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baby let me love ya love ya love ya...

Title: Baby let me love ya love ya love ya...
Author: argh (@ onho)
Rating: PG-15
Length: 4,559 words
Pairing: TofuHo
Summary: Uh Jinki is jealous of Minho watching the World cup all the time? D:
Warnings: un-betaed. Sorry for the terrible grammar and typos? :/
Dedications: all my readers of 'fade out' (please accept this as an apology for the lack of an update this week! note explaining it below...) AND ♥ eijifujiryoma & ryukilla ♥ ^^; (Sorry because you guys have read the draft of this T_T)!!
AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURI~ 8D ♥ :P thank you so much for ripping the SHINee medley for me~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :D

Okay. On Monday night I was editing pt6 of 'fade out' when my desktop crashed (about ten minutes before I emailed it to my beta T_T) and I just thought my desktop would be fine in the morning. But it wasn't - I couldn't do a thing with it :/ and I ended up taking it to a computer shop. I was so worried all my files were gone~ and so depressed that I had to rewrite the chapter. :/ But anyways today I phoned and found out that my files are recovered (but I still don't have my pc back) so I can't post until I get it back. Sorry! T_T I was told tomorrow (Friday) but it's not 100% sure. But I will post soon after I get it back, and I am really sorry about the delay! T___T Please accept this OTT sap as an apology? D:




The crowd cheered almost as loudly as at any SHINee concert, but it did not have the same uplifting or euphoric effect on Jinki, if anything it was giving him a headache. He glanced at the screen, wincing slightly from how loud it was, and he suddenly wished he was somewhere quieter. He felt slightly guilty, but it didn’t help that he had seen this soccer match with the cast of “Nocturnal”. That was why he figured he was not in the mood to watch it again with Minho. He sighed as he looked over at Minho, who was slumped forward in excitement, the remote clutched in his hands as he watched the game.

Jinki pouted, Minho had not shown any sign of affection or attention to him since the game had started. It was insane but he couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt, normally when they watched television together, Minho would hold his hand and pull him in close. His arm resting around Jinki’s shoulder or his waist, and he would always, touch his knee or look at him. But since the world cup had started, the touches and looks were gone; instead Minho focused all his attention on the television and the game. Jinki looked at the clock and then decided he would just go to bed. His head was starting to throb from the noise, and sitting there was just making him feel miserable. Minho would not notice right away, and he could just mention his developing headache.

Jinki got up slowly, walking away from the noisy television and Minho who was glued to it. He slipped into the bathroom feeling weary and exhausted. His head was starting to ache, and he rubbed his forehead lightly, and then he leaned over the sink and just washed his face with the icy cold water. He could not believe he was jealous of the television, it was insane and stupid. It was irrational but he was, he was jealous of the television and the world cup. The fact that Minho spent every free moment watching the games, as Jinki looked up at his reflection, face all wet, and he bit his lip. He almost looked as if he was crying, the droplets clinging to his face and sliding down his cheeks like tears, but it was just tap water and not tears. It wasn’t so much that he was annoyed about Minho watching the games, but he missed Minho’s company, he missed holding his hand and all those other little things they did.

It was crazy for him to be jealous, he knew that, and he pouted at his reflection telling himself off, Lee Jinki, you should be ashamed of yourself, being jealous of a game! He shook his head slightly and waggled his finger at himself, knowing that he should just accept that Minho was more interested in the soccer than in him. He was lucky that Minho even liked him, and he knew he would always be second. Second to SHINee, second to Dream Team and the soccer but it was still better than nothing. He knew he should be grateful for the times Minho wanted to spend time with him. Minho could do so much better than him, and he swallowing realising that he had no right to be jealous. Instead he should be grateful for any affection and attention Minho gave him. He sighed and looked down at the sink, so lost in his thoughts that he hadn’t noticed that the cheering had gone silent, and when a hand touched his back lightly, he jumped in surprise.


Jinki looked up in surprise and his eyes widened as he met Minho’s gaze in the mirror. He blinked his eyes slowly, stunned that he had been missed so soon. He swallowed deeply as he felt Minho’s arms slide around his waist, and he couldn’t help but sigh as Minho pressed his chest against his back, holding him so gently. He felt so warm with Minho enveloping him like that, he gulped and looked down at the sink before he looked up and caught Minho’s warm gaze, and the soft smile across his face. Jinki felt so warm from Minho’s hold and the way he gazed at him, he couldn’t help but lean back into the embrace.

“Hyung, are you okay?” Minho asked as he nuzzled his face against Jinki’s shoulder, his lips brushing against his shirt softly, “Are you going to bed now?” He frowned slightly, his eyes watching the older intently, and Jinki forced himself to smile and nod his head. He was lucky, really lucky that somehow Minho liked him; he still could not understand it. Minho could do so much better, and he really had no right to be annoyed at him for watching the soccer. He hoped like mad that the younger would not pick on his jealousy or realise that something was wrong, because he figured Minho would break up with him if he knew.

“I’m fine… just a little tired and I’m getting a headache. I was going to go to bed.” Jinki shrugged slightly, his determination wavering slightly as he felt Minho’s hands brushing over his stomach lightly. His stomach felt as if it was full of rainbow coloured butterflies, as Minho’s hands stroked there. He swallowed and then managed a shy smile, glancing up at the taller boy happily. He felt so much better now that Minho was there, the niggling in his head had gone too, and it was if Minho was a miracle worker, able to cure all illness.

“Do you want me to come to bed with you?” Minho asked a moment later, smiling back at Jinki in the mirror, and he lifted his chin from Jinki’s shoulder, his eyes all serious for a moment. Jinki quickly shook his head, and he forced himself to smile brighter, hiding the hurt he felt deep inside himself. “Are you… sure?” Minho frowned looking surprised at the other boy’s reply. “You... don’t want me to come to bed with you?”

“Yeah, you should go and watch the world cup! Its fine really Minho, I know you want to watch it? I’m just going to sleep anyways.” He nodded his head, trying so hard to stay strong and not crumble. He really wanted Minho to come with him, and not watch the soccer even if it was taped. But he knew he would feel guilty if he did that, and he had no right to demand him to do anything. Plus he knew this was the only opportunity for Minho to watch it for a few nights.

“Okay.” Minho frowned slightly, and then he reached up and brushed some of Jinki’s hair back, leaning to kiss the side of his face tenderly. Jinki shivered slightly and as Minho’s lips brushed his damp cheek with kisses it was hard for him not to beg him to stay. “Okay, hyung you go and get some rest! I hope your head feels better soon!” He leaned in and kissed his forehead lightly, stroking the skin with his fingertips, coaxing the headache away. Minho squeezed Jinki and hugged him before he pulled back and left the bathroom, shutting the door softly behind him. Jinki slumped against the sink and sucked in a deep breath, his eyes screwed shut. That had been so difficult; he just wanted to beg him not to watch anymore.

He stayed slumped against the sink for another five minutes, before he finally started to brush his teeth. He watched his face in the mirror, frowning slightly as he cleaned his teeth. He sighed as he stared at his reflection and then figured he should get to bed. Standing in the bathroom was not going to do anything, and it was not going to make him feel any better.

He pouted slightly as he walked past the couch, watching Minho as he watched the game again. Normally Jinki would’ve smiled at the sight of Minho, so happy and so into what he was watching. But tonight he just felt upset, and he blamed exhaustion for that, and the fact that Minho had been glued to the television for days. He slipped into the silent bedroom, glad for the soundproofed walls. He started to undress in the dark but then he remembered that Kibum was visiting his relatives, and that Taemin had wanted to sleep in the other bedroom. He felt like an idiot for a second and then switched the light on, finding it so much easier to undress now that he could actually see his buttons.

Just as he pulled on his pyjamas it suddenly occurred to him that if Taemin was sleeping in the other room, it meant that it would just be him and Minho. He could feel excitement starting to build, zinging around his veins like some intravenous drug. He swallowed and peeped out the door, pouting just a little as he saw Minho was still watching the soccer. He shut the door again quietly, and sighed, realising that them having a bedroom to themselves was just going to be wasted. He switched the light out, and stumbled across the room, cursing for not putting on a bedside lamp.

He sighed and climbed into his bed with a yawn, the excitement gone and replaced with exhaustion again. He wished Minho was there with him, it felt so quiet, and he was not used to sleeping alone anymore. Normally he could hear the soft even breathing of Taemin and Kibum, but tonight there was only silence. He swallowed and just wished that Minho had wanted to come to bed, that he hadn’t been so engrossed in the world cup.

But Jinki knew he could never ask Minho to stop watching, he could demand anything. He felt like if he did demand anything Minho would get annoyed and dump him. He swallowed and squeezed his eyes shut, he had to do this. He had to ignore his jealousy and the fact that he really wanted to get up and drag Minho to bed. He sighed and rolled onto his side, still thinking about Minho and feeling a little sad. He was sure he would have trouble falling asleep even if he was exhausted, but moments after he shut his eyes he was fast asleep.


Minho sighed as he paused the tape, looking back at the shut bedroom door. He sighed again and then got up; turning the television off, it didn’t feel right without Jinki there beside him. He got ready for bed quickly, hoping that Jinki was still awake, because it dawned on him that they had the bedroom to themselves. He grinned and opened the door quietly, tiptoeing in and he tugged his clothes off quickly, leaving only his boxers on. He felt excited and happy and he walked over to the mound of blankets, peeling them back to see if Jinki was awake.

“Hyung?” He whispered his fingers tracing over Jinki’s gorgeous, kissable lips, and he sighed realising he was fast asleep. Minho stroked his cheek and then he lifted the blankets up, sliding into the bed next to Jinki. He sighed as he curled against Jinki, staring at his face in the dark, and he leaned forward kissing his cheek gently. He wrapped his arms around Jinki’s waist, slowly leaning in close to him and he was careful not to disturb him. Minho smiled as he saw that Jinki was smiling in his sleep, the image of Jinki sleeping was so adorable, he wanted to just lie there and stare at him.

“Night, hyung.” Minho whispered stroking his back lightly, “I love you, Jinki.” He whispered softer, unable to stop himself from leaning forward to kiss Jinki’s lips softly. He sighed and thought he was so incredibly lucky that Jinki liked him back. Sometimes Minho wondered how it was possible, how someone as amazing, sweet and gorgeous as Jinki could actually like him. He kissed his cheek again softly, and then shut his eyes feeling happy and so lucky.


Jinki groaned when he woke up, hearing the sound of rain clearly on the roof. He hated getting up to rain, but he loved lying in bed listening to the sound of the rain. It felt peaceful and relaxing to lie in his warm bed, hearing the pitter patter of the drops. He groaned sleepily, stretching and smiling as he heard the rain, it was light gentle summer rain and it made him feel content. He lay there silently listening to the rain, still half asleep and smiling to himself, but after a few minutes he realised that he felt incredibly warm. He went to move to check the time, and his pyjama top felt too tight, he frowned, it was weird. His pyjamas had fit perfectly when he went to bed; he could not understand how they could feel tight now. He decided to work out what was wrong with his pyjamas and check the time. He was sure his alarm was about to go off, it always seemed to work out that way. He’d wake up exhausted and think he had hours of night left but his alarm would always go off five minutes later. It always frustrated the hell out of him, so he thought he better check the time.

Jinki’s eyes widened in surprise when the first thing he saw was Minho’s face pressed against his pillow, his hair covering half of his face. His lips were curved up in a slight smile, and Jinki sucked in a deep breath, staring intently at him. He realised that Minho was hugging him lightly, which explained why his pyjamas felt tight, and the warmth. Jinki felt really happy as he stared across at Minho, he never expected to wake up and find him in his bed, in the room yes, but not his bed. He couldn’t help but smile, feeling a warm fuzzy feeling deep in his chest, he felt so touched that Minho was there with him, even if he didn’t deserve it. He gently reached forward and slid his fingers through Minho’s hair, it was so soft and silky against his fingertips, and he sucked in a deep breath as the taller boy stirred slightly.

He slowly pushed back Minho’s hair, uncovering his gorgeous face and he studied it in the dim light, itching to touch his cheeks. He raised one hand to touch his cheek, and then he froze, not wanting to disturb Minho, but he saw his watch and checked the time, feeling relieved when he saw that he still had a few hours before the alarm would go off. He smiled and then reached his hand out again, tracing it over Minho’s face but not actually touching him. He swallowed and then let his fingers graze Minho’s cheek; just the lightest touch and then he bit his lip, sighing as he moved his hand away again. He looked down at the sheets because he knew he had to stop staring at Minho, he should try and sleep. Instead of lying there awake gazing at him, he should be resting so he would not be exhausted the next day.

Jinki blinked in surprise when he felt fingers grasp his wrist lightly, and he looked up to see Minho yawn lightly.
Minho smiled as he saw Jinki’s surprised face, and he gripped his wrist lightly, yawning again, before he rolled closer to Jinki. There was not much room, but he thought it was better that way, because he had to stick close to Jinki. Not that he needed an excuse to get close to Jinki, but it made it unavoidable and he liked that. He grinned as he snuggled against Jinki, feeling amused as he saw his shocked expression.

“Minho?” Jinki blinked slowly, “What are you doing… here?”

Minho pouted, “Is it a crime for me to want to sleep in the same bed as you?” He frowned, “I know you told me to watch the soccer, but truthfully I felt like I had been neglecting you hyung. And I couldn’t stop thinking about you, but you were asleep when I came in here.” He sighed and reached forward touching Jinki’s cheek lightly, “Sorry hyung, I didn’t mean to neglect you.” Minho stroked Jinki’s cheek, his fingers moving warmly across his skin, making Jinki feel relaxed and cosy. Although Jinki felt guilty, because even though he had tried to hide it, Minho had somehow picked up on his feelings and worked it out.

“It’s okay…” Jinki swallowed feeling guilty that Minho had noticed, “Don’t feel bad about it. Soccer is important to you, you can just neglect me while the world cup is on, and it’s really okay.” He nodded his head earnestly, missing the surprised and hurt look that Minho sent him. Jinki was clearly still half asleep, because if he had been awake he would never have said such things, he might have implied it but not said it so directly. He scratched his head, unaware of the effect that his words had on Minho. He yawned softly, his lips trembling slightly from the motion and Minho pouted feeling hurt but thinking that Jinki was so adorable too.

“Hyung, no it’s not okay! It’s bad enough that we have to hide our relationship.” Jinki shifted uncomfortably hearing that, he thought it was because Minho was ashamed of him. “It’s bad enough that you have to do fan service with the others and not with me!” He sighed and squeezed Jinki’s hand gently, “We don’t get enough time to spend with each other as it is.” He frowned and then shook his head not looking impressed, “I’m taping the world cup, so it’s not like I have to watch it all the time. I want to spend my free time with you, not the television. I want to spend all my time with you, just you!”

Jinki’s eyes widened in surprise and he felt blown away by Minho’s words, he just lay there staring in disbelief at Minho. He hadn’t expected such an outburst and he was unsure how to respond, he felt stunned, so he stayed silent. His brain was going at a million miles to try and process his words and make sense of them because he could not believe them, it just was not possible. Blinking his eyes as he lay there staring across at Minho, gaping like a fish.

“Hyung, I do not want to ever neglect you, and you telling me to do so… just hurts!” Minho frowned, gripping Jinki’s hand tighter, and then he laced their fingers together. Smiling as he looked down at their entwined fingers, “Jinki, I really like you. Jinki-hyung, how can you say such things to me? I love you, I want to be with you all the time.” Minho smiled sweetly, his eyes full of emotion as he gazed warmly across at Jinki.

“But… but Minho…” Jinki tried to ignore Minho’s words and the way they made his heart melt into a puddle of goo, he tried to tell himself Minho did not really mean them. “You can do so much better than me.” He whispered, the words coming out strained, “So much better than me. I’m so lucky… you even like me. I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to do…” He trailed off, biting down into his lip.

“Hyung!” Minho sounded exasperated, “I’m lucky you like me!” Minho shook his head slowly, cupping Jinki’s face lightly, “I love you,” he smiled tenderly across at him. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, pfft you’re so much better than me, so don’t ever say that I deserve better!” He added stroking Jinki’s jaw line with his thumbs, “so don’t say things like this again.”

“Do… do you really love me?” Jinki whispered sounding so unsure and shy, and he glanced up nervously, catching Minho nodding his head eagerly and smiling so brightly. “Oh.” Jinki couldn’t help but smile, “I uh love you too, Minho.” He whispered feeling his heart clench painfully as Minho flashed a brilliant smile at him and then he kissed him softly. His lips pressing tenderly against Jinki’s, making his heart somersault in his chest, he wanted to memorise the way Minho’s felt so sweet and soft against his lips.

“Jinki-hyung,” Minho hugged Jinki tightly, leaning his head against his shoulder, “how could anyone not love you?” He grinned and kissed a trail down Jinki’s shoulder. “You’re perfect, really perfect.” He nodded his head slowly, squeezing his eyes shut tightly. “I wish I never had to do fan service with anyone but you, although hyung at the same time I love how we’re so secret and hidden.” Minho grinned and sighed happily, “I think it’s more meaningful that we hold hands in private, where no one can see us. That we don’t flaunt it, that it’s not just fan service.” He nodded his head for emphasis, “it’s so much more meaningful than that.”

“I... I guess so.” Jinki blinked he had never thought about it that way before, he just thought that Minho was too embarrassed to be seen in public with him. But then he realised how silly that was because they could not come out and say they were in a relationship anyway. “I never thought about it that way before...” He murmured softly, tilting his head up as gazed happily across at Minho, his heart was so full of happiness and love he thought it might burst.

“No it is.” Minho replied firmly, and he leaned in and kissed Jinki’s forehead softly, his lips pressing repeatedly against Jinki’s forehead. “It is so much more meaningful. It’s not because we’re ashamed that we keep it hidden, but because it’s private, and something for us to treasure. No one else, just us.” Minho smiled and then he went to kiss Jinki’s cheek but he tilted his head slightly, causing their lips to brush. Jinki swallowed and went to pull back, but Minho just cupped his face and kissed him harder. Jinki’s eyes slid shut, and he listened to the raindrops, as Minho’s lips caressed his, making his head swim from the sensations. Minho’s fingers brushing along his jaw line as he opened his mouth, letting Jinki’s taste overwhelm his senses, and he moaned softly, pulling Jinki closer. Reeling him in closer as they kissed, their tastes mingling and overwhelming the other, Jinki felt dizzy and overcome with need.

Jinki lost all sense of time and all sense of anything as they kissed, their lips moved together, felt so perfect, so good. He pouted slightly, breathing heavily when Minho pulled away, and he realised it had been far too long since they had last kissed properly. He had not really thought about it before, but they had been so busy that they had only been able to snatch hurried kisses before rushing off again. He sighed and nudged his face forward, intent on capturing Minho’s lips again, his eyes locked firmly on his target. Minho grinned and just tilted his head to the side so that Jinki’s lips landed on his cheek.

“Hyung, we should sleep.” Minho murmured nuzzling against Jinki’s neck, “we don’t want to get in trouble for being tired tomorrow.” Jinki pouted and then sighed, he knew Minho was right, but he wished they could kiss again. He sighed and then started to move away, lying on his back and staring up. He was startled when Minho half lay on top of him, “Hyung, where is my goodnight kiss?” Minho smirked raising one eyebrow before he swooped down to claim Jinki’s lips. Jinki moaned softly as Minho smothered his face in kisses, and Jinki lay there, his heart pounding so fast as Minho’s lips kissed him so tenderly. Kissing along the underside of his jaw, and brushing his hair back to kiss up his neck right up to his earlobe, making Jinki shiver, he had no idea he was so sensitive there.

“Minho?” He knotted his fingers in the sheets as Minho continued to cover his skin in kisses, when he lifted his head, Jinki thought it was over. But to his surprise, Minho peeled back the sheet, and Jinki yelped when his pyjama top was gently tugged out of the way. “Minho!” He gasped louder, as Minho’s fingers grazed his stomach, and then Minho’s lips were laying delicate kisses across his torso. Jinki swallowed as he lay there, his eyes half shut and it took all his concentration not to be turned on, which was insane because Minho was being sweet, incredibly sweet. He shivered slightly as Minho kissed each of nipples, his hand following the line of his ribs and then his lips followed in their path.

“Yes, hyung?” Minho lifted his head and smiled up at Jinki, before he kissed his belly button, “I’m covering you in kisses.” Minho smiled softly, “Just showing you how much I love you, do you need me to continue?” He asked cocking his head to the side, “or do you believe me now, do you believe me when I say I love you?” Jinki’s mind was reeling, he felt so confused. One moment Minho said they should sleep and the next he was kissing him everywhere.

“Mmm... I’ll stop.” Minho murmured softly, gently pulling Jinki’s top down, and he moved to lie next to him, “before we both get too excited,” He sighed and lay back, shutting his eyes. “We really do need to sleep.” He pouted, and just lay there waiting for a response. Instead Jinki leaned over and kissed Minho, just innocently at first, their lips sliding together and apart. Minho’s eyes widened in surprise, but he slid his hands around Jinki, holding him firmly against him, letting Jinki deepen the kiss. His eyes sliding shut, and he moaned softly against Jinki, wishing that they did not have to sleep, or work. He would rather lie there and kiss Jinki all day if he could.

“Good night Minho.” Jinki smiled as he stroked the corners of Minho’s lips with his thumbs, “you wanted a goodnight kiss.” He added a moment later looking shy for a second before he licked his lips and leaned down to kiss Minho’s nose, his lips pressing against the tip and then the bridge. “I love you Minho, so much.” Jinki whispered, “so very much.” He added in a softer tone, “goodnight.” He whispered and lay down beside the taller boy, letting him pull Jinki in to rest against his chest.

“And I love you too Jinki.” Minho smiled happily when he saw Jinki’s expression at the ‘hyung’ being dropped. “My gorgeous, boyfriend,” he smirked, winking across at Jinki, “So don’t ever doubt yourself, or doubt my love for you.” He nodded, “And I must be sleepy, I’m sorry for being so cheesy!” He looked a little embarrassed but Jinki was touched and he just thought it was incredibly sweet. “But I do love you.” He grinned as he cuddled against Jinki, and the older boy shut his eyes, knowing that they should sleep. But he felt so full of happiness and love, he felt like he would sleep happier than he had for a long time.


IDK THIS IS SO CHEESY AND SAPPY! D: Sorry I uh had no idea how to end it *fails*
SORRY *runs away*
Tags: !fanfic, author: argh, pairing: tofuho, rating: pg-15
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