook his head.


Jonghyun knocked on the door, holding the bowl carefully. He didn’t want to just barge in, because Kibum might still be changing or he might get annoyed again. Jonghyun was grinning like an idiot, as the door swung open and Kibum was standing there blinking at him. He held the door open and Jonghyun walked in, still holding the bowl carefully in his hands, and only after he put it down did he notice what Kibum was wearing.

He expected to come back and find Kibum wearing something extra special but he had just changed his jeans and brushed his hair. Or so he thought on his first look, but when Jonghyun looked again he saw that he was wearing make up, and the evidence that he had been crying was gone completely. Jonghyun thought he was beautiful without make up, beautiful when he had just woken up, but he liked how it was not too much. Just enough make up to hide his tears and accentuate how gorgeous he was. Kibum stared across at Jonghyun, biting down into his lip as the other boy continued to stare at him.

“Jjong?” Kibum cocked his head to one side, “Are… we going to do this or not?”

“Of course!” Jonghyun grinned brightly, “Sorry I was a bit um distracted.” He swallowed and reached for Kibum’s hand, and he gently tugged him closer. He smiled across at Kibum as they stood their holding hands in front of the bowl of the water. Kibum smiled back at Jonghyun and then they both looked forward at the bowl of water, it felt so strange and slightly awkward. But Kibum felt incredibly happy as he stood there, holding Jonghyun’s hand tightly.

“So what happens now?” Kibum squeezed Jonghyun’s hand tightly; his heart was pounding so fast in his chest. He felt excited and elated that they were going to do this, but he had no idea what they were meant to do. How things were meant to proceed, although at that point in time he was feeling so happy that he didn’t particularly care, as long it meant they were married. Even if it was an unofficial wedding, it would still mean the world to him.

“I guess… we say some kind of vow?” Jonghyun blinked, kicking himself mentally for not preparing vows for them both and for being so disorganised. He should have planned everything too, but instead he did nothing, and now he regretted it. He bit down into his lip hoping that Kibum would not be too annoyed at the lack of preparation. “Sorry I um didn’t prepare anything.”

“Jjong.” Kibum turned to look at Jonghyun with a smile, “it doesn’t matter? And this was kinda sudden, wasn’t it? I like it this way, spontaneous and unplanned, it makes it feel more exciting right? I always thought having written down vows seemed kinda stuffy and meh at a wedding. But maybe that’s just me?” Kibum shrugged slightly, watching Jonghyun’s face and how it lit up hearing his words.

“Yeah I guess.” Jonghyun sighed happily, “And since we don’t really know how they did this… let’s just do it our own way.” He reached across with his free hand and stroked Kibum’s hand lightly, “It’s more meaningful that way right?”

Kibum just nodded his head, smiling as he sucked in a deep breath trying to calm his heart down. It was pounding way too fast. He had felt so hurt when Jonghyun had proposed on television, and all the staff had slapped him on the back joking about it. The way they casually said it was hilarious, and that the fans would love it, just stung. Kibum had felt so hurt, but he couldn’t show that on the show, he just hoped they would cut it out, but somehow he figured they’d leave it in since it was ‘fan service’. But this was more than making up for it, and he swallowed deeply as he turned to look at Jonghyun.

“Jjong, you’re my best friend.” Kibum swallowed and nodded his head slowly, “You’re an idiot some of the time, and you drive me crazy. But you’re still my best friend, and I wouldn’t swap you for anyone else in the world.” He grinned as he looked down at Jonghyun, “I love you, and you make me so unbelievably happy most of the time. I don’t think I could live without you. I don’t think it would be possible to live without you, Kim Jonghyun.” He shook his head solemnly, breathing deeply when he saw how happy Jonghyun looked.

“Um… was that okay, or do I need so say something else?” Kibum frowned slightly, still staring down at his boyfriend insanely happy smile, his eyes shining so brightly. “Hmmm… I love you, Jjong.” Kibum nodded his head slowly, and squeezed his hand tighter. “So um… I want to be your husband…” Kibum paused, panicking slightly, “wait, wait?” He shut his eyes, “um are we both husbands? Or?” He covered his face with his palm sighing deeply, feeling like an idiot for ruining this.

“Husbands?” Jonghyun shrugged slightly, “I don’t think it matters? And… I think that was perfect, guess it’s my turn now?” He grinned, “Before anyone disturbs us?” Kibum slowly uncovered his face and stared across expectantly at Jonghyun, wanting to hear something lovely and poetic. But Jonghyun didn’t speak at first, instead he just stared seriously across at Kibum, making the younger nervous. His expression was so serious and thoughtful that for a second Kibum wondered if he regretted his idea to get married.


Kibum was shaken out of his thoughts when he heard his name, and he blinked his eyes slowly, feeling nervous. His heart was pounding like a drum, and he felt all shaky and worked up, he bit harder into his lip, staring nervously across at Jonghyun. The older boy still had such a serious expression, and he just gave nothing away with his tone of voice, and although it was irrational it made Kibum stress.

“Kibummie, it’s almost impossible to describe how I feel about you.” Jonghyun paused, sucking in a deep breath; he felt that his words would be so inadequate. “But I love you, and I love spending time with you.” He smiled fondly across at Kibum, “Sorry, I didn’t want to make this sappy… but yeah… I can’t help it?” Jonghyun pouted slightly, and Kibum laughed faintly, partly from nerves and partly because he thought Jonghyun was such a sappy person.

He laughed softly, “you know when interviewers ask about future wives or if we wanted to get married?” Kibum blinked and stared intently, wanting to know what Jonghyun would say, he chewed nervously on his lip until Jonghyun continued, “It’s always you that I think of, it’s always you. Those messages we had to say to our future wives? Well that was for you too, because honestly that’s how I’ve always thought of you, Kibummie, as the other part of my soul, as the person who I would marry. I could die of happiness that you accepted my proposal. But I won’t, I’ll keep on living so I can keep on loving you.”

Jonghyun opened his eyes, not sure when he had even shut them, and he found Kibum trembling in front of him, silent tears rolling down his cheeks. His eyes widened in surprise and he felt so much pain that Kibum was crying again. Jonghyun swallowed and just pulled Kibum into his arms, hugging him tightly. Kibum clung to him, and Jonghyun felt his eyes tearing up when he heard him muttering under his breath. He thought Kibum was sobbing softly, and that just hurt, he wasn’t meant to cry. He was meant to be happy, and not sad.

“Idiot.” Kibum smiled as he pulled back, wiping his tears with his fingers, “I was crying because I was happy, not sad.” He smiled tenderly up at Jonghyun, “So are we married now, in our own little private way?” He smiled as Jonghyun’s reached across and cupped his cheeks, wiping away the tears on his skin. And even though Kibum claimed they were tears of happiness, Jonghyun still felt bad, he hated seeing him crying. He hated seeing Kibum upset, and now that they were ‘married’ he wanted to make sure that Kibum had no reason to cry again.


Jinki smiled fondly down at Taemin, who had fallen asleep on his homework in the kitchen. He reached down and stroked the younger boy’s hair, before lightly touching his shoulder to wake him up. He slowly shook Taemin’s shoulder, to try and wake him up. He sighed when the younger boy didn’t wake up at all, and he shook his shoulder harder, it wasn’t good for Taemin to be sleeping there. But Taemin was fast asleep, and so with a sigh Jinki moved behind him, and he lifted the chair back slightly, when he felt a hand touch his back.

“Hyung, that’s not what it looks like is it?”

Jinki looked up to see Minho standing there, looking amused as he studied the sleeping boy and his boyfriend. Jinki blinked innocently, and shrugged his shoulders casually, trying to act like he didn’t know what Minho was talking about. Minho just shook his head slowly and laughed, wrapping his arm around Jinki’s shoulder lightly, pulling him to lean against him.

“No? So you were not about to try and carry Taemin to bed?” Minho raised one eyebrow, as he smiled across at Jinki, who was suddenly fidgeting next to him. His expression was neutral, but the way he avoided Minho’s gaze, told him he was dead on. “Hyung.” Minho pouted across at him, wrapping his other arm around Jinki’s waist, “last time you tried to do this, you hurt yourself.” He reminded him, “I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“I know,” Jinki sighed, his mouth turned down in a frown, “I know, but … I couldn’t just leave him sleeping here, and I thought you’d gone to bed already.” He explained with a slight pout, “And I put on weight recently, so I thought it would be okay?” He looked up to see Minho shaking his head at him slightly, and he made a little “pfft” sound.

“You? Put on weight, hyung I don’t think so.” Minho grinned and hugged Jinki tighter, “you’re just perfect, and I doubt that would make you capable to lift Taemin, without hurting yourself.” He added leaning in to kiss Jinki’s cheek lightly, trying to hide a smile as he saw how Jinki’s frown deepened and he put his hands on his hips.

“Minho, are you insulting my strength?” Jinki frowned up at Minho, looking slightly sulky and grumpy. Minho held back his grin, and the desire to pinch Jinki’s cheeks because he looked so damn cute. He quickly shook his head, hugging him and pressing his face to Jinki’s shoulder.

“No hyung, I’m not.” Minho kissed Jinki’s shoulder, patting his back lightly, “Anyways we should get Taemin to get bed, we need to sleep too.” He nodded as he pulled back from Jinki with a sigh, “I know we have tomorrow off, but we still should sleep soon?” He slowly bent over Taemin and picked him up, the younger still managing to sleep.

With Jinki’s help, he soon had Taemin on his back, and he helped Minho carry to him to the bedroom. Jinki opened the door, squawking indignantly when he saw Kibum and Jonghyun kissing against the wall. Jinki turned back to face Minho, causing the taller to bump into him, and almost drop Taemin.


Jinki turned red, as heard three voices hissing “hyung” at him. He froze on the spot and just looked down at the floor nervously, as Minho unceremoniously dumped Taemin on his bed. Jinki started for the door, to make a quick getaway, but Minho shot his arm out and caught him arm, stopping him from escaping. Jinki swallowed as he looked everywhere but at Kibum and Jonghyun, both boys looked slightly annoyed at being interrupted.

“Do you wanna sleep in my room?” Minho whispered with a soft grin, his eyes lighting up, until he noticed that Jinki was staring off in space and ignoring him completely. Minho frowned, and tried to work out what Jinki was staring at, but he couldn’t see anything. He sighed and then smiled softly, deciding it was just his condition again.

“Congratulations?” Jinki managed a soft smile as he looked across at Jonghyun and Kibum, who stared at Jinki in surprise. Minho tugged on Jinki’s arm lightly, blinking as he stood behind him, his arms wrapped around his waist, protectively. Minho pursed his lips together and frowned, as he wondered what the hell Jinki meant. Kibum and Jonghyun, gaped across at Jinki, their arms linked together as he they leaned against the wall.

“You… got married right?” Jinki nodded his head slowly, ignoring the soft voice whispering in his ear (‘hyung what the hell?’), and the way Jonghyun’s jaw tightened and he just stared in shock at Jinki. “That’s what the bowl of water is for right,” Jinki added pointing at the bowl of water, sitting casually on the bookcase. “Because you couldn’t do it legally, you did the way that travellers or peasants used to marry.” Jinki offered with a flourish, his hand waving in the air.

“What?” Kibum sounded angry, and Minho nervously started to walk backwards, dragging Jinki back with him. “Peasants got married this way? Jjong, I’m going to kill you!” He snapped, turning to look angrily at him, “We’re not fucking peasants! And what the fuck, how did you know that Jinki-hyung?” He turned back to stare intently at Jinki.

“Oh… the bowl of water.” Jinki blinked looking surprised that Kibum had to ask him that, “And… Jonghyun did propose to you, so it makes sense.” He shrugged, “It’s not difficult to work it out.” He blinked as the other three stared in complete shock at him. “I think it’s romantic and sweet.” Jinki grinned softly, “the fact you guys did that…” Jinki trailed off and nodded his head, “Ahh, anyways um I’m going to sleep in the other bedroom… good night.”

Jinki slipped out of the room, leaving a stunned Minho, and Kibum and Jonghyun looking surprised too. Jonghyun frowned, wishing he had asked Jinki about it before. He looked pointedly at Minho, wondering why he was still in the room; they had their honeymoon to think about after all. Minho coughed and then left the room quickly, and Jonghyun sighed as he saw Taemin sprawled across his bed. He had forgotten about Taemin, but now he saw him, sleeping soundly on his bed,

“Great.” Kibum sighed, “We can’t do anything with him here.” He pouted, “I’m still shocked that um Jinki-hyung, knew that’s kinda scary right?” Jonghyun nodded his head slowly, agreeing with Kibum, he wrapped his arms around the other boy, and hugged him tightly. It made no sense, how Jinki knew something that random, and he even knew more about it. Jonghyun frowned slightly, he had tried to find out about it, but he found nothing and yet Jinki knew about it.

“But it’s still amazing-“ He trailed off hearing the sound of the door opening, and he frowned turning to see Minho standing there looking sheepish. “Minho? What do you want now? Did hyung forget his pyjamas or something?”

“Ah no.” Minho looked embarrassed as he walked over to the bookcase, “I uh… just want to borrow this for a while… don’t worry I won’t come back or disturb you again. Thanks!” He nodded his head slowly, looking serious, as he left the room with the bowl of water carefully balanced in his hands.

“Anyways, I was saying it was amazing no one interrupted us when we were getting married.” Jonghyun leaned in and kissed Kibum gently, “And won’t it just be nice to sleep with each other?” He mumbled as he rubbed Kibum’s stomach softly, his fingers gliding softly over the skin. “Hmm, we’re going to have to do something about the sleeping arrangements aren’t we?”

“Yes, Jjong.” Kibum smiled up at him, “Hm let’s get to bed.” He leaned down and kissed Jonghyun’s nose lightly, “we’ve always got tomorrow anyways.” He added with a sly smile, “we can kick Taemin out then.” He nodded his head, and pulled away from Jonghyun, to take his shirt off. Jonghyun’s hands rested lightly on his hips, watching appreciatively as he stripped down to his underwear.

“Perve.” Kibum teased, one eyebrow raised as he scrambled into his bed, and he sat shirtless staring at Jonghyun, impatiently. “Are you coming to bed now or not?” He frowned, looking slightly annoyed until Jonghyun was climbing up, and joining him on the bed.

“It’s a bit cramped.” He grinned as he flexed his arms and then wrapped them around Kibum’s bare waist, “that’s a good excuse to snuggle against you.” He grinned as he pulled the slender man into his arms to rest against. “Goodnight, husband?” He added placing a tender kiss across Kibum’s lips.

“Goodnight, husband,” Kibum giggled slightly, “Sounds so silly… oh and happy birthday Jjong.” He smiled and pressed his lips against Jonghyun’s, deepening the kiss almost immediately. Running his hands down his back lightly, before he pulled away and whispered, “Love you.” Jonghyun ruffled Kibum’s hair lightly, before kissing his lips again, and whispering that he loved him too.

Jonghyun felt like he could die of happiness, and he could not stop smiling as he planned for things to do in the morning. He smirked as he saw the happiness and desire filling Kibum’s eyes, and the younger boy winked at him. Jonghyun felt like it was the best birthday ever, and he that he would never ever forget that moment, that night. They both fell asleep in each others arms, feeling satisfied and incredibly happy.



So yeah this was kinda weird and total sap! D: Oh and the water bowl marriage ^^; was something that was mentioned in ‘Chuno’~ there was a note about how people (I’m sure they said travellers and peasants) would get married just in front of a bowl of water! ^^; So yeah I tried to find out more about it :/ but I couldn’t find anything T___T; so yeah sorry D:
Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, pairing: jongkey, pairing: tofuho, rating: pg-13, status: complete
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