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Why hello there... (2)

Title: Why hello there... (2/2)
Author: argh
Rating: NC-17
Length: 5,288 words
Pairing: Onew/Minho (TofuHo♥)
Summary: Minho can't sleep~ so he ends up online where he finds an interesting blog dedicated to Jinki 8D! He's so distracted by the website and Jinki sneaks up on him^^;
Warnings: un-betaed. Sorry for the terrible grammar :/
Dedicated to: eijifujiryoma ♥♥♥! ^^ (miss you so much D:)

Why hello there… (part two)



Jinki felt like he had been waiting for ten o’clock for centuries. Even though rationally, he knew it had only been a few hours. He sucked in a deep breath as he stood outside the computer room, the dorm was in darkness but he could see a faint glow under the door. He checked the time again, and he groaned softly as he saw he was still ten minutes early. He had been pacing outside the room for twenty minutes now; he didn’t want Minho to know just how eager he was, which was why he still had not gone in. He pursed his lips together nervously as he gripped the door knob, twisting it slowly and then opening the door.

Jinki peeked around the door, gaping slightly as he saw how different the dimly lit computer room looked. Minho had pushed the computer chair out of the way, and spread a thick layer of blankets across the floor. There were cushions and extra pillows too, and it looked comfortable and inviting. Jinki felt nervous as he saw how much work Minho had gone to, but it made him feel excited too. He liked how they were having this secret little meeting that no one else knew about, he could feel adrenaline pumping through his body. He walked into the room, smiling nervously, wondering what he was letting himself in for.

He shut the door softly behind him, turning to look back at the door before he locked it with sweaty palms, the last thing they needed was someone walking in on them. He coughed slightly as he turned to see Minho kneeling down on the floor, fiddling with something before he lifted his head and smiled up at him. Jinki sank down onto the blankets, feeling like he was on a strange picnic, and nervously he moved close to Minho. He could feel his heart pounding, it seemed so loud to his ears he wondered if Minho could hear it too.

“Minho?” Jinki bit his lip as he settled on the floor, “Um how did you sneak all of this in here without Kibum noticing?” The blankets felt soft and comfortable under him, and Jinki swallowed feeling happy and so excited, he wondered if it was obvious to Minho. He couldn’t stop smiling, and glancing around the room happily.

Minho crawled over towards him, and he smiled as he settled next to Jinki. He pressed one hand to Jinki’s thigh, placing it gently against his leg, and he didn’t answer him straight away. He leaned in and kissed Jinki’s cheek, a completely innocent and chaste kiss. Jinki’s eyes widened in surprise, and he pulled back to say something else but Minho grabbed at his face, pulling him against his lips. Minho sucked on Jinki’s lips, squeezing his eyes shut as he deepened the kiss. Minho let himself taste Jinki, moaning softly as they kissed heatedly for some time. When he pulled back Jinki’s cheeks looked flushed and he was breathing heavily.

“Minho?” Jinki mumbled out softly, reminding Minho that he had asked him a question earlier. Minho smiled and tugged his shirt off, his hair resting on his bare collarbones in light curls. Jinki felt nervous and excited as he stared at Minho’s chest, he had seen the others boys body plenty of other times too. But it felt different, sitting in a dimly lit room and he sucked in a deep breath as he watched how Minho’s hair curled against his shoulder blades. The shadows covering Minho’s chest in strange swirled patterns that shifted as he tilted his head. His nipples looked so dark in the room, and Jinki stared at his lightly muscled chest. He found himself inching forward to touch his chest, wanting to trace along the faint lines of his muscles.

“Oh Kibum noticed.” Minho nodded his head and he lifted his hips, sliding closer to Jinki, and he pressed his hands to the hem of the other boys t-shirt. “He told me to be safe and gentle.” Minho grinned tugging up the thin shirt, and Jinki gulped and tensed immediately, his fingers freezing in the air inches away from his chest. This was meant to be secret, something that the others knew nothing about. It was meant to be their secret, but now it was not anymore.

“What?” He gasped, “Wait, Kibum knows?” He sulked slightly, wriggled his arms around, effectively preventing the younger from stripping his shirt off. “Minho, we can’t! Not if Kibum knows.” He gulped again as Minho leaned in close, and before Jinki could mumble another protest the rapper’s lips fluttered softly against his. Another gentle chaste kiss that made Jinki burn for more, made him crave for. Jinki did not understand how or why the gentle, soft kisses made him burn with need, but somehow they did. All he knew as his eyes slid shut was that he desperately wanted more. He shivered slightly as Minho’s hands wrapped around his middle, and he was pushed back gently.

“Who cares about Kibum?” Minho murmured softly, as he levered himself on top of Jinki, his hands stroking his shoulders lightly. He sucked in a deep breath, smiling slightly as he stared at Jinki’s flushed face, the way his lips trembled with desire.

Jinki opened his eyes, gasping heavily and he had a lap full of Minho practically purring above him. His body lean and languidly stretched over Jinki’s, making the older boy gasp as Minho slowly brought his hips down to rest against the other boys. Minho’s gentle rocking motions felt so good, the sensations making Jinki forget about everything else completely. Everything seemed to slip from his mind, except those motions, the rocking hips making his head sing with pleasure. His erection tenting the front of his pyjamas, and Jinki groaned softly as Minho’s bare chest pressed against his clothed chest.

He bit down into his lip and obediently lifted his arms as Minho slid his shirt off his upper torso. His breaths came in shallow as Minho, curled his body down on top of the older boys. Minho’s chest felt burning hot as it rubbed against his own. He felt so glad that he had walked in on Minho that night, because it felt so good to have Minho above him, pressing down against him. The taller boy’s body scorching hot above him, it made his desire soar so high. Jinki arched his body back, twisting his hips up as Minho ground his hips down. Creating waves of pleasure that coursed through Jinki’s body continually. He didn’t know if it was because of his excitement, but he didn’t think his desire could soar any higher. Minho’s erection felt heavy and hard as it dug into his thigh, making his own cock stiffen.

“Hyung.” Minho purred softly, as he leaned in and kissed along Jinki’s neck, his lips gentle and surprisingly tender as he moved alone the juncture between Jinki’s neck and just under his ear. Jinki found that the tender touches drove him insane, his eyes squeezing shut and he leaned into the caresses. Minho’s tongue fluttered along his earlobe lightly, and Jinki moaned softer, his hands growing curious and he placed them squarely on Minho’s back, tracing them down his muscular back.

“Minho.” Jinki replied, not even sure why he was saying the boy’s name. It just seemed right, he wanted to voice out Minho’s name, whisper it softly and hope that he could hear his growing desire. He arched his hips up in hazy motions, gasping softly as his erection rubbed hot against Minho’s. His pyjama pants felt hot and tight and far too restricting. He wanted them off, and he wanted Minho naked too. Minho’s body pressed down over top of his, making his skin burn slightly, and he slowly rotated his hips up, trying to match the motions set by the rapper.

Jinki felt awkward in comparison to Minho’s, his hips seemed to jerk up erratically struggling to match the fluid motions Minho’s hips made. He found it hard to concentrate with Minho’s rhythmic motions messing with his mind and body, and the way his tongue and lips continued to tease the sensitive skin on his neck. He groaned, curling his fingers against Minho’s body, it felt as if he was trying to do a million things at once, his brain and body struggling to deal with the constant flow of pleasure. He just wanted to moan and give in, let the pleasure erode everything else away.

Minho pulled back from Jinki, breathing heavily and he reached for Jinki’s hands, tugging the older boy back up into a sitting position. Jinki panted heavily, staring across at Minho in surprise, the pleasure had been cut so suddenly, he felt disappointed. Minho grinned and he lifted his hips up, thrusting his erection forward and then tugging his pyjama pants down. He revelled in the way that Jinki waited with baited breath, and he heard the sharp intake as slid the pants down his legs. He could feel Jinki’s gaze, hot on his now naked form and Minho found that he liked being stared at by the singer. The way his eyes glinted darkly, filled with lust, and the way he stuck the tip of his tongue out of his mouth, it only made him feel even more turned on.

“Hyung.” Minho crawled forward, and with eyes half lidded, he licked his lips, “Hyung. It’s only fair.” Minho nodded his head, sprawling backwards onto his back so that Jinki could take in all of his naked form, the light hitting the sharp planes of his hips, and stomach. Jinki swallowed and stared, slowly moving forward towards Minho. He felt drawn to the boy, like he was a magnet pulling him in close. “Suck me off.” Minho purred softly, his voice coming out so low and his voice sounded so strained that Jinki, felt even more turned on as he sucked in a deep breath.

Jinki just nodded his head as Minho’s fingers tugged on his straight hair, and the younger boy coaxed him down, down low. Jinki licked his lips nervously, shooting a glance up at Minho as he settled himself comfortably in front of him. The younger boy’s eyes were full of desire as Jinki slipped his tongue out and he nervously pressed it down right against Minho. He lapped at it nervously, unsure of what he was meant to do, but hearing Minho’s low moans encouraged him.

He sucked in a deep breath and trailed his tongue down the length of Minho’s cock, brushing it softly against the taut skin. Jinki swallowed pulling his tongue back and tasting the other boy in his mouth, and he felt Minho’s fingers tracing through his hair lightly. His fingers pressed gently against his scalp, making Jinki feel all tingly, and dizzy. Sucking in a deep breath to calm his nerves he opened his mouth wide, taking the boys head into his mouth. Jinki shut his eyes as he sucked down hard, hearing Minho groan loudly.

Minho shivered slightly as he felt Jinki’s mouth surround him tightly, a warm vacuum of sunshine wrapping around him. Because Jinki’s mouth was bright like sunshine, and the warmth flooded Minho’s senses, making him feel lit up with pleasure and warmth. Minho sucked in a deep breath, groaning from the way Jinki’s mouth surrounded him. Jinki glanced up at Minho, watching the rappers face fill with pleasure.

Minho shuddered and he lifted his hips up pushing into Jinki’s mouth more, groaning as intense warmth and the pleasure wrapped further around him. He tugged on Jinki’s hair, growling from the pleasure that Jinki’s tongue and mouth gave him. It felt like magic, the way Jinki hummed softly, and the way he rolled his tongue down against his head, was making Minho melt, his body shuddering into the blankets beneath him. He liked the way Jinki’s mouth and tongue felt pressed up against him. His body pumping up, desperate to get more of that hot magic, he couldn’t stop moans from flying out of his mouth.

Minho groaned and he rocked his hips up into Jinki’s hot mouth, looking down to see himself disappearing into the boy’s mouth. That made him groan, pleasure spinning hot around his head, and he didn’t want it to end. He wanted Jinki to keep on giving him that pleasure elixir but, he realised he had to stop. He had to stop before he came and with a sigh he tugged on Jinki’s hair, pulling out quickly. He whimpered from the loss of pleasure, his body screaming at him to thrust back into that inviting mouth. But Minho knew he had to stop before he came. He throbbed, and it was so hard not to shove himself back into Jinki’s mouth, since he was still right there in front of him, his lips parted inches away from his ache. His lips glistening with pre come in the lamp light, made it even harder for Minho to resist.

“Ugh, Jinki-hyung!” Minho panted as he sat, “Shit.” His hands reaching for Jinki immediately and he pulled him up, hugging him tightly in his arms, “Ugh, I’m so close.” Minho shivered as he felt Jinki’s lips pressing against his nipple, sucking down on the hardened nub. Minho shuddered jerking his chest forward, thrusting it towards his eager mouth. He felt so needy for Jinki’s mouth to be pressed against him. Jinki licked across his chest, stroking his tongue languidly across Minho’s chest. He gripped his sides with his hands, letting his mouth explore the younger boy’s chest.

Minho pressed his hands to Jinki’s chest, placing his palms lightly against his chest, not capable of doing much else. The way Jinki’s mouth travelled across his chest seemed to make his cock ache with even more need. He felt unable to concentrate on anything else except the flutter of Jinki’s tongue and the ache of his cock. He dropped his hand lower and felt Jinki through his pyjama pants, and touching his erection through the material wasn’t enough. He needed Jinki to be naked, and he felt as if he couldn’t wait any longer. Minho shuddered and then he harshly pushed Jinki back, smiling as the older boy looked surprised at being pushed away with rough hands.

Minho crouched over Jinki, and he started to tug down his pyjamas pants, moaning softly as Jinki lifted his hips too high, and he almost had his eye poked by Jinki’s cock. The older boy let out a soft moan, dropping his hips and he looked embarrassed as Minho unhooked his pyjamas from around his slender ankles. He couldn’t meet Minho’s eyes, as he shifted between his legs. Minho’s fingers clenching his feet delicately and he rested Jinki’s feet on his thighs.

“Sorry.” Jinki mumbled, a hand pressed low over his eyes feeling embarrassed, but Minho quickly moved his hand and he smiled down at him before he kissed him. His lips crushing against his, claiming Jinki’s mouth against his and he reached down to grip at Jinki’s jutting hipbones with eager fingers. He liked the way Jinki’s body felt against his fingertips, the smooth skin and how he reacted to his touches. Jinki reacted so strongly to every touch; he was so sensitive to him. It made Minho’s mouth water with desire and he needed to feel the other boy against him.

Minho moaned into the other boy’s mouth as he felt Jinki’s hand curling into his pubic hair, tugging on it lightly. His fingers so close to his aching erection, so close but so far, and it was pure torture. He rolled his body down against Jinki’s, wanting to feel his warmth against his skin. He groaned loudly as their erections surged together. To Minho it felt like an electric shock, the pleasure swiftly surging through his body in raging currents.

Jinki’s moan echoed Minho’s and he jolted his hips up, arching up against the other boy desperately. Minho kissed him again, his whole body shaking and he realised he had to act soon. Ignoring Jinki’s whimpers and protests Minho pulled away again, he reached over grabbing the lube. He grunted as he sat up again and he blinked for a moment wondering how to do this. He could feel his heart beating intensely and he felt the nervous rush of energy and desire pumping through his body. Jinki’s dark eyes watching him intently, it made Minho feel both self conscious and slightly nervous because he wasn’t sure what he was meant to do.

“Minho.” Jinki pouted up at him, “Hurry up.” He added biting down into his lip, and Minho gulped watching his laboured breathing, and the way his ribcage lifted elegantly. He looked so beautiful lying there naked, his skin covered in a slight sheen of sweat but that made him glisten slightly. Minho nodded his head and crawled over to Jinki, leaning over him to kiss him again. He felt his self-consciousness evaporate, from the way Jinki eyed him, licking his lips slowly.

“Hyung.” Minho sounded breathless, “Hyung, I need you.” He shuddered as Jinki’s fingers slipped around his wrist squeezing it lightly. Jinki just nodded and he watched somewhat curiously as Minho uncapped the lube, and then he proceeded to spill it over his hand. “Fuck.” Minho groaned and Jinki smiled up at him, amused at seeing the usually cool boy flustered. It felt strange but also made Jinki feel at ease seeing that Minho was as nervous as he was.

Jinki’s fingers crept around his wrist again wanting to reassure Minho and help him relax. Minho pursed his lips as he pressed his lube covered hand to Jinki’s erection. He felt funny under the lube, but he liked how it gleamed in the light and he bit back a moan. He stroked the older boy’s cock for a few moments, watching how he shifted against the blankets, his limbs trembling slightly. Jinki let go of his wrist as Minho’s hand pressed lower, curling against his balls, and he cupped them carefully. Minho could feel his heart pounding faster in his chest, his nerves jangling and he could feel this curious mix of adrenaline and pleasure flooding his body.

Jinki let out a faint moan as Minho used his other hand to spread his legs, and then he hovered over the other boy, looking slightly nervous. Jinki felt just as nervous as he stared up at Minho’s face, taking in the slow blink of his eyes, and the way his lips curved up, his eyes full of need and pleasure. He wanted to urge Minho on, ask him to hurry before his nerves got the better of him. Jinki swallowed deeply as he felt the wet finger slide in between his cheeks, and then push in against his entrance. He gulped as Minho pushed against the ring of muscle, his heart racing as Minho pushed one slender finger into him.

Jinki let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding, and he nodded up at Minho, who was shaking with concentration, and he slowly began to move his finger. Jinki gasped softly, trying not to think about how strange it felt; instead he tried to concentrate on the way his dick throbbed painfully. Minho thrust his finger carefully, getting used to the way Jinki’s body was tight around his finger, and he held back a groan as he thrust into the tight heat. He shivered thinking about how hot it looked, watching Jinki’s body rock down onto his finger. The image seared onto his brain, and he shuddered feeling the aching increase in his body. He licked his lips slowly, feeling the steady drip of pleasure and he was sweating lightly by the time he pushed a second and then a third finger into Jinki, his eyes watching the older boy shudder against him.

Minho smiled triumphantly when he thrust his fingers deeply, and Jinki shuddered violently against him, his moans tumbling out of his mouth like water from a waterfall. He grinned knowing he had found that tightly bound bundle of nerves, and he rubbed his fingers against the spot again, shivering as Jinki bucked against him, his moans sinking into Minho’s skin, and making his pleasure sing higher. Watching Jinki writhe on the ground, was getting to be too much. He could feel the taut pull of his cock, and the way it throbbed continually. Minho sucked in a breath, knowing he couldn’t wait any longer. He needed Jinki, he needed him so badly.

Minho shook slightly as he pulled his fingers free, and he sucked in a deep breath trying to think and work out what to do next. He shut his eyes, his brain felt like it was melting from the pleasure, and he found it hard to think about anything but Jinki, naked, hot gorgeous Jinki. Naked hot Jinki, inches away from him, and how tight he felt around his fingers. Minho groaned, and he shuddered as he felt Jinki’s fingers sliding across his cock. He opened his eyes and looked down to see the older boy, spreading lube across his cock. Jinki’s eyes were half shut so that his eyes resembled crescents, and he pouted sexily up at Minho as he stroked his erection so tenderly. The way he gazed at him, through half lidded eyes made Minho shudder, and he found it unbearable. Minho swallowed and licked his lips, reaching for Jinki’s wrist and then moving, dragging Jinki with him.

Minho settled on top of a cushion, his back against the wall, and Jinki crawled into his lap, his hands sliding forward to touch Minho’s bare chest and shoulders. Jinki carefully touched his muscled shoulders, swallowing as he felt his thigh press against Minho’s cock, the sensation making his head swim. Jinki shivered slightly as he felt Minho encouraging him to lift his hips. He felt so nervous and anxious but excited at the same time and he bit down into his tongue, his whole body shaking as he felt Minho’s cock nudge his ass gently. He squeezed his eyes shut, and dug his fingers into Minho’s arms as he lowered himself down, feeling Minho’s cock slowly push into him.

It felt intense, Jinki felt full to the brim, with Minho burning inside him. He tried to relax but it felt so strange and almost uncomfortable, Jinki sucked in breath after breath, trying to adjust. He tensed up and stayed completely still, until he felt Minho’s hands stroking down his chest lightly, and then he breathed in deep, whispering to himself to relax. The longer they stayed like that, Jinki realised that something was shifting inside him, and he realised with a start that he wanted more. He shuddered as Minho’s hand ghosted across his skin, and he clung to the other boy, opening his eyes as he felt Minho slowly shift beneath him.

“Are you okay?” Minho whispered his fingers stroking his back softly, trying to sooth the trembling older boy. Minho sucked in a large lungful of air when Jinki’s soft brown eyes met his gaze, and he nodded his head slowly. Jinki wanted to beg Minho to move, but his tongue seemed to be stuck in his mouth. Minho bit down into his lip and he smiled, before he started to thrust up into Jinki, his mind exploding as he rocked his hips up. It felt so amazing, Minho felt as if he was sinking down into the floor, melting or disappearing into the bliss completely.

Minho groaned squeezing his eyes shut, and he rested his head against Jinki’s forehead, his hands reaching for his hips and he held onto them tightly, rocking his hips up slowly into the other boy. Jinki was so tight around him, and the way his muscles contracted against Minho, made his head spin with liquid pleasure. He groaned as Jinki’s hands slid across his skin, making the buzz increase inside him. Each snap of his hips made his vision swim, and euphoria seemed to flood him more.

Jinki shuddered against Minho, his eyes opening and he rolled his hips down, shaking somewhat violently with the force of Minho’s thrusts and the overwhelming pleasure cascading up and down his spine. He clutched at Minho’s body, feeling the younger boys heart pounding against his chest. Jinki was sure it was beating in time to his own heart. He swallowed, tilting his head back, and letting out a moan as Minho thrust against that spot, and he felt as if he was slipping out of consciousness. Everything flashing before his eyes and he groaned, loudly, his pleasure sparking behind his eyes, and in his groin and everywhere in his body. He found it almost too much to bear; his body seemed to be overloaded. His body seemed to be spinning faster and faster out of control, the pleasure overloading his system completely.

“Minho!” He panted, still gasping as the younger boy angled his thrusts just so and Jinki could feel the pleasure sparking through his skin and all his organs. He could feel Minho’s cock nudge against the nerves, and it made him feel like he was becoming one with the other boy. Jinki felt so weak and yet at the same time he felt so strong and almost invincible. He shuddered, and dropped his head forward as he felt Minho’s hand grasp as his erection. Jinki clung to Minho, feeling like if he didn’t cling he would lose himself forever in the pleasure that hazed him completely.

Minho bit down into his lip, hard enough to break the skin, his body spasming as he thrust up faster into Jinki. Everything was exploding into bright, vivid colours for him, and he groaned as he thrust his hand faster over the older boy’s cock. He was so close he could feel the pleasure bubbling up, almost about to overflow. He thrust up into Jinki and the older boy’s hips rolled down to meet his motions and something just broke inside him. Minho groaned, arching his head back, slamming it painfully against the wall as he lost control, and with a few last thrusts he came into Jinki.

Jinki’s head was spinning, round and round, and he felt so high and light. He felt so good, Jinki felt like he could float. Minho thrust slower into him, his erection nudging that spot that made Jinki see stars, and it didn’t take long. It didn’t take long for his pleasure to multiply and he found himself coming. He gasped out Minho’s name as he came into their chests, all sticky, hot and messy. But as Minho sucked in a deep breath, still feeling heady from his orgasm, he found he didn’t mind the mess at all. He didn’t mind that his chest was covered in Jinki’s come. He smiled as Jinki pressed against his chest, all sweaty and sticky and he could feel the boy’s heart thudding against his skin.

“Jinki.” Minho murmured, his limbs felt heavy but he felt so light, like he was floating. “Jinki-hyung?” He repeated touching the older boy’s lower back with cautious fingers. “Hyung,” He added, smiling as the older boy lifted his face, and he smiled up at Minho. Jinki looked half asleep but his face was flushed with pleasure. He looked so happy he was positively glowing and Minho, felt his smile growing wider as he stared into Jinki’s face.

“Yeah?” Jinki mumbled, his fingers pressing in against Minho’s chest to wipe at his sticky mess. “Sorry Minho.” He apologised moments later, pouting apologetically across at the other boy, but Minho just shook his head, smiling. At that point in time, Minho didn’t care, he felt drugged and high with pleasure. He didn’t want to move ever, he wanted to stay buried in Jinki forever.

“No it’s fine.” Minho grinned, “Really.” He nodded his head slowly to reinforce his point, “So ah, we’re going to do this again some time soon right?” He sounded almost shy as he spoke, and he blinked his eyes slowly, as if he was really nervous. Minho gently reached for Jinki’s hand, and he linked their hands together, feeling so nervous he bit down into his lip again. He hoped like mad that Jinki would agree, he couldn’t bear it if it was just a one time thing that would kill him.

Jinki blinked and he didn’t reply, instead he leaned forward and kissed Minho’s lips. Minho shut his eyes as Jinki’s lips moved softly against his own, and he felt the older boy’s tongue trace across the edge of his lower lip. He was breathing heavily when he pulled back from Jinki, and he was shocked to see the red across the other boy’s lips. Minho frowned, wondering why Jinki’s lips had blood on them, his brain too dead with pleasure to work it out.

“You’re bleeding.” Jinki frowned, reaching across to wipe at Minho’s lip with a careful swipe of his fingers. “Oh.” Jinki froze as he realised he never answered Minho. “Yeah, yeah we are.” Jinki smiled shyly, squeezing Minho’s hand tightly. “Well ah, what I um meant… was that I’d like that a lot.” He nodded his head slowly, and he licked his lips slowly.

“Well if you know what I mean?”

Minho laughed softly and he nodded his head, he knew exactly what Jinki meant. He hugged Jinki in his arms, and kissed his cheek, wiping at the boys face when he saw that he left a red print on his cheek. But Jinki just grinned across at him, snuggling against Minho’s chest, so that they both felt this surge of warmth filling them.

“Yes, hyung, I know what you mean.” Minho grinned, feeling happier than he had for a long time. He swallowed and wondered if this meant they were going out. He hoped so, he really hoped so, and nervously he batted his eyes before whispering, “Hyung, does this mean… we’re going out?” He groaned, feeling like an idiot for asking, but as he saw Jinki’s bright smile, and the way he nodded his head right away he felt like he had asked the right thing. He grinned back and squeezed Jinki’s hand tightly, sighing happily.

Minho suddenly found that he didn’t care that Kibum was going to freak out in the morning, when he saw the state of the room. He shrugged softly, and he laughed as they tiptoed into the bathroom to clean up and get ready for bed. Minho held Jinki’s hand lightly as they left the bathroom, grinning brightly, and he whispered a soft “Good night Jinki” to the older boy, kissing him in the dark before he slipped into the bedroom he shared with Jonghyun. He still felt excited even after they parted, and Minho wondered how he would ever sleep. He wished that he was still in the same room as Jinki; he wanted to sleep next to him, hold his hand tightly.

Minho smiled as he watched Jinki stumble into the dark into his own room, and then he shut the door with a click. Leaning back against the door, and he sighed with relief, before he padded over to his bed and he slipped under the covers. Minho sighed happily, and smiled as he fell asleep, not noticing how Jonghyun was smirking down at him from his bed. Jonghyun wondered if he should mention how thin the walls were, but then he decided it would be better to get Kibum to tell Jinki that. He could just imagine the leaders face, and he laughed softly to himself as he rolled onto his side.



I lie. It’s not short smut anymore :/ more like OTT SUPER FLUFFY SAPPY SMUT D: idk what to call this? XDD SMUFF? XD FLUFFY-SMUT? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

SORRY I feel like this part is sooooooooo different to the other part?

UGH? D: Comments?

:( ♥
Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, pairing: tofuho, rating: nc-17, status: complete
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