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fade out - 7/12

Title: fade out - part seven (07/12)
Author: argh (@ onho)
Rating: PG-15
Length: 5,594 words
Pairing: TofuHo (slight OnKey)
Summary: Jinki wants to die. :/ So he overdoses...
Warnings: un-betaed. Sorry for the terrible grammar and typos? :/ blegh.
Dedication: ryukilla (thanks Ryuki for putting up with all my shit and insecurities XDD) ilu :P ♥

Previous parts: ( one | two | three | four | five | six )

fade out – part seven



He sighed as he felt a hand touching his shoulder through the sheet, and he rolled onto his side, wondering who was pestering him now. He didn’t feel guilty as he realised everyone had gone silent; he wanted to tell them to stop gawking at him and to go and talk somewhere else. He didn’t mind if they all left the room, in some ways he would prefer it if they did. He sighed as he felt the sheet being pried back and he was being disturbed again.

“Just fuck off and leave me alone okay?” He snapped, opening his eyes seconds later to see Minho pouting down at him. Jinki immediately regretted his words, because it always felt wrong to say such things to the other boy when he couldn’t respond. Minho started to move away, but Jinki found himself grabbing his arm and he whispered, “Sorry Minho, not you. I didn’t mean it, not to you.” He swallowed and tightened his grip on his arm, “Please, don’t go?”

“Why don’t you tell me to stay?” Kibum sulked slightly, “why does everyone treat him nicely just because he doesn’t talk.” Kibum frowned, “It’s not fair.” He pouted and then shrugged, “Fine, I’m going to go and talk to my friend, fuck the lot of you!” He sneered down at them and then walked out of the room slamming the door behind him, leaving Jinki, Taemin and Minho alone.

“Minho, you should just talk to Taemin.” Jinki mumbled, “He’s your friend. And let’s face it I won’t be here much longer, so you go and spend time with him.” Jinki forced himself to smile and he nodded his head slowly, feeling a strange pain in his chest as he realised that he had only two more days left to live. It was surreal because for days he had been counting down in joy, but it was as if a switch had been flipped inside him and he no longer felt so happy about it.

Minho frowned and then he pulled out his notebook and he wrote quickly, and then frowned as he showed Jinki the words he had written, What? You tell me not to go and then you tell me to go? You’re confusing me hyung. And it doesn’t make sense, I can see Taemin anytime, I can’t see you anytime. He reached for Jinki’s arm and held onto his wrist lightly, his fingers circling the older boy’s slender wrist lightly.

“Sorry.” Jinki mumbled, feeling guilty as Taemin came and sat next to him, staring at Jinki and Minho in surprise. Jinki was not sure if his sorry was directed at Taemin or Minho, because he could see the shock in Taemin’s eyes at seeing them so close. It made him feel guilty for stealing his cousin’s best friend, but also he felt bad for being so contradictory to Minho.

If you’re going to die soon, I should spend more time with you. So you can have a happy last two days? Minho nodded his head slowly, as Jinki read his words, and he felt his eyes prick with tears. He felt angry at himself for suddenly feeling upset about his own death. He had wanted to die for such a long time, and it was finally going to happen, he should be feeling elated and happy – not sad. But somehow as he looked up into Minho’s eyes he felt sad.

“Are… are you really dying hyung?” Taemin suddenly whispered, “Is it really true?” His eyes were wide and it made him look so young, and that made Jinki feel guilty, for abandoning his cousin.

Minho nodded his head slowly, and Jinki sighed before he too nodded his head, and he realised that Taemin didn’t believe it before. But he could tell that he did now, that somehow seeing Jinki like that had made him realise it was true. It was also the way that he had spoken to Minho, something about his tone had made his cousin realise it wasn’t just a stunt to get attention, but something more serious.

“Oh.” Taemin swallowed, “Shit, I’m sorry hyung; I just thought you were trying to get attention or something. I didn’t think it was real. That was what your mum told me.” He shifted from one foot to another, “Sorry hyung, that’s also why I lashed out at you.” Taemin bit his lip, “I thought you were just faking the whole thing.”

Jinki’s eyes widened and he gulped, his chest aching as he processed Taemin’s words. Realising that his mum knew, that hurt more than anything. Jinki just rolled onto his stomach and buried his face against his pillow, knowing it shouldn’t hurt after all this time, but somehow it still did. His eyes hurt and he realised that he was holding back tears. He felt someone patting him in the back, but he didn’t even want to see who it was. He lay there ignoring both boys for some time, and thirty minutes passed in complete silence.

“Hyung! I’m not leaving without talking to you.” Taemin sighed, standing up after being ignored. He looked across at Minho, feeling strange as he saw his friend doting on his cousin. Taemin was used to being the centre of Minho’s world, or at least nearly the most important thing. So it felt strange to see Minho focussing all his attention on Jinki, and he realised he felt slightly jealous but at the same time he thought it was cute. He touched Jinki’s shoulder, pouting as Minho continued to look down at the older boy; he looked so tenderly down at Jinki.

“Jinki-hyung.” Taemin pouted even more, looking grumpy as both boys continued to ignore him. He started to poke his back, and after about five minutes, his cousin sighed and finally rolled over onto his back. Taemin was surprised to see that he looked like he had been crying or was about to; his eyes were red and he looked upset and hurt.

“What?” He mumbled, rubbing at his eyes as he glanced up at Taemin.

Taemin leaned over and hugged Jinki, squeezing the boy tightly in his arms, feeling slightly guilty for never seeing his cousin anymore. But he felt even guiltier for not believing that he was really dying, and for trying to hit his cousin earlier. Minho stepped back and just watched, smiling slightly as he saw the two cousins hugging.

“Sorry Taeminnie, I’m sorry I never came to visit you.” Jinki sighed as Taemin pulled away, and he sat in the chair next to the bed. Jinki blinked as he looked across at his young cousin, “Are you okay? Is school… treating you okay?” He pouted and Taemin nodded his head quickly. “Really?” Jinki brightened hearing that, but he missed the scowl Minho sent Taemin. “That makes me feel so much better to know that you’re okay.”

“Its fine hyung, and I stopped coming to see you too. It’s not your fault.” He bit his lip and just nodded his head slowly. “I guess this is goodbye? Or do you think they’d let me come to see you again before…” He trailed off unable to say the words and Jinki just shrugged his shoulders. “Well maybe they would? I don’t know, I hope so,” He smiled down at his cousin and then turned to Minho, “And hyung, I need to talk to you, I think you misunderstood something.”

Jinki smiled as he saw Taemin grab Minho’s arm, and he dragged him off to the window. Jinki sighed and tried not to feel jealous as he saw Taemin talking softly, too soft for him to overhear. He felt slightly jealous as he saw how protective Minho was towards Taemin. He sighed and decided it was better, for Minho to be with his cousin and he had no right to be jealous. He was going to be dead soon, and even if he wasn’t then he was too tainted to be liked by anyone. But it still hurt when he saw how surprised and happy Minho looked, and Jinki looked away when he saw him hug his cousin.


Minho felt suspicious after hearing Kibum saying something about the night, and so he hid outside his room at night. The hallway was not completely in darkness, but he hid behind the cabinet near Jinki’s room, and he waited to see if anything happened. Minho slumped down against the wall, part of him wondering if he was crazy, but then he heard the sound of a door. He shrank back against the wall feeling nervous, and then when he peeked around the side of the cabinet he saw Kibum walking quietly down the hall.

He bit into his lip as he saw Kibum opening the door to Jinki’s room, and he walked into the room shutting the door. Minho waited a few moments and then he got slowly, and sneaked over to Jinki’s room. He stopped outside the door, trying to breathe as quietly as possible, and he pressed his ear to the door. His heart was pounding as he stood there and for a long time he heard nothing. Minho frowned and was about to leave when he heard Kibum’s voice.


Minho frowned as he heard Kibum’s muffled voice through the door, and he figured Kibum was trying to wake up Jinki. He crouched against the door, listening intently as he heard nothing for a while, but he could hear creaking noises like the bed was moving or something. Minho frowned, as he stood there listening in and he felt guilty. It was wrong for him to be listening outside of the door like this, but every time he went to leave his feet just wouldn’t move. So he stood there hoping like mad that no one would catch him, or that Kibum wouldn’t come out and see him.

“Hyung, wake up?” Kibum whispered softer, so that Minho had to strain to hear it through the door.

“Kibum? Why are you here?” Jinki sounded half asleep to Minho, and he smiled softly hearing his sleepy voice.

Minho decided it was wrong for him to be eavesdropping on a private conversation, just because he was jealous of something going on between them it did not mean he had the right to be there. He sighed and stepped forward, stretching slightly as he did so, but then he frowned as he thought he heard Kibum say something weird. And despite his resolution to leave he found himself stepping back towards Jinki’s door.

“Hyung, do you want to have sex?”

Minho shook his head, deciding he must’ve heard Kibum wrong, but then as he pressed his ear against the door, he heard strange whimpers and moans. His eyes widened, and he froze realising that he really had to get away, but somehow he couldn’t leave. He swallowed deeply, feeling so hurt, which was ridiculous because he had only know Jinki for such a little amount of time. That was why it made no sense that he cared so much about him.


Minho listened, feeling hurt as he heard Jinki’s voice. He sounded so weird, and that hurt. Minho sucked in a deep breath and decided that he had to leave them alone. It wasn’t right; he shouldn’t be listening to this kind of thing. He had obviously misunderstood everything; he sucked in a deep breath, wishing his chest didn’t ache so much. He wished he had never come, because it just hurt so much to find out that Jinki liked Kibum, and he just felt so hurt and confused.

“Kibum! Please… please… just get off me?” Minho frowned, it sounded like Jinki was begging Kibum to get off, and he sounded upset. He blinked and leaned against the door again, his eyes opening wide as he heard. “Please! Don’t Kibum, please stop!” Minho could hear the older boy’s voice trembling and quavering, “Please, Kibum, don’t- mmnf!”

Minho frowned, as Jinki’s voice suddenly became muffled, like he was being prevented from speaking. Something snapped inside of Minho, and he could remember being in the bathroom at his school, and hearing a boy boast about how he had held Taemin down, and got him to suck him off. Minho felt like he was going to be sick, but he found his hands curling into fists and he jerked the door open. Even if he was interrupting something he could not stand by when it sounded like Jinki was being forced into something he did not want.

Jinki was shaking on the bed, with Kibum crouched over him. The younger boy’s head was arched back, he was rocking his hips down, straddling Jinki’s chest. Jinki’s eyes were screwed shut and he was trying to push Kibum back, but the younger boy kept thrusting his erection into his mouth. Neither of them had noticed the door opening, or that Minho was there. Minho froze for a second, but then his legs just moved and ran over to the bed.

Minho immediately grabbed Kibum, and he jerked him back, pulling him off the bed violently. Minho glared at Kibum and he just slapped him across the cheek as he dumped him on the chair. Kibum was so stunned that he just let out a whimper and flopped down in the chair, and Minho left him there, shooting him withering looks. He wanted to punch Kibum, he wanted to punch him so bad when he turned to look at Jinki, he forgot about Kibum altogether.

Jinki was a mess, writhing in the sheets, and Minho could see that he was crying. His sobs filled the air, and he trembled in the sheets violently. When Minho touched his shoulder he could see the older boy tensing, and trying to escape the hold, like he expected something else to happen. But Minho persisted and he wrapped his arms around Jinki’s body, holding him tight, even as Jinki’s arms flew up and he tried to hit him. His fists flying everywhere, and Minho winced slightly, even if Jinki’s fists did not really hurt.

“No! No! Get off me!”

Minho just bit his lip and held him tighter, stroking his hair softly, trying to comfort the distraught boy. He kept holding Jinki; his eyes squeezed shut as he rocked against him, trying to break free. But after a while, when it was obvious that nothing was going to happen, that the arms holding him, weren’t holding him down to do anything. Jinki slowly stopped rocking and shaking, but Minho didn’t let go then either. He could still hear the slight hiccups Jinki let out, and he could hear faint sobs.

The sound of the door made Minho lift his head and he turned back to see that Kibum was leaving, and he shot a glare at Minho and then left the room. Minho felt like punching Kibum, but he felt slightly relieved that he had just left. Minho turned back to look at Jinki, and he saw that he had his eyes open finally, but he still looked upset, but also surprised to see the taller boy looking down at him. It hurt Minho so much to see Jinki looking so pained and to know what Kibum had been doing to him.

“Hy-hyung.” Minho blinked, his fingers stroking Jinki’s wet cheek lightly, and he cursed himself for not speaking. It made it all the harder to speak now and he had so many things he wanted to say. But his voice would crack and sound funny when he tried to speak. His voice couldn’t keep up with the thoughts rushing through his head.

“Minho?” Jinki bit his lip nervously, and he looked upset but also relieved.

“You’re… okay now.” Minho nodded his head slowly, squeezing Jinki’s hand tightly, “No one… will” He had to pause for a moment, “hurt you now.” He smiled down at Jinki, and he wiped at his cheek, wiping away his tears.

“Did… did you stop him?” Jinki bit his lip and he sounded amazed and completely surprised. Minho nodded his head, watching Jinki’s eyes widened in surprise, and he gasped softly, “You… stopped him Minho?” He repeated it as if he couldn’t believe it. “Thank you?” He whispered sounding shy but still upset, “Thank you Minho.” Minho smiled warmly across at him; squeezing his hand again before he frowned wishing he could talk more easily.


Jinki shivered slightly, but he felt so much better when he looked over and saw Minho right there, his hand so warm against his own. He swallowed and watched as Minho leaned back, reaching over to switch the bedside lamp on. Jinki winced and shielded his eyes from the sudden brightness, and then he watched as Minho pulled out his notebook and started to write. Jinki watched him intently, his tears drying up as he saw how Minho frowned with concentration. After a few moments he looked up and smiled warmly at Jinki, squeezing his hand before he handed him his notebook to read.

You don’t have to tell me… but has this kind of thing happened to you before? I mean someone forcing themselves on you? Jinki bit his lip as he read the note, and then he slowly nodded his head, he hated himself for admitting it. He figured Minho must think he was disgusting but at the same time, he couldn’t lie when he asked him so directly. Jinki nervously looked across at Minho to gauge his reaction, feeling like he was probably grossed out, but he was surprised when Minho squeezed his hand again, and his eyes looked so sad and upset. It wasn’t disgust in Minho’s eyes and that made him feel so much better, especially with the way Minho’s fingers rubbed his hand warmly. It made him feel safe, and like no one was going to hurt him again.

“Yeah.” Jinki’s voice was all shaky and jittery. “Yeah… but… no one ever stopped it before.” He admitted sounding miserable and upset. He still felt so dirty, and he avoided the other boy’s gaze as he tried to pull his hand away from Minho’s but he wouldn’t let go. It didn’t matter if Minho didn’t think he was disgusting, but Jinki felt like he was and he didn’t want to taint him. He coughed slightly and rubbed his throat, and then his chest where Kibum had been sitting. “So ah thank you Minho?” He nodded his head slowly feeling incredibly grateful to Minho.

Jinki watched Minho take his notebook back and then he wrote another holding it up for Jinki to read,
Hyung did this happen a lot at school? Jinki avoided his gaze again, feeling sick and queasy as he nodded his head again. Jinki felt ashamed to admit it, it felt disgusting to him, because he had been forced. It made him feel worse because he did like guys, but being forced was awful, it made him feel so dirty and unclean.

“Well… not a lot.” Jinki pouted, “But it did happen a few times. How did you know?” He nodded his head slowly, feeling this strange sense of warmth as Minho squeezed his hand tightly. But at the same time he felt so ashamed, so gross and he wished somehow that Minho didn’t know. But when he looked up and saw Minho’s eyes, the way they looked so sad, and the way he covered Jinki’s hand with his other hand, somehow he didn’t feel so sick with Minho there, somehow it almost felt okay. Jinki swallowed, his chest aching and he wondered how Minho made everything okay. It did not make any sense to him.

“Hyung,” Jinki looked up as Minho spoke again, his eyes watching the younger intently, “it’s… okay.” Jinki swallowed as he watched Minho struggle to speak, “I-I don’t… know?” Jinki blinked unable to stop staring as Minho paused, “I just… guessed?” He shrugged and started to rub his throat, making Jinki wonder if his throat ached. He wished he could do something to make Minho’s throat stop aching, wished he could make it stop hurting for Minho. He didn’t even think about the fact that his own throat ached from Kibum’s actions, and he focused entirely on Minho instead.

“Hyung, I’ll … tell… you…” Jinki bit his lip and waited, watching Minho gasp in deep breaths, “why… I … stopped … talking.” Jinki stared up at Minho in surprise, but he felt happy that Minho wanted to share that with him. Talking to Minho somehow made all the bad stuff disappear from his thoughts, and he found that he felt better.

“Okay.” Jinki slowly nodded his head, and then he waited. He was expecting Minho to talk, but when he saw him pick up his pen he figured it was faster that way. Even if he did miss the way Minho’s hand had rested on top of their hands, but at least Minho was still holding his hand even as he wrote. He watched as Minho wrote quickly, his hand flying across the page.

Hyung. I stopped talking because of… what was done to Taemin. I guess… you don’t know about that. But I tried to kill myself, and it failed. My mum made me an appointment to see a counsellor, but she made me go to school the day after I tried to kill myself. I took pills, but they didn’t do anything but make me sleep for sixteen hours. Anyways when I went to school, I found out that the day I tried to kill myself, Taemin had been attacked.

Jinki stared in disbelief as he read the first paragraph, his eyes widening and he couldn’t stop thinking about Taemin being attacked. He wondered what exactly Minho meant, and he stared in surprise. But then Minho grabbed the notebook back and he started to write in a hurry again, and Jinki just watched him write, gripping Minho’s hand so tightly, and he forgot all about what was done to him. He started to worry about Taemin, and now he just felt nauseous and angry that Taemin had lied to him.

You know I felt so sick when I heard that because he was always bullied and only I protected him. I heard a boy boasting about making him suck his dick, and how good at it Taemin was. It made me sick hyung, and it made me so angry. I beat the guy up and told him to never touch Taemin again. But after that because I failed him, I couldn’t talk to him, or face him and I just couldn’t talk. Maybe it was because I felt so ashamed for being so selfish – and trying to kill myself and yet Taemin was suffering more? I don’t know why, but my voice just stopped, and for a while I thought I had lost the ability to talk. It was only when you came that I discovered I could talk, that I had been suppressing it all along. Minho swallowed and then he continued to write again, needing to get it all off his chest.

Something about you reminded me of Taemin, I don’t mean because you’re cousins? But something about the way you act? You both look so innocent and naïve or something like that? I don’t know, but I realised I wanted to protect you too. Minho nodded his head slowly, as he handed the notebook to Jinki, and the older boy read his words, his hand trembling in Minho’s as he read.

For a long while Jinki was not sure how to react. First he was amazed at the coincidence that something so similar had happened to his cousin. And he thought that Minho was lying to him, so he felt angry. But then he remembered when they were young, and at preschool together, and how the older or bigger kids would always pick on them both. He swallowed remembering how upset he had felt by the taunts, and then he had felt worse when he saw his little cousin, crying next to him.

Jinki felt bitter as he lay there, lost in his own thoughts and he wondered what it was about them that made people always bully them. It had been the same he realised all through school, and when Taemin stopped contacting him, he hoped that maybe he was avoiding it. He hoped that because they no longer talked it meant that Taemin was no longer bullied. But now he realised his cousin had never escaped it and just made him feel guilty.

He looked up when he felt Minho let go of his hand, and he frowned as he saw the taller boy, slowly walking away from his bedside. Jinki got up immediately, and he rushed so much to go and stop the other boy that he slipped over again, and landed on his ass. Jinki winced in pain, and somehow he felt relieved when he saw Minho holding out a hand to him.

“Minho, I’m sorry I got lost in my thoughts.” Jinki mumbled sheepishly, “Please don’t go?” He practically begged him, not wanting to be left alone. He knew he was being completely selfish, but he did not want Minho to leave. He was sure his demons would be back if he was left alone, and that really scared him. He swallowed deeply as Minho helped him up, feeling strangely nervous as the other boy’s hands pressed against his shoulders.

“Why… did Taemin lie to me?” Jinki sighed, “He should’ve told me today.” He pouted as Minho’s fingertips slid along his shoulders.

Jinki’s eyes shut as he felt Minho hug him tightly, he didn’t feel scared but instead he felt reassured. Minho’s palms patted his back in light circular motions, making Jinki feel much better. He swallowed as Minho stepped back, his hands still resting lightly on Jinki’s back, and he slowly helped him back to his bed. Jinki blinked as he found himself sitting on his bed, and then Minho was helping him get under the sheets. Jinki watched as Minho sat down next to him, pulling the chair in close, and then he threaded his fingers through Jinki’s.

“Minho?” Jinki mumbled, looking across at their entwined fingers, “Do you know why Taemin lied to me?”

Minho nodded his head, and then he picked up his pen again, and Jinki frowned as he saw him write. He felt slightly hurt as he realised that Minho knew that Taemin had lied to him. He sighed and just looked at their hands, in the lamplight, it looked so strange to see their arms stretched out and joined. He wondered what it meant to Minho, if it was just to make him feel better. If it meant nothing to him, but just to make Jinki feel better, he sighed as Minho handed him his notebook.

Hyung actually he didn’t really lie to you, so don’t be angry at him? I only found this out today too; Taemin told me earlier, I didn’t mention it just now because I was telling you why I stopped speaking. But anyways, Taemin said he wasn’t actually attacked, well someone tried to attack him but a teacher stopped him. And the guy I overheard was just lying, because he did not want to admit that nothing happened? When Jinki looked up, he saw Minho pouting and he looked sad.

And actually it makes sense when I think about it, because when I punched him he said nothing had happened. But I thought he was just lying, and now I feel so stupid. Jinki frowned when he read the last bit, and he leaned forward, blinking slightly as he gripped Minho’s hand, and he pressed his other hand to Minho’s wrist, making him look up.

“Minho… but why… did you try to kill yourself?” Jinki bit down into his lip, “I think… you know why I did it right?” He sighed and shook his head bitterly, “I understand if you don’t want to tell me, but I just wondered.” He bit down into his lip, “Sorry if I’m being nosy, but it’s not like I’m going to tell anyone.” He sighed and then looked down at their hands, and went to tug his away from Minho’s.

“Doesn’t it gross you out holding my hand? I’m so dirty.” Jinki whispered as he feebly tried to tug his hand free but Minho just stared across at him in disbelief. He pressed his other hand over top of Jinki’s, holding his wrists lightly so he couldn’t get his hand free. Minho shook his head, frowning as he looked down at Jinki, “Oh don’t lie, Minho, its okay I know I’m tainted and dirty.”

“No.” Minho frowned and he stood up, moving closer to Jinki’s bed, “No.” He repeated and shook his head, “You’re not.” He shook his head again to emphasise his point, and Jinki just sighed not really believing him. “Hyung.” Minho pleaded and Jinki looked up, hearing the way Minho’s voice came out so rough and hoarse, the expression in his eyes was so sincere, he just sighed.

“Sorry Minho, your voice? Does it hurt to talk?” He frowned and Minho nodded his head, “I’m sorry. You can tell me later if you want to, why you tried to kill yourself. I’m sorry.” Jinki turned away from Minho, suddenly feeling exhausted. “It’s late… and I don’t want to hassle you.” He whispered, “I guess we should sleep.” He tilted his head back to catch Minho nodding his head.

Minho reached one hand over and stroked Jinki’s hair lightly, leaning in over Jinki’s bed. He didn’t attempt to speak again but Jinki found the silence was fine. He looked across at the other boy’s face, sighing as he saw how serious he looked. Jinki was finding it hard to stay awake, but he felt drained and exhausted. Minho stroking his hair was not helping, because it felt so soothing and relaxing. He tried to stay awake for as long as he could, but it wasn’t long before he was fast asleep. Minho continued to lean over him, sighing as he dropped his fingers down to stroke Jinki’s cheek lightly. Sighing as he saw how tired he looked, and he could still see faint traces of tears on his cheeks.


Jinki pouted as he sat on the swing, it was a beautiful day but he was all alone. His cousin was meant to come and meet him at the park, but he hadn’t come yet. He sighed and swung slowly on the swing, glancing up at the tree stretching above the swings. He stared up at the bright green leaves and the way that the branches spread out, reaching up for the sky. He smiled slightly as he swayed back and forth, catching glimpses of the gorgeous clear blue sky between the green leaves and branches.


Jinki lowered his gaze and he hurriedly tried to stop the swing but somehow managed to fall flat on his face. He felt tears prick his eyes, and he felt pathetic for wanting to cry as he picked himself off the ground, his knees slightly scraped and he had dirt all over him. His little cousin pouted in front of him, his little hands reaching forward to hug his cousin.

“Hyung, are you okay?” Taemin’s lower lip trembled as he took in his cousins watery eyes, and he squeezed his hand tightly. “Hyung, I’m sorry? I brought a friend.” He smiled, and that was when Jinki noticed the other boy standing beside Taemin. He was in between their heights, and Jinki blinked his eyes slowly, wiping the dirt away from his clothes. He swallowed as he eyed the other boy, and neither spoke to each other.

It wasn’t long before all three boys were playing happily. Jinki found that he had to push the other two on the swings, but he didn’t mind really. Seeing his cousin with a friend, seeing his cousin so happy made him feel so warm inside. Jinki smiled as he stared up at the sky, and he hugged Taemin again tightly, ignoring the way his cousin laughed at him for it. It was silly to keep hugging his cousin, but Jinki wanted to do it, and he saw Taemin’s friend smiling at him.

“Hyung!” Taemin protested when Jinki hugged him again, “Hyung, get off me?” He pouted, and his friend laughed softly, his laugh sounded so rich and warm. Jinki poked his tongue out at his cousin, he hugged him again and then ran off, laughing as he heard Taemin chasing him. His voice coming out funny as he ran and tried to shout, “Hyung! No fair, wait for me!”

Jinki gasped when his wrist was grasped, and he stopped, his eyes widening as he was surprised his cousin had caught him. But when he looked up it was his cousin’s friend, and he blinked as Taemin caught up to them. Jinki frowned and stared as the younger just held his wrist, it felt slightly strange but not in a bad way.

“Hyung!” Taemin sulked slightly, “Why do you keep hugging me?”

“Because.” Jinki smiled, “because Taemin-ah, you look so happy and it makes me feel happy.” His grin widened as he saw his cousin smiling happily. Taemin then clung onto Jinki, wrapping his thin arms around him tightly, and Jinki felt so happy, it took him a moment to realise that Taemin’s friend was hugging them both too.

Tags: !fanfic, !series, author: argh, pairing: tofuho, rating: pg-15
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