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Chocolate Kisses~

Title: Chocolate Kisses?
Author: argh (at onho)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 4,318 words
Pairing: TofuHo
Summary: Taemin and Minho want to know if Jinki really tastes like chocolate~ 8D
Warnings: un-betaed. Sorry for the terrible grammar :/

Chocolate Kisses?

TofuHo 8D


Taemin blinked as he looked out from the kitchen at who Jinki was sitting on the couch reading. He looked back at Kibum and then sighed softly, tapping his foot against the floor impatiently. He felt restless and irritated, and he really wished he could stop thinking about Jinki, and that stupid thing he had given. He sighed again as Kibum frowned across at him, and then he put down the letter he was reading. Taemin twitched as he studied the older boy again, his eyes lingering on his pouting lips, and unconsciously he licked his own.

“Taemin?” Kibum poked the younger boy’s chest, “what’s up? You’ve been standing there fidgeting for five minutes.” He sighed and looked at his face carefully, “Just go and talk to hyung if you want to, he won’t mind if you interrupt him?” Taemin sighed again and shook his head, fidgeting slightly as Minho and Jonghyun looked up from the table, staring up at the youngest.

“That’s not it; I don’t want to talk to him!” Taemin sighed faintly, scuffing his foot against the wall lightly, “It’s just been bugging me…” He trailed off noticing that both Jonghyun and Minho were now watching and cleaning in close, curious to know what was going on. “It’s just been bugging me how… hyung said he tastes like chocolate.” Taemin blushed softly, feeling embarrassed that he had said it out loud. He knew it was ridiculous, but somehow Taemin found that he couldn’t stop wondering if Jinki really did taste like chocolate.

Kibum’s eyes widened in surprise and he frowned, “What?” He spoke loudly and then quickly checked to see if Jinki was paying attention. He sighed in relief when he saw the older boy was still reading, and smiling to himself, completely unaware that they were talking about him. “What, you want… to kiss him?” He whispered sounding harsh as he did so, and Taemin’s cheeks turned red. Taemin hadn’t explicitly said that, but how else would he taste Jinki-hyung, how else would he find out if he tasted like chocolate.

“Hmm, yeah I wondered about that too.” Minho grinned as he licked his lips softly, “does he really taste like chocolate or tofu? Or something else?” Minho shrugged as the others turned to look at him with surprised expressions, “What? So Taemin’s not the only one wondering about that?” He grinned and then leaned in close, “Shall… we have a competition to see who can kiss him and see if he tastes like chocolate?”

“Minho!” Kibum snapped, his eyes opening wide, “How… can you suggest Taemin… do something like that?” Minho shrugged fluidly, looking intently at Taemin, and he smirked as the dancer nodded his head quickly. “Taemin!” Kibum frowned, as he caught him agreeing to that. “Taemin, how can you… compete with Minho?”

“Are you implying that I’ll win?” Minho raised one eyebrow suggestively, “That Taemin should not compete with me?” He held back a smirk as he saw Taemin’s frown, and the way Kibum glared across at him. “What? You said it Kibum, sounded like you don’t think Taemin has any chance against me?”

“No Minho, I just meant…” Kibum sighed heavily, “I don’t want Taemin trying to kiss hyung, or trying to compete against you or anyone else. I think it’s a bad idea.” He frowned, “I don’t approve, and I think hyung would not like it if he found out.” He shrugged, and deepened his glare at Minho when he saw the rapper shrugging as if to say “I don’t care what you think.”

“Well… I think it could be interesting?” Jonghyun smirked, “from the sidelines I mean…” He quickly added as he saw how Kibum was glaring at him. “Not saying I want… to um kiss Jinki-hyung, because I don’t! There is only one person I want to kiss!” He added nodding his head quickly, until Kibum relaxed again and then managed a small smile. “Kibum, I don’t see why they shouldn’t do this? They’re probably curious about kissing anyways?” He smirked, “not like us, who are experienced. And what about Jinki-hyung, has he even kissed anyone before?”

“Hmm… I don’t know?” Kibum frowned, “He’s never dated before has he?” He looked over and saw the other boy still reading his book intently. “Maybe he hasn’t?” Kibum frowned and he looked slightly sad for a moment.

“See hyung.” Minho grinned, “we should do this, poor hyung! He needs a kiss, and we do too!” He nodded his head firmly, biting down into his lip. He didn’t really mind if Kibum still opposed the competition because he was determined he was going to find some chance to kiss him. “I think we should do it!” He nodded his head, and grinned as he saw Taemin nod his head again.

“I think Minho and Taemin should do this.” Jonghyun grinned at both boys, “Jinki-hyung should not miss out on kissing? And I think it’ll be interesting to see what happens? Who wins? I think Taemin should go first?” Jonghyun shrugged, and Kibum sighed before he nodded his head slowly. “Okay, Kibum?” He asked looking across at the younger, and he nodded his head again.

“Yeah, I’ll go first!” Taemin grinned and nodded his head, “I am determined to win!” He grinned and stuck his tongue out at Minho before he bounded into the living room. Kibum, Jonghyun and Minho peered from the kitchen, watching carefully to see what happened. Minho hoped that Taemin would not succeed and the other two, just watched and waited curiously.



Jinki smiled as he put his book down, and Taemin sat down next to him. “Hm?” He mumbled softly as Taemin leaned in close to him. “What’s up?” He asked, blinking his eyes slowly at the younger boy, he frowned seeing that he looked nervous. “Taemin, are you okay?” Jinki leaned in close, his face inches from Taemin’s.

“I’m okay… but I wanted to ask you something?” Taemin swallowed and leaned in close, feeling excited and nervous because Jinki was so close, so teasingly close. He chewed on his lower lip softly, feeling proud when he saw Jinki’s eyes watching the action. “Hyung…” Taemin breathed out gently, “Hyung…” he repeated softer and then he leaned forward, pursing his lips together as he boldly tried to kiss the other boy.

Jinki turned away unaware of what Taemin was meaning to do, until the dancer was resting against his chest, his lips pressed to his shoulder blade. Jinki’s eyes widened in surprise, and he stared down at the dancer frowning slightly, as he realised what had happened. “Wait… did you… just try to kiss me?” He blinked as he slowly pushed Taemin back; watching his face go red slowly and then he nodded his head slowly. Jinki was silent for a few moments, feeling shell shocked as he sat there staring in disbelief.

“Taemin… I-I…” he paused and ran a hand through his hair, wondering what he was meant to say. It felt so awkward and strange, and Taemin looked so embarrassed. “Taemin, I’m not just going to kiss anyone.” Jinki finally muttered, and then his eyes widened and he groaned as he realised how that sounded. He looked across to see Taemin looked slightly upset. “Ah wait, I don’t mean you’re just anyone!!!” He vehemently shook his head, “I just meant… I want to kiss someone who I have feelings for?”

“Sorry Taemin.” He sighed and he rubbed the younger boy’s shoulder lightly, “I hope I didn’t upset you?” He frowned deeply, worrying that he had hurt Taemin’s feelings. But the dancer nodded his head quickly, managing a small smile, but Jinki still felt bad and worried. Just because he didn’t like the dancer, it didn’t mean that Taemin didn’t like him.

“Okay.” Taemin pouted slightly, he really thought he was going to succeed. He sighed and nodded his head slowly, he understood. Jinki was not just going to let him kiss him, so just like that he had lost. Taemin felt like an idiot for trying to kiss Jinki like that, he should’ve done something else. He sighed and then stood up slowly, looking down at Jinki, “I understand… sorry hyung.” He walked away looking dejected, and Jinki frowned watching him walk away.

“Taemin? Are you sure you’re okay?” Jinki called out after him, but Taemin didn’t reply, so he just sighed and returned to his book. His thoughts partly on Taemin and how weird it was for him to suddenly try and kiss him, although Jinki frowned he had noticed him staring at his lips recently. He still felt guilty, and hoped that he had not hurt the other boy’s feelings. He would hate himself if he had upset Taemin, and he shook his head slowly feeling bad. But at the same time he could not help how he felt, he could not help it if he liked someone else.


“Damn it, I failed.” Taemin sighed sounding dejected as he slumped down at the table. He lifted his head from the table top, “Hyung, don’t think it’ll be so easy… Jinki won’t just kiss anyone.” He shook his head slowly, “I don’t think we’re going to find out.” He pouted and dropped his head to the table again, sighing deeply.

“Taemin, it’s okay.” Kibum murmured softly, rubbing his shoulder lightly, “I knew it would be hard, I bet Minho won’t be able to do it either, so don’t worry.” He continued to rub his shoulder to soothe him, and Taemin frowned.

“No… but one of us has to do it! I need to know!” He looked up to see Minho nodding his head firmly, “Minho-hyung, fighting okay? Although I will feel hurt if you succeed, after what hyung said to me, ugh I don’t know if you’ll find out or not but I hope so!” He nodded his head sadly, and Minho grinned across at him.

“I have faith? I am just going to go to the toilet, and then I’ll try my best!” Minho grinned, disappearing out of the kitchen and he headed for the bathroom. Jonghyun and Kibum watched him carefully, wondering if he would succeed or not. After a few moments, the bathroom door opened and they all gaped, as he saw Minho had restyled his hair, and unbuttoned a few buttons at the top of his shirt. Revealing the top of his chest, and they all swallowed thinking he looked hot.

“Sneaky bastard!” Kibum whispered softly, “He went in there to make himself look good! See that Taeminnie, that Minho is scary, and competitive! Next time, you need to think like that, make yourself more attractive!” He shook his head slowly, as Minho winked over at the three of them before he walked across to where Jinki was sitting on the couch. Taemin pouted, wanting to point out that he was attractive, but he just sighed instead.


Minho sighed as he slumped down on the couch near Jinki, and he leaned forward resting his head in his palm. He wondered if Jinki would even notice him, so he decided to sigh again, and hope he noticed him. He sighed again louder, hiding a grin as he felt the couch shift and then Jinki pressed a hand to his shoulder. Minho kept his face down, as he felt Jinki sit next to him, touching his shoulder lightly.

“Minho? What’s wrong?” Jinki bit his lip gently as he stared down at the other boy, looking worried. “Are you feeling sick?” Jinki frowned deeper as Minho didn’t answer, making him start to worry. “Minho, what’s wrong? Please answer me; you’re starting to worry me?” Jinki felt relieved when Minho lifted his head, and he looked so sad as he met the older boy’s gaze.

“Hyung, I’m okay.” Minho spoke slowly, and he sounded sad, “I… just got home from a date.” He sighed again, his shoulders slumping forward. He watched Jinki’s eyes widen in surprise and he leaned in close, looking curious. “Is there… something wrong with me?” Minho frowned softly, “hyung is there? Do I look weird or something?”

“No?” Jinki frowned and he blinked his eyes rapidly, “Did… you get dumped? I didn’t even know you had a date.” Jinki shifted uncomfortably, and he looked almost upset to Minho. “I’m sorry Minho, there is nothing wrong with you, and you… you look handsome.” He whispered softly, sounding embarrassed to be saying such a thing directly to Minho’s face. Jinki hoped he wasn’t blushing as he said that, he hoped that Minho did not pick up on anything.

“I didn’t… get dumped.” Minho shook his head slowly, and he bit down into his lower lip, “But… but when I tried to kiss her… she pulled away.” Minho looked pained, and he sighed again softer, “Like… I was repulsive or something, like she could not bear to kiss me? Hyung, I’m just worried… that…” Minho swallowed, “last time I kissed her strangely… or it was horrible? I know I’m not… experienced in kissing… but…” He trailed off, watching as Jinki gulped softly.

“But?” Jinki leaned forward; his eyes wide and he looked so interested and curious and if Minho did not know any better, he would say Jinki looked even more hurt or upset, “But what, Minho?”

“But… I hope I don’t… kiss horribly?” He pouted, “How… do I… how do I find out, hyung? How do I learn how to kiss properly?” He sighed and looked down at the floor sadly, pouting heavily. He could feel the couch shifting and then Jinki placed his arm around Minho’s shoulder to comfort him. “What if I’m a really bad kisser? What if I never get to kiss anyone again, because it’s so terrible to kiss me?”

“Do… do you really like this girl?” Jinki asked softly, frowning slightly, “Minho, do you?” He swallowed as Minho nodded his head slowly. “Oh. Are… you going on another date with her?” Minho nodded his head again, and Jinki slowly nodded his head before he sighed softly. “I guess… you need to practice… um kissing.” He blinked, and then grinned, “Oh, I’ll help you?”

Minho gaped and he stared up in surprise at Jinki, “You… you’ll help me, how hyung?” Minho frowned, and blinked innocently across at Jinki. Minho held back his smile, Jinki had even suggested helping him with kissing first, he thought he was doing pretty well. “Will you find someone to help me practice kissing?” He asked, sitting up straight and glancing nervously across at Jinki, wondering what he would say. He hoped that Jinki would say no to that, but he had no idea what was going through the older boy’s mind.

“No, silly!” Jinki laughed softly, “I’ll help you.” He nodded his head slowly, and then he frowned, “well… I guess…we can learn together?” He blushed slightly, “It’s not like I’m overly experienced either…” He bit his lip softly, looking down at his lap, before he shyly looked up at Minho. “But… that’s okay right? We can… learn together?”

Kibum, Jonghyun and Taemin frowned as they watched Jinki and Minho talk, they couldn’t hear what they were talking about and it was starting to frustrate them. Kibum sighed and shook his head, they had been talking for such a long time, and he doubted that Minho could do it. He rolled his eyes and shook his head slowly.

“Of course hyung!” Minho grinned brightly across at Jinki, looking so incredibly happy. He leaned in and hugged Jinki, as he saw how brightly he grinned back at him. “I think… that sounds perfect.” He whispered as he hugged him tightly, “is it okay… if we try now?” Minho bit his lip, pulling back to see Jinki’s surprised look and then he nodded his head slowly.

“O-okay.” Jinki gulped nervously, “Sure… we can try now.” He sucked in a deep breath and just blinked, not really sure what to expect. Minho grinned and he placed one hand on Jinki’s shoulder, before he leaned in close, his heart pounding as he pressed his lips against Jinki’s. He kissed him gently at first, and then pulled back, studying the older boy’s reaction; he wanted to make sure Jinki was really okay with this. Minho hoped he would be, but he didn’t want to upset Jinki, he didn’t want to risk ruining anything. Minho grinned slightly as he saw how Jinki looked disappointed, and the way he pouted was so appealing to Minho. He swallowed and then licked his lip slightly before he leaned in again. Minho could feel his heart rate increasing with excitement and he felt all fired up, he was going to kiss Jinki!

Minho shut his eyes as he pressed his lips to Jinki’s again, but this time he slid his hand up the other boy’s neck slowly, and he parted his lips, pulling Jinki’s lower lip in between his. Minho felt even more excited and happy as they kissed, and after a few moments he pressed the tip of his tongue against Jinki’s lip gently. Minho kept his eyes shut, but he felt relieved when Jinki parted his lips slightly, and he deepened the kiss. Minho slowly cupped the back of Jinki’s head firmly, feeling intoxicated as they continued to kiss. Jinki felt so soft against him, and he could taste him delicately, making Minho’s head spin and he wanted more. He was enjoying this far too much to even worry or think about the fact that they had an audience.

When they finally pulled apart, both boys were breathing heavily and Minho smiled happily, licking his lips again. “Hmmm…” He murmured as he touched Jinki’s cheek with his fingertips, “that was so… good.” He grinned and felt tempted to lean forward and kiss Jinki again. It took all of his efforts not to lean forward and claim Jinki’s sweet mouth again, instead he coughed softly and mumbled, “Really, really nice.” He nodded his head slowly, watching as Jinki’s cheeks flushed and he looked so proud and happy.

“It… was okay?” Jinki whispered softly, looking slightly dazed, “No!” His eyes widened as he realised how that sounded, “No I meant… you were awesome? But was it weird for you?” He swallowed looking insecure, and then relieved as Minho quickly shook his head. “I uh think you kiss fine… maybe your date… just felt insecure? Maybe… maybe she’s not the right person for you?” Jinki suggested carefully.

“Maybe… she doesn’t like you that much… maybe Minho… you should um find someone else who likes you more.” Minho frowned slightly, as he saw Jinki shifting nervously, and he was suddenly avoiding looking at him. It felt strange to Minho, and he wondered for a moment if Jinki was jealous of his fictional girlfriend, and he felt guilty for lying and tricking him.

“Okay…” Minho swallowed deeply, looking down at his hands carefully, “hyung, I uh kinda lied to you.” Minho sucked in a deep breath, and he looked up to see Jinki’s hurt and shocked expression. “Um, there was no date, no girl.” He shook his head firmly, “I lied… because I wanted to kiss you.” He shrugged softly, “I guess you’re pissed off at me?” Minho winced slightly, wondering how Jinki would react. He risked a look up and was surprised to see that he looked stunned.

“Oh.” Jinki frowned softly; he had no idea what he was meant to say. “Oh… but why… why did you want to kiss me?” He tilted his head to the side, and stared curiously across at Minho. He felt slightly disappointed that Minho had lied to him, and his heart pounded as he waited for him to answer. He felt stupid for being pulled in by Minho’s lie, stupid for letting him kiss him when it was probably just a meaningless kiss to him.

“Because I wanted to see what you tasted like,” Minho swallowed, and then whispered, “and because I wanted to kiss you. I am sorry for lying, but I couldn’t think of any other way… to kiss you.” He shook his head looking troubled, and he studied the carpet carefully, too scared to see Jinki’s expression. “I wasn’t sure if it would even work…”

“You… you could’ve just asked me.” Jinki sighed softly, “How did you know I’d say no?” He frowned, and then sighed looking away. Missing how Minho looked up, studying Jinki’s face carefully, he looked curious. Jinki swallowed and turned back to look at Minho, “I would’ve said… yes if you had just asked me.”

“So…” Minho swallowed, “If I ask… you now, if I can kiss you again, would you say yes?” He waited patiently, watching as Jinki’s eyes widened in surprise, and then Minho felt so happy as he nodded his head slowly. “Okay.” Minho grinned and he leaned in close, “Hyung… can I kiss you?” He tilted his head to the side, his heart pounding as watched the older boy nod his head slightly. Minho didn’t wait another second; he leaned in and snared the other boy’s lips, shutting his eyes immediately. Losing himself in the velvety soft kisses, his hands pressing lightly to Jinki’s body.


Taemin pressed his forehead to the table, “Of course Minho would succeed! Ah, I feel so stupid now, and so unloved!” Taemin pouted, “Guess Minho is hyung’s favourite maknae!” He sulked slightly, and then he looked across at Kibum, “Hyung, I’m still your favourite right?” He pouted when Kibum ignored him; still staring shocked at Jinki and Minho.

“Damn.” Jonghyun smirked as he shook his head, “They’re kissing again!” Jonghyun whistled softly, “that’s what… the third… or is it the fourth time now?” He turned to see Kibum staring curiously at them, “I wonder what Minho said, ah I wish they’d stop kissing so we could ask him!” He sighed and then went silent as Kibum looked across at him.

“What?” Jonghyun pouted, “Don’t you wonder too?” He poked the other boy gently in the side, “I just thought Minho wouldn’t succeed! I was just surprised…” He trailed off when Kibum sighed again softer, “What is your problem tonight, Kibum?”

“Nothing… nothing… I guess I’m just getting jealous watching those two acting so sweetly.” He shrugged, and looked carefully up at Jonghyun, “watching them kiss so sweetly…” He trailed off and blinked down innocently at Jonghyun.

“Oh!” Jonghyun’s eyes widened and he grinned, “um, let’s go to bed? We can… ask Minho questions in the morning? It’s getting kind of late, we should sleep now!” He grabbed Kibum’s arm and practically dragged him off, and Taemin sighed as he lifted his head from the table. He pouted as he watched the bedroom shut firmly behind Jonghyun and Kibum.

“Great.” Taemin pouted as he saw Minho and Jinki get up moments later and head into the other bedroom, holding hands lightly. “Ugh, why did I suggest this idea in the first place?” He groaned and then got up slowly, wondering where he should sleep. He sighed and then cautiously entered his bedroom where Minho and Jinki had gone. He hoped he would be able to sleep.


Jonghyun raised one eyebrow as he watched Minho enter the kitchen; the rapper was smiling more than usual. He smirked as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, watching as Minho sat down opposite him, and Jonghyun leaned forward still smirking. Taemin and Kibum blinked from where they were leaning against the kitchen cupboards.

“So… what did you talk about last night?” Jonghyun asked as he stared intently at Minho, “you guys talked for ages…” He added a moment later, watching as Minho calmly stroked his fingers through his hair gently. “I wanna know how you got to kiss him!”

“Um… stuff.” Minho shrugged and grinned, “Sorry, I’m not going to tell you that.” He winked, and laughed hearing Taemin groan softly. “It’s um private… I will tell you however, that Jinki does taste rather delicious.” He licked his lips softly, “He does taste rather chocolate-y.” He added a moment later, “There Taemin, you have your answer now.”

“You guys… kissed more than once… so it made me wonder if there was anything going on between you two.” Kibum stepped forward as he spoke, studying Minho’s face and body language. Jonghyun leaned forward, looking interested too. Taemin sighed and just tapped his fingers lightly against the edge of the bench.

Minho grinned and he winked at Kibum, “Maybe… maybe. I guess that is none of your business, it’s between Jinki-hyung and I.” He shrugged again, ignoring the glare Kibum shot him. “Oh but, just because he tastes delicious – does not mean any of you can try to kiss him.” He glanced seriously at the three boys, “so don’t even go there okay!”

Kibum smirked and nodded his head, laughing softly because it was obvious they were together. He grinned at how Minho would not say anything but then moments later he was basically saying how Jinki was his. He smirked across at Jonghyun, and then went to check if the rice was cooked yet, he figured everyone would be getting hungry soon.

He watched happily as Jinki walked into the room and gravitated straight towards Minho, smiling so brightly. Kibum grinned to himself, as he watched the little touches they shared over breakfast, how Minho’s fingers would inch towards Jinki’s wrist. How his fingers would grasp at his arm softly, and Jinki kept turning towards Minho. Kibum smiled, feeling happy as he leaned against Jonghyun, wondering if they had looked that cute, that sweet when they first got together. He suddenly felt glad that Taemin had spoken up, and he squeezed his hand lightly, smiling as he witnessed another smile between Minho and Jinki. There was no doubt in his mind that they were together, and he realised they both looked happier than they had for a long time.

fdfjkdhksfh yeah had this floating around in my brain today~ so I decided to write it up. Ugh. Lol. Going to bed now :/ damn cold :@
Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, rating: pg-13
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